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Flora Café image
Flora Café
😠 This is just a fiasco. They advertise Mediterranean. Big sign on the front of their space, but the United app on the pad shows horrible looking food that is anything but Mediterranean. The menu on Google does reflect yummy Med cuisine, but when I asked the server he exclaimed, “There is NO Mediterra...
1.80 (164 reviews)
Pizzería Aqua e Farina image
Pizzería Aqua e Farina
Pizza restaurant
😠 Mala comida y peor servicio. Las patatas bravas no valen para nada, la calzone dulce de postre tampoco (fueron directas a la basura). Las pizzas pequeñas no están del todo mal, pasando por alto que vienen quemadas.. pero no compensan ni el precio ni el tiempo de espera. El pedido llegó con casi una...
$ $$$
1.80 (55 reviews)
Pizza di Casa Debrecen image
Pizza di Casa Debrecen
😠 Hello! I have never eaten as bad as what they delivered in my life. The food is unrecognizable: the fries in the gyros were a week old and stiff, the meat could have been taken from the freezer, the vegetables were wilted, warm and scarce. There are pieces of meat floating in some bad fat and red p...
1.90 (139 reviews)
Lake Restaurant image
Lake Restaurant
😠 The absolute nerve of your management to think that they are above the constitutional law is ridiculous. Section 9; subsection 4 of the constitutional law states: "(3) The state may not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds, including race, gender, sex,...
2.40 (96 reviews)
Teestübchen Dat Huuske image
Teestübchen Dat Huuske
Tea house
👍👍 Achtung! Besitzerwechsel in 07/2023 - Wichtig, wenn man die älteren Rezessionen liest! Wir waren schon unter dem neuen Besitzern hier (freundliche und zuvorkommend Eheleute, der Mann ursprünglich aus dem Rheinland und seit vielen Jahren „Wahl-Ostfriese“). Kaffee und Kuchen sind lecker und frisch....
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2.60 (364 reviews)
Le Grillon image
Le Grillon
Pizza restaurant
$$ $$
2.60 (345 reviews)
Orient Flame image
Orient Flame
Chinese restaurant
😠 Sadly I have to write a negative view about this restaurant. I have genuinely tried to remain supportive, but the quality of the food has declined to an unacceptable standard. Before writing this, I did call the restaurant, who in fairness, did apologise for the quality of food sent out. What a sham...
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2.60 (108 reviews)
Restoran Miramare image
Restoran Miramare
😠 It was awful! Went there on a Saturday night and waited 75 min for our food. The pasta was served in a pan and a really small portion. I ordered truffle risotto without seafood and received with seafood. After complaining, they took it out and brought it back to me. I still found many pieces left (t...
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2.70 (776 reviews)
The Glass Garden Cafe image
The Glass Garden Cafe
Fine dining restaurant
😠 waited long enough for our orders , and to find out it isn’t complete , forgot to include my order, so the waiter needed to get again all the orders we have to keep it warm until all are complete . we were supposed to just dine in and head to other places in abha while theres still sun, cos our time...
$$$ $
2.80 (3.2K reviews)
Le Baracuda image
Le Baracuda
😠 Je donne une étoile juste pour laisser un avis Personnel non souriant et ni accueillant, pas un boujour. nous avons fait une commande pour 3 personne 2 coca et un jus de fruit. Nous avons demandé un verre d'eau en plus qui nous a été refusé la réponse : non difinif, pour le verre d'eau acheté une bo...
2.80 (132 reviews)
Lades Döner Niğde image
Lades Döner Niğde
Fine dining restaurant
😠 Kedi için ücret karşılığında tavuk istediğimizde bizi şiddetli bir şekilde kovdular. Ücretsiz bir şekilde istesek anlayacaktık ancak bu yapılan hareket hiç yakışmadı. Hayvan sever dostlarımızdan ricamız bu mekanı tercih etmesinler. Tavsiye etmiyoruz hiç kimseye.
$ $$$
2.80 (131 reviews)
Ruth's Chris Steak House image
Ruth's Chris Steak House
Outpost of upmarket steakhouse chain known for sizzling, butter-topped beef in an elegant setting
2.90 (981 reviews)
Mado image
Waterfront lodging offering a seafood restaurant with a terrace, plus free Wi-Fi.
2.90 (922 reviews)

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