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Mount Sinai Hospital Sherman Health and Wellness Centre Family Medicine image
Mount Sinai Hospital Sherman Health and Wellness Centre Family Medicine
Medical Center
😠 The doctors are great, but unfortunately the front desk needs a complete makeover. In the last 2 months I have never been able to get someone on the phone. The secretaries never answer the phones it always goes straight to voice mail. When you leave a message they do not return the calls. I hav...
2.20 (62 reviews)
Nanthini Hospitals image
Nanthini Hospitals
General hospital
😠 Dont ever vist this hospital because they are trying to get money alone. They will never give prescription so that they can escape if anything happens to patient. They try to exaggerate the disease. Whether you are getting medicines or trips or injection they will get 200 as consultant fee. If you w...
2.40 (100 reviews)
Koike Hospital image
Koike Hospital
2.40 (84 reviews)
Centrum Medyczne Semper fortis image
Centrum Medyczne Semper fortis
Medical clinic
2.40 (82 reviews)
Florida Urology Partners - Padron Osvaldo MD image
Florida Urology Partners - Padron Osvaldo MD
😠 Terrible office management! As a former military member I can honestly say that Tricare needs to pull their recommendations for this Urology group! First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with the physician and the PA-C working there…the entire blame falls on the office administrator and the enti...
2.40 (60 reviews)
Centre Mèdic Tarragona image
Centre Mèdic Tarragona
Medical Center
2.50 (106 reviews)
Centrum Zdrowia image
Centrum Zdrowia
General practitioner
2.50 (89 reviews)
山辺レディースクリニック image
2.70 (142 reviews)
Confido Meditsiinikeskus image
Confido Meditsiinikeskus
Medical clinic
😠 Go to Synlab when you have the chance. They are faster, cheaper and you don't have to rely on the customer service only open in office hours and that cannot actually fix anything. Missed my flight because of Confido sending me the certificate 46 hours after the test and 35 minutes after departure,...
2.80 (182 reviews)
Homed. NZOZ image
Homed. NZOZ
Family practice physician
2.80 (65 reviews)
Kinderwunschzentrum-Erlangen image
Fertility physician
😠 This practice is not recommended at all. No time is taken for the patients. Everything is done quickly and questions are rather annoying for him. One feels like in a mass processing. Sensitive is a foreign word. Also, what I find much more frightening is that there is a constant flow of comments ab...
2.80 (56 reviews)
Hiroi Women's Clinic image
Hiroi Women's Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 A doctor who cannot communicate. I don't listen to this, but end the story unilaterally. There is no attitude of being close to the patient without allowing questions with a high-pressure attitude. Even though I told him that I wanted him to check if there was any problem with his body when he star...
2.80 (53 reviews)
Kale piles hospital image
Kale piles hospital
😠 As soon as you enter the hospital you will realise that all the staff and doctor's aim is to take maximum money from you. The hospital is a complete scam. The doctor only scares you to push you for a surgery. The doctor does not even tell you what has happened and why that condition has happened....
2.90 (115 reviews)
Hunter Medical Clinic image
Hunter Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
2.90 (106 reviews)
CCRM Fertility of Denver image
CCRM Fertility of Denver
Reproductive health clinic
2.90 (74 reviews)

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