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K.BEAUTY image
Beauty salon
😠 don't get taken away by beautiful photos they upload. The worst experience ever! A real nightmare for my hair! damaged and ruined !so so much regret going there. The personnel if something goes wrong are real witches! I was really unhappy about my hair and when we complained it became so bad that...
2.30 (98 reviews)
Aura Day Spa image
Aura Day Spa
Massage spa
😠 So bad. Not worth the money. I paid 90 dollars per person. They made a cut on my friends finger. They painted it around the nail instead of on my nail. They didn't center the gems. My other friend got a simple design and she messed it up. She also painted them terribly and had to get them redone and...
2.70 (148 reviews)
Unique image
Nail salon
😠 I have gone twice. The first good and the second - yesterday - fatal. The girl who gave me the pedicure was talking and yelling with her colleagues the whole time, doing the job very superficially and passing by. I had to tell him on two occasions to paint several of my nails properly because he lef...
2.70 (52 reviews)
Hani Beauty image
Hani Beauty
Beauty salon
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Unfortunately I don't know where the negative reviews here come from. These are Asians in the mall, anyone who expects professional design and impeccable hygiene should start to doubt their ability to think :D I am very happy there. The structure looks good, the color is applied properly and the nai...
2.90 (104 reviews)
Happy Day Spa image
Happy Day Spa
Massage therapist
😠 My finance and I wanted to enjoy a couples massage because neither of us had a professional massage done.I honestly didn’t enjoy my massage the male who completed my massage was extremely too rough and my neck began to hurt after my massage. We already paid $140 for a hour then before we left she re...
2.90 (96 reviews)

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