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GYM image
Gymnastics center
😠 Segala ngatain orang miskin, gua laporin ke kemnaker kena pinalti lu, job desk orang jadi kasir bukan jadi cleaning service, tau kan job desk kasir apaan, apa emang engga sekolah jadi engga tau, kalo mau bersih ya rekrut cleaning service, bukan kasir lu suruh jadi cleaning service, gaji kecil job de...
1.80 (133 reviews)
ROCKGYM Torrelodones image
ROCKGYM Torrelodones
Gymnastics center
😠 Es la primera reseña en la que me molesto en reflejar una nefasta puntuación y, por ello, quiero aportar las razones escritas y documentadas. El gimnasio cuenta con un personal absolutamente desmotivado donde no pisan la sala de musculación si no es para dar un paseo. El material está roto y viejo s...
2.10 (183 reviews)
Vie Fitness Centre image
Vie Fitness Centre
😠 No wonder the gym ratings are so low. I made the mistake of joining this gym because it was all ladies and I didn’t have a choice. They cut money from your account unnecessarily. They don’t tell you when making the contract regarding the yearly gym fees. I wish I could get out of this gym and join a...
2.40 (70 reviews)
Forma Sport Patraix image
Forma Sport Patraix
Gymnastics center
😠 The worst gym you can find in Valencia, it's very cheap but it's not worth it even if it was free. 50% of the machines are broken, they weld them every 2x3 and they break the same because the quality is horrible, the bars are also broken more than half at the bottom of free weights... In short, wit...
2.50 (711 reviews)
Planet Gym (Sport And Fitness Center image
Planet Gym (Sport And Fitness Center
Gymnastics center
😠 0 respect to the neighbors, shame on you.
2.60 (52 reviews)
Forma Sport Leandro image
Forma Sport Leandro
Fitness center
😠 The cheap is expensive I will try to list all the problems of this gym: -The material, this incredibly old and abandoned, rusty and broken machines, bent bars, broken discs ... -I went in summer and the heat was unbearable -The boy who cleans this all the time whistling in an unbearable way and tal...
2.70 (274 reviews)
Fitsi Condesa image
Fitsi Condesa
Gymnastics center
🫤 Las estrellas son debido a dos entrenadores específicamente de la tarde. Hacen falta materiales como lo son las polainas y STEPS que deberían ser necesarios en un gimnasio. No son privilegio. El costo del gimnasio aunque es bajo, deja mucho que desear debido a todo lo prometido y vendido. Si van...
2.70 (188 reviews)
Mpact Sports image
Mpact Sports
Gymnastics center
👍👍 My son went to a classmate’s party here and liked it so much he decided to have his own Nerf Wars party for his ninth birthday. The staff was so helpful setting up and cleaning up the food and decorations we brought and in marshaling the kids. This party room had a view of the hymn. The other was a...
2.80 (218 reviews)
Fitness PlanetOcio image
Fitness PlanetOcio
Gymnastics center
😠 Las trabajadoras que están en recepción son poco agradables quitando una que lleva gafas, que es súper amable. El resto, cuando entras por la puerta, te miran y ni te saludan, algo que estando de cara al público deberían cambiar. Además de que en el interior hace un calor tremendo, hay aire acondici...
2.90 (162 reviews)
Njoy Sports Club Profilo image
Njoy Sports Club Profilo
Gymnastics center
😠 The blonde old lady at the management is really rude and her service is super bad I wanted to try the gym for 1 month first before i make a commitment and she wanted to charge me more than double the normal price. She treats foreigners in a rude way
2.90 (146 reviews)
Ginásio Poliesportivo 8 Norte image
Ginásio Poliesportivo 8 Norte
Gymnastics center
2.90 (63 reviews)

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