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The Pavilions at South Fork image
The Pavilions at South Fork
Apartment complex
😠 People should take these reviews seriously. They are accurate. It is a nice location and average quality apartment, that's it. The management/owners appear to me to be morally corrupt and only care about money. Read the fine print in the contract. They will definitely keep the $300 deposit and then...
1.50 (95 reviews)
Dream Apartments Manchester image
Dream Apartments Manchester
Serviced accommodation
😠 Absolute shambles of a hotel!! We got given 4 different rooms and each one was a nightmare!! 1st room the flush to the toilet had been completely removed from the wall! 2nd room someone was in it!! So that was extremely embarrassing! 3rd room had litter everywhere and the beds had been slept in so i...
1.70 (185 reviews)
almakan suites 101 image
almakan suites 101
Furnished apartment building
😠 It's a hoax. No hotel at that location and no one is answering on their landline number. I hope and pray that they resolve and give importance to the effort of customers and clients who booked expecting to rest yet victimized by these wrong doing. Very sad and 😥 disappointed. Wrong location away fr...
1.70 (115 reviews)
Stuho Student Housing image
Stuho Student Housing
Apartment rental agency
😠 Honestly hard to give this company one star. They take advantage of their residents being young students. Poor communication (unresponsive for months at a time), overpriced, etc. They took out $1000 from our security deposit for “painting”, and have not even returned the rest of it (we moved out on...
1.70 (85 reviews)
University Edge image
University Edge
Apartment building
😠 University Edge has provided the worst living experience I have encountered as a student at UNH. I live in a one person apartment with a dysfunctional shower, sink, and oven that the office refuses to fix even during the summer when there was a significant lack of residents at all locations. They fa...
1.80 (66 reviews)
Riverwind At Alafaya Trail image
Riverwind At Alafaya Trail
Student housing center
😠 DO NOT MOVE HERE. The landlord KIM is rude, doesn’t respond to emails EVER when her car is ALWAYS parked outside the office. The office girl PRISCILLA harassed my roommates and I about trash left outside that WASN’T ours. During the pandemic, the amenities were shut down and when asked why we were...
1.90 (71 reviews)
Odyssey Luxury Apartments image
Odyssey Luxury Apartments
Furnished apartment building
😠 Worst experience I have ever had!! Staff will knock twice then just let themselves in, invading your privacy, zero basic hospitality principles!!! Sheets and towels are dirty!! Indian lady manager has the worst attitude. Deposit takes forever to he refunded. This place is a scam and should ne taken...
1.90 (57 reviews)
Palazzo at Campus Pointe image
Palazzo at Campus Pointe
Apartment building
2.00 (87 reviews)
The Sheppard Centre Apartments image
The Sheppard Centre Apartments
Furnished apartment building
😠 Worst Place on Earth! If I could give negative stars I would have. I will agree to all the negative reviews. They make you suffer in this falling apart building. I am for sure going to complain against this building under the Residential Tenancies Act. Enough is enough! There are Air conditioning u...
2.00 (55 reviews)
The Bradford Apartments image
The Bradford Apartments
Apartment rental agency
😠 DONT move in!!! Awful. So many bad experiences! I can’t even lost them all, but I’ll name a few. Roaches, thin walls, the leasing office is just rude and dishonest. They gave us a 60 day notice but rented the apartment out early which forced us to move out before finding another place. Called the po...
2.00 (54 reviews) image
Roommate referral service
2.10 (180 reviews)
Mena Hotel and Suites image
Mena Hotel and Suites
Furnished apartment building
👍 Good for the price. Mohammad at the reception is a really nice guy.
2.10 (66 reviews)
Hunt Club Apartments image
Hunt Club Apartments
Apartment complex
2.10 (52 reviews)
Appart'City Classic Antibes - Appart Hôtel image
Appart'City Classic Antibes - Appart Hôtel
Extended stay hotel
Low-key studios & apartments, some with balconies, in a relaxed hotel featuring an outdoor pool.
2.20 (466 reviews)
Beausejour Apartments image
Beausejour Apartments
Apartment complex
Simple hotel offering informal rooms with kitchens, plus a fitness centre & a free airport shuttle.
2.20 (237 reviews)
Ion Baton Rouge image
Ion Baton Rouge
Apartment complex
2.20 (210 reviews)
River Mill image
River Mill
Student housing center
😠 DO NOT LIVE HERE I just moved in today and the state of the apartment is absolutely atrocious. To start with we were shown a completely different model unit than the one we got. Bedrooms A and B connect via a sliding door that is unlock able and if you install a lock it's against fire code and you w...
2.20 (202 reviews)
Inwood Village Apartments image
Inwood Village Apartments
Apartment complex
😠 SLUMLORDS Do not move here! I've been here 3 years. When we first moved in they were ok. It's LaVista and they were cheap, sure. Now, ALL of the buildings are completely deteriorating, bottom apartments flood every time it rains, people are entering apartments via ground floor windows, they haven't...
2.20 (63 reviews)
Résidence Mer Et Golf image
Résidence Mer Et Golf
Furnished apartment building
Laid-back apartment hotel offering low-key units with balconies, plus an outdoor pool & a spa.
2.30 (730 reviews)
Centennial Court Apartments image
Centennial Court Apartments
Student housing center
2.30 (361 reviews)
شقق مفروشة image
شقق مفروشة
Furnished apartment building
👍 clean and moderate price but the customer service need improvements
2.30 (249 reviews)
خليجيه للشقق المفروشه image
خليجيه للشقق المفروشه
Furnished apartment building
😠 والله على ما اقول شهيد . اخذت الغرفه رقم 127.الدور 3 . السرير في بق .(دودد) +السجدة لونها اسود .كولها شعر . + المويه تنزل بلقطاره . ازعاج الشارع ما ترتاح في النوم بصراحه تجربة سيئ جدا .
2.30 (91 reviews)
Mersal Al Malqa image
Mersal Al Malqa
😠 Just witness the reception guy fight the customer. I was just looking outside my window when he throw the bag of the saudi customer in his face. He is not safe for us too.This guy is not good for us because he can get physical. I think his egyptian or lebanese i dont know. They have to do something...
2.30 (64 reviews)
Apartments WS - Champs Elysées Ponthieu image
Apartments WS - Champs Elysées Ponthieu
Holiday apartment
😠 DO NOT STAY IN ANY APARTMENT OF WS TEAM !!! We have been ROBBED on the apartment. The owner never gave us an answer and neither response us. His employees the only thing they said was they could not call the manager. It is no a safe apartment!!!! Anyone who knew the code can enter ! Do not stay plea...
2.30 (50 reviews)
Village Oaks Apartments image
Village Oaks Apartments
Apartment complex
😠 If I could give a 0, I would!! Move in for college students was horrible. Roaches, no doorknobs on doors, not cleaned, NO A/C, foundation issues, mold on vents/walls(they denied that part), ALOT smaller than stated on website. We waited entire day to receive response from management and only got on...
2.40 (138 reviews)
شقق جواهر الملقا للوحدات السكنية image
شقق جواهر الملقا للوحدات السكنية
😠 Worst apprtments I ever see
2.40 (73 reviews)
Park Place Apartments image
Park Place Apartments
Student housing center
😠 One of the worst living experiences in my life. Redstone Residential & the owner of this complex aren’t just clowns - they are the entire circus. In a year and a half of living there I experienced the following: Faulty sewage plumbing leaking onto the downstairs food pantry Water leaking into the...
2.40 (70 reviews)
RnR Serviced Apartments Adelaide image
RnR Serviced Apartments Adelaide
Serviced accommodation
Relaxed hotel offering 1- to 3-bedroom apartments with kitchens, living rooms & balconies.
2.40 (70 reviews)
Dom Carlos Residencial image
Dom Carlos Residencial
Modest rooms & low-key apartments in an informal hotel with a bar & a garden, plus breakfast.
2.40 (54 reviews)
Lighthouse Motel image
Lighthouse Motel
Furnished apartment building
😠 Lived here for 14 months. Cheap, and the owner is very nice. Pay weekly between $150 and $260 depending on the size of room and availability. I would recommend bringing your own bed if you can, or asking for bedbug sheets if you sleep on the bed here. And ask specifically that the carpets be wa...
2.40 (52 reviews)

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