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Emergency Room at UM Capital Region Medical Center image
Emergency Room at UM Capital Region Medical Center
Emergency room
😠 I don’t even live here anymore and I came in for kidney problems. As I am typing I’m sitting in the waiting room along with other people who been here since 2 pm and it’s 11:49 pm. They have no scene of urgency with anyone in the ER. People really could be dying (including myself). They have already...
1.20 (93 reviews)
Cencor image
General practitioner
😠 My daughter visited Dr Hermano today and left completely disappointed! Firstly, he was without a mask, with his feet on the table, cowboy belt... nothing against cowboys. My daughter is 19 years old, she is incredibly tired, the skin on her face is inflamed with pimples, she doesn't sleep well and a...
1.40 (51 reviews)
Clinical Poppies image
Clinical Poppies
Medical clinic
😠 Telephone attention is like balls, why put a contact number if your secretaries are so inept that they don't answer? The Andes Salud clinic may take a while to talk on the phone but finally they always do, but here they have never answered me after so many calls. And it's not like it's too close fo...
1.60 (219 reviews)
Yuri Ladies Clinic image
Yuri Ladies Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 月経が重く受診したことがあります。 女性の医師の方に診てもらいましたが、対応はとても悪く、冷たかったです。月経のことを相談しましたが“はいはい、これね“といった感じでただ月経が重いだけで受診したことが間違っていた行為なのかと思ってしまうようなとても冷たい対応でした。結果、強めの鎮痛剤を処方されて終わり...
1.60 (78 reviews)
Clínica Médica Plaza image
Clínica Médica Plaza
Medical Center
😠 The endocrinologist, without education, does not know how to listen to the patient, it totally deviates from the standard that is expected from a specialist consultation. Now something happens amid so many complaints. And, the covenants do not require any action on this? Don't you detach this clini...
1.60 (59 reviews)
Clínica Madesa image
Clínica Madesa
Mental health clinic
😠 I'm 30 weeks and the gynecologist Edson asked me to go from 15/15 days to the appointment that took 3 hours to be seen in a scheduled appointment and at the reception they say it fits because it's a gestational follow-up, and at the time of the appointment it was rude asking who he asked me to go 1...
1.80 (422 reviews)
Eskulap. Lekarska Specjalistyczna Spółdzielnia Pracy image
Eskulap. Lekarska Specjalistyczna Spółdzielnia Pracy
Medical clinic
😠 A visit to the doctor with whom I was without any complaints. However, the registration issue leaves much to be desired. I believe that the way of loading a card for a new patient should be organized in a different way. The lady asked for MY DATA, a long queue, plexiglass, which makes communication...
1.80 (199 reviews)
Shonan Ladies Clinic image
Shonan Ladies Clinic
Medical clinic
1.80 (108 reviews)
Consultas Externas Hospital Quirónsalud San José image
Consultas Externas Hospital Quirónsalud San José
Medical Center
😠 Zero stars for the ophthalmology admission service. The person who answers couldn't be more unpleasant and rude, saying after having me waiting for more than a month for an appointment and not picking up the phone that they "are no longer there" with her in front of me. It must be a ghost. I quote m...
1.80 (96 reviews)
Clinifert-Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics image
Clinifert-Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics
😠 Acredito que mesmo o médico sendo muito bom, não vale a pena, além de ser um desrespeito e falta de profissionalismo, fazer um paciente aguardar por mais de 7h para ser atendida! Estou na clínica desde as 8h da manhã, são nesse momento 13:43h da tarde e ainda não me chamaram nem pra sala de atendime...
1.80 (60 reviews)
Minamimachida Ladies Clinic image
Minamimachida Ladies Clinic
😠 星を一つもつけたくないくらい酷い病院でした。 まず受付の3人がずっと私語を話している。 次の休みどうする〜?みたいな話を丸聞こえの状態で延々と。 この時点でやばい病院だなとは思いました。 看護師とのカウンセリングを経て診察まで待合にいたところ 番号を呼びに来た人と、待合の他の患者さんと話してる看護師の声...
1.80 (59 reviews)
Przychodnia Lekarza Rodzinnego Maks-Med image
Przychodnia Lekarza Rodzinnego Maks-Med
Public medical center
😠 Najgorsza przychodnia jaka może być! Dodzwonić się tam graniczy z cudem. Jak się dzwoni to nie odbierają, przyjezdza się specjalnie to telefon dzwoni a panie wolą sobie rozmawiać albo jak to raz miało miejsce co widzialam na własne oczy od strony wejścia z dziećmi na szczepienie, panie zamiast odebr...
1.80 (53 reviews)
Irani Bakhtaver MD image
Irani Bakhtaver MD
😠 If I could give this practice 0 stars, I would. The entire staff is completely incompetent of managing patients and their requests. To start off, on my first ultrasound appointment - the employee was playing solitaire on the computer as she instructed me to undress as she finished her game and left...
1.90 (117 reviews)
Vitamed s.c. image
Vitamed s.c.
Medical clinic
😠 Przychodnia a raczej sama rejestracja to jedna wielka porażka. Dodzwonienie się graniczy z cudem. Jak łaskawie Panie odbiorą telefon to już nie ma numerków. Hitem natomiast był dzień w którym po dodzwonieniu się i poproszeniu o teleporade usłyszałam, że jej nie dostanę bo wymuszamy wizyty u lekarza....
1.90 (78 reviews)
Osborn Family Health Center image
Osborn Family Health Center
Medical Center
😠 The receptionist at this facility is the absolute WORST! They never answer the phone so you can make an appointment and then when you get there all 3 ladies are sitting back there laughing and talking with one another instead of doing their job. This clinic used to be good now they don't do things r...
1.90 (73 reviews)
Hanamizuki Clinic image
Hanamizuki Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 先日、生理不順が続き、予約を取りました。 夜間だったため、待合室は空いていました。 しかし、受付から呼ばれるまで1時間以上。 その間診察室へ出入りする患者さんは1名しかいませんでした。 詳しく検査でも行われているのかとも思いましたが、、 自分の番がきて診察室へ入ると、 『で、なに、生理不順?基礎体温は付けて...
1.90 (64 reviews)
OM Medical Services image
OM Medical Services
Specialized clinic
1.90 (54 reviews)
Azzouz Fatima image
Azzouz Fatima
😠 A ne pas prendre rendez vous avec cette personne !!! Accueil glacial et méprisant pour moi qui est accompagnée ma campagne. Pour ma compagne qui était venu la première fois elle c'est senti très mal a été jugé et méprisé très gros manque de respect elle était soulé de faire son travail ! A levés l...
2.00 (192 reviews)
Para Latino Medical Center, Inc. image
Para Latino Medical Center, Inc.
Medical clinic
😠 The wait time is ridiculous! Approximately 2hrs, at least! Only to be seen for max 10minutes! I’m sure they are charging medical and other insurances full one hour sessions. It’s wrong. (Review is for OB, next door building). Please see below. You check in, then get called in maybe within 20mins (n...
2.00 (162 reviews)
Clinipam Joinville image
Clinipam Joinville
Medical Center
😠 Se encantou pelo preço da Clinipam? Não se iluda, não vale a pena por sua saúde em risco com uma equipe despreparada! Não recomendo! Se pudesse, tomaria inclusive meios legais para o que fizeram com minha família! Somos em 5 vidas no plano e o médico EXIGIU exame para o COVID-19 para minha mãe que...
2.00 (158 reviews)
Day Hospital Quirónsalud Talavera image
Day Hospital Quirónsalud Talavera
Specialized hospital
😠 I have too many stars, but you have to click 1 to write 🤬 Well, saying wrong is little to describe the organization and operation of this pseudo health center, in fact I do not even know how some consultations comply with the regulations in terms of spaces, it is shameful to go to gynecology for e...
2.00 (131 reviews)
Women’s Health Center image
Women’s Health Center
Women's health clinic
😠 This is the absolute worst medical facility I have ever gone to and that is not an exaggeration. I only ever received services ONE time at the women's clinic in 2019 during drop in hours and was given inaccurate medical advice and was never even notified of my test results until I called weeks late...
2.00 (112 reviews)
Saijotokiwa Clinic image
Saijotokiwa Clinic
😠 I don't usually post much, but I felt very unpleasant. It was a few years ago. The second person went to the hospital early in pregnancy. It's hard to get sick because it's quite heavy, but there was nothing good just because I was unreasonably sharpened, ranted, and mentally scooped out. I was tra...
2.00 (80 reviews)
McKinley Health Center image
McKinley Health Center
Medical clinic
😠 Front desk never answers the telephone. I was on hold for 2 hours. When they finally picked up they were incredibly rude and unprofessional. When you try to call the corporate office, they're just as rude and unprofessional as well. Don't waste your time with this health facility. They don't care ab...
2.00 (78 reviews)
Aurora Family Medicine Ctr image
Aurora Family Medicine Ctr
2.00 (57 reviews)
👍 Marco 4 estrellas por la atención, profesionalidad y cariño que he recibido del Dr. Emilio Sánchez Barrado y el equipo que estuvo el día de mi prueba. La verdad es que me han cuidado muchísimo, y hasta que no me he recuperado al 100% han estado pendientes de mi, valoro mucho ese gesto , me he senti...
2.00 (55 reviews)
Przychodnia Lecznica Life-Med bis image
Przychodnia Lecznica Life-Med bis
Medical clinic
🫤 Uwielbiam Panią Dr Beate Grabowską za jej kompetencje, podejscie to pacjenta, tego dużego i małego i wielkie serducho. Natomiast jesli chodzi o panie w rejestracji, to brunetka porażka. Wieczny dąs, rozgoryczenie i mina jakby ktoś ja zmuszał do tej pracy. I jej ostatni komentarz w kierunku pacjentow...
2.00 (54 reviews)
Yamato Ladies Clinic image
Yamato Ladies Clinic
Women's health clinic
😠 悪い事は言いたくありませんが絶対行かないでください。 大和駅のホーム内に看板があったのできちんとしたクリニックなのかな?と思い受診させて頂きましたが、結果的に大失敗でした。 二回程診察に行きましたが、毎回受診のたびにに必要と感じにくい検査を沢山されます、検査料目当てなのでしょうか?検査が多いので必然...
2.00 (50 reviews)
Hospital HM Vallés image
Hospital HM Vallés
😠 Las citas para endoscopias no se pueden pedir por internet. Hay que llamar al propio hospital y no hay manera de que te atienda nadie. Te dejan a la espera 20 minutos y luego se corta la llamada. Así día tras día. Llevo llamando todo el día hoy 14 agosto que no hay nadie en todo Madrid y siguen sin...
2.10 (524 reviews)

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