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Au Petit Nice image
Au Petit Nice
French restaurant
😠 Our server was a lovely lady and that is where my good comments end. My lasagna was clearly microwaved and no cheese on top! My partner's pizza was poorly put together with huge chunks of salami that had to be cut! Icing on the cake, We were both up all night and the next morning hugging the toilet...
1.30 (272 reviews)
L'Aquarelle image
😠 Poor customer service! My friend and I ordered for a menu set and strawberry crepe (worth ~15 euro). We were served additional food that we thought was included in the menu set, but apparently not. So we were shocked when we got our bill (41.50 euro). We tried to argue, but the waiter only said "sor...
1.40 (392 reviews)
Le Venaissin image
Le Venaissin
Provence restaurant
😠 I have eaten in many restaurants in Avignon, trust me this place is the worst! The royal paella was a disaster, there weren’t any of the ingredients of the menu in it (for example the ribs, and when we asked for the pork ribs they only shook their heads!) And about the staffs: they are only kind and...
1.50 (489 reviews)
Café-restaurant Vert-Citron image
Café-restaurant Vert-Citron
Provence restaurant
😠 It's NOT a good restaurant, very bad pizzas and hamburgers. It all tastes blund and disgusting. Nothing is home made and the waiters are lazy and just smoking in front of everyone. If you are reading this when you already ordered. Leave before you ordered or payed. Don't go here.
1.50 (379 reviews)
L'Auberge du Grand Puits image
L'Auberge du Grand Puits
French restaurant
Simple lodging offering low-key rooms, some with kitchenettes & balconies, plus free breakfast.
$$ $$
1.80 (803 reviews)
Le Grand Comptoir image
Le Grand Comptoir
Wine bar
😠 This is the $18 “avocado toast”, completely untoasted on a piece of sandwich bread. No seasonings. This is it. $18.
1.80 (234 reviews)
Hôtel Restaurant La Taverne des Deux Augustins image
Hôtel Restaurant La Taverne des Deux Augustins
Relaxed 1851-built hotel offering rooms with Wi-Fi, plus a quirky tavern with a terrace.
1.90 (2.5K reviews)
La Belle Époque image
La Belle Époque
😠 If i could make a Post without to give one Star, i would do that. We ordered Spagetti and Pizza. Standard food. Pizza wasnt homemade and the bottom was still a bit raw. The nuddles were overcooked. The waitress didnt care about us at all when we paid bill eventhough we didnt eat everything at all. S...
$$ $$
1.90 (944 reviews)
Don Camillo image
Don Camillo
Dine-in · Delivery
$$ $$
1.90 (438 reviews)
La Pomme d'Aure image
La Pomme d'Aure
Pizza restaurant
$ $$$
1.90 (117 reviews)
Creperie image
😠 Worst creppe ever. I wish I would have seen the reviews before ordering : (
1.90 (74 reviews)
Le jardin des pin-up image
Le jardin des pin-up
😠 After así for take a table, 20 min.later no one come to take us the note. Que switch to the table of the next bistro and the other people Who arrives, happend the same. Avoid this place.
1.90 (53 reviews)
Xxxxxx image
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
$$ $$
2.00 (1.2K reviews)
Le Lido image
Le Lido
$$ $$
2.00 (348 reviews)
Restaurant L'Esplanade image
Restaurant L'Esplanade
French restaurant
😠 DO NOT GO HERE. The owner of the business is a rude, abusive and racist man who treated my entire family (we're Irish) like dirt. Upon making a complaint at the bar while paying the bill, the owner matched over and slammed the bill down and said some dreadful things. His wife and the other waitress...
$$ $$
2.00 (324 reviews)
Brasserie de la Gare image
Brasserie de la Gare
😠 Don't!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks nice, but it's a mistake to enter this venue. Hygiene is miserable, and when paying the man behind the counter ripped me off by giving me too little money in return. (even though he perfectly understood me).
2.00 (206 reviews)
Restaurant Relais De Bière image
Restaurant Relais De Bière
French restaurant
😠 Changer d'adresse ne suffira pas à effacer mon avis précédemment posté : Comme beaucoup d'autres apparemment des cheveux dans mon hamburger. Solide d'estomac je n'ai jamais eu de réaction d'écœurement comme j'ai eu en mangeant mon burger (viande manifestement avariée). Parfaitement infecte. Au sujet...
2.00 (94 reviews)
Le Champ de Mars image
Le Champ de Mars
Classic bistro serving steaks & cocktails, with views of the Eiffel Tower from a sidewalk terrace.
2.10 (4.4K reviews)
Au Clairon des Chasseurs image
Au Clairon des Chasseurs
Pizza & French onion soup at a busy bistro with sidewalk tables on a square with buskers & artists.
$$ $$
2.10 (1.9K reviews)
Le Marin image
Le Marin
😠 Really rude waiter, at 18 he told us we could not sit in one of the many empty tables for an aperitivo because they'd rather have clients for dinner. Luckily we found a nicer place with nicer staff. We were also glad that when we passed by at 19, the table we wanted to have was occupied only by one...
$$ $$
2.10 (591 reviews)
Le 360° image
Le 360°
French restaurant
😠 Gros manque de communication avec le propriétaire, c’est simple ils sont injoignable. Très désagréable de surcroît. Chambre très sale, elle sentait le renfermé et le ménage n’avait pas été fait puisqu’on a retrouvé des cheveux et des poils sur le matelas. De plus, nous devons nous mêmes mettre les d...
$$ $$
2.10 (357 reviews)
Les Dervinis image
Les Dervinis
😠 Inadmissible patron trop stressant , ne connaît sa pas ça carte , ma femme végétarienne et crêpe avec jambon elle demande un œuf pas possible et en fin de compte un œuf dans la crêpe , crêpe surgelé et sans saveurs À proscrire !!! Cidre en carafe plat et sans bulle !!!
2.10 (349 reviews)
Storied seasonal hotel featuring a restaurant, a bar & 2 terraces, plus views of the harbor.
2.10 (132 reviews)
La crêperie du Cerf image
La crêperie du Cerf
😠 Repas cher pour ce que c'est. Ingrédients pas de qualité : j'ai commandé une crêpe au poulet, fromage oeuf et champignons. Ces derniers sont posés à côté de la crêpe sans épices, rien ... Le tout était très fade. Le personnel est aimable mais honnêtement on y mange pas très bien. Je suis plutôt du g...
2.10 (123 reviews)
L'Oeil de la Gazelle image
L'Oeil de la Gazelle
😠 Les toilettes sont dégueulasses avec un service déplorable. On nous a servi le café avec un sucre déjà utilisé. À éviter absolument !!!
2.10 (60 reviews)
Le rubis image
Le rubis
French restaurant
2.10 (54 reviews)
Le Forum image
Le Forum
😠 warning: DO NOT EAT HERE! The owner or manager will welcome you to sit down but after you’ve ordered - you are nobody! Is there a rating less than 1 star? Their waiter Morgan is Rude. So stressful to eat here! Holiday dinner failure!
$$ $$
2.20 (873 reviews)
La Cabourne image
La Cabourne
😠 This place is really well situated on the water. That said the service is a total disaster. My cousin and I are going there every year. Today, we were sitting at a table on the water, hard to get according to them, the sun was really strong. After 5 minutes, a waiter came and took our umbrella . We...
$$ $$
2.20 (528 reviews)
Auberge express image
Auberge express
😠 very bad, the food is bad, i asked for a 20 euro hamburguer and it came like it was just out of a fat shower absolutely swimming in fat which left me sick the rest of the afternoon. The man who served us was kind but since i didnt want to pay 5 euros for a pepsi ,which is an absolute steal, i asked...
$$ $$
2.20 (480 reviews)
Restaurant Boulangerie Eric Kayser Avignon TGV image
Restaurant Boulangerie Eric Kayser Avignon TGV
Sandwich shop
😠 The self proclaimed owner was rude and agressive, especially after I took his picture to note who he is (he was not wearing any identification and was in the middle of a picnic from home with his companion). He grabbed my phone/wallet out of my hands and ran off with it. I was so shocked and distres...
$$ $$
2.20 (189 reviews)

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