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Медицинский центр Plaza image
Медицинский центр Plaza
Medical Center
😠 Всем всем не советую!!! не заманитесь на эти уловки звонкам, фальшивым улыбкам, делетанским профессионализму!!!. .. Полная туфффффтаааа. А ещё хуже они финансовые мощенники!!!! Пишу чтоб, люди не пострадали как я! Пригласили, да вроде норм обслуживают. Но по по семейным обстрятельствам не смогла дал...
1.80 (78 reviews)
Медицинский центр Plaza image
Медицинский центр Plaza
Medical Center
😠 I gave 1 star just to be able to write a review! Doesn't even deserve a full star! Just sick of the calls! I asked politely, but they didn’t understand! Then it’s no longer polite, they can’t be penetrated! I personally went to this type of center to have my number removed from the database! And the...
1.80 (55 reviews)
Kanazawa Central Clinic image
Kanazawa Central Clinic
Plastic surgery clinic
2.30 (104 reviews)
品川美容外科 仙台院 image
品川美容外科 仙台院
Cosmetic surgeon
2.30 (90 reviews)
shinagawa Skin Clinic Umedain image
shinagawa Skin Clinic Umedain
Cosmetic surgeon
😠 主婦です。新規で予約して、お試しでシミ取りを検索して出てきた安いプランで考えていたが、カウンセリングで思ってた5倍以上の値段で、おすすめされて、ご褒美にと思い、契約へ進み、会計。それまでで1時間経過。それから施術待ちで2時間たっても呼ばれず。お待ちいただいてるのでと500円分のポイントをもらい、後どれくら...
2.30 (80 reviews)
RUSSIAN LEGEND | Салон красоты Охотный ряд | Парикмахерская, маникюр, эпиляция image
RUSSIAN LEGEND | Салон красоты Охотный ряд | Парикмахерская, маникюр, эпиляция
Beauty salon
😠 Админ, принимающий заказы и записывающий клиентов- не в себе. Его нужно уволить, он мешает клиентам и работе салона. Парню нужно к психологу, у него что-то с мышлением- повторяющиеся странные фразы и вопросы, мутит воду, неуважение к клиентам. Общаться с клиентами не умеет и тратит их время и салон...
2.50 (184 reviews)
Hedonai image
Medical Center
😠 Las chicas que trabajan en Coruña son un encanto y absolutamente nada en contra de ellas. Pedir cita es un CAOS. Hay que llamar cada dos por tres para pedir cita porque no tienen abierta la agenda y hay que andar llamando cada dos semanas para ver si han abierto la agenda de la semana que a ti te to...
2.50 (161 reviews)
Exquisite Brows & Spa Northland image
Exquisite Brows & Spa Northland
Beauty salon
😠 If you’re going to… just dont! I went with one of my friends that had her brows threaded and henna tinted. Never seen a more backyard job in my life. We were told that they’d like to do more but if they call the owner he would say no to everything. In the end the customer service rep agreed that ou...
2.50 (70 reviews)
Institut de beauté Bodyminute / Nailminute image
Institut de beauté Bodyminute / Nailminute
Beauty salon
😠 TO FLEE !!! I sign up for full leg waxing and ask for the estimated wait time. I am told that the waiting time will be 1 hour. I actually wait 2.5 hours only to be told that there is no more wax and that I have to go get some and that it will take time. I left the institute angry without any perform...
2.50 (60 reviews)
Exquisite Brows & Spa Penrith image
Exquisite Brows & Spa Penrith
Beauty salon
😠 I have nothing much to say except that she burnt my face while waxing my upper lip/chin area. I have a scar now. I paid $30 for this service. Truly amazing job.
2.50 (55 reviews)
عيادات جلدية واسنان image
عيادات جلدية واسنان
😠 Watch out, watch out, good group of them, in particular, Dr. Dina the Egyptian promised me one thing, and another thing became completely clear. By God, they laughed at me. They took a very high amount of money from me for 6 sessions, and I did not benefit from anything. After the fifth session, I...
2.60 (502 reviews)
Shinagawabiyogeka Fukuokain image
Shinagawabiyogeka Fukuokain
Cosmetic surgeon
😠 「悪質な病院」の一言。 ダーマペンで平日昼間に予約しました。 病院到着後、すぐに洗顔をするように言われ、洗顔終了後、待つこと約2時間半。 さすがに診察を待ちきれずに、帰る旨を受付に伝えたら「もうすぐ先生が来ます。診察後、すぐに施術室に案内出来ます」と言われ、やっと呼ばれた先生の診察は2分で終了。(先生は...
2.60 (130 reviews)
Shinagawa Skin Clinic Kobe image
Shinagawa Skin Clinic Kobe
Cosmetic surgeon
😠 The director's arm is too bad to be surprised! ! ! With this, the director is seriously over! ! ! Are you crazy? ? This is my second visit to the hospital after failing to get Botox. ! Third visit during the busy Golden Week! ! At the time of the third visit, I explained the cause of the failure to...
2.70 (82 reviews)
Slim&Beauty Day Spa image
Slim&Beauty Day Spa
Spa and health club
😠 I do not recommend. I was served by a gentleman who was very unpleasant. He tried to trick me into other more expensive treatments. He didn't want to do it with Groupon. I still have 2 left to use and the groupon shows them as used, which is an absolute lie. I don't recommend this place to anyone. I...
2.70 (73 reviews)
品川美容外科 静岡院 image
品川美容外科 静岡院
Cosmetic surgeon
2.70 (72 reviews)
Miss Beauty CC Parque Albufera image
Miss Beauty CC Parque Albufera
Nail salon
😠 Terrible treatment and education directed at the owners themselves (Chinese) they don't talk to you, they don't smile, you ask them and they don't answer, every time you go there different workers for something it will all be very expensive they are running out of clients. I've been going since they...
2.70 (57 reviews)
Matsunaga Dermatology Clinic image
Matsunaga Dermatology Clinic
😠 中3から10年以上ここに通って、セカンドオピニオンを受けてここの病院がどれだけちゃんと診てくれていないのかとわかりました。 皮膚の疾患などで通うより、美容医療で通いたい方なら、先生がマンツーマンになり話を何分でも聞いてくれてとても大切にされますよ。 皮膚の疾患では、看護師が話を聞いて終わり、先生が来て診...
2.80 (108 reviews)
Exquisite Brows & Spa Tea Tree image
Exquisite Brows & Spa Tea Tree
Beauty salon
👍👍 I have been getting my brows threaded here for a while now. I see a lady named Alisha. She’s absolutely amazing and is gives great beauty advice!
2.80 (74 reviews)
Medical Center Diamed image
Medical Center Diamed
Medical clinic
😠 I had a medical examination at this clinic, and I had only negative impressions. It was necessary to take tests - there is a woman sitting in the office who knows nothing but rudeness. There was a huge queue for all the doctors, half of the doctors were missing somewhere. The gynecologist behaves ab...
2.80 (73 reviews)
Shinagawa skin clinic Sapporo Institute image
Shinagawa skin clinic Sapporo Institute
Cosmetic surgeon
😠 ピアスホールを開けたとき、医師がピアスにピアッサーを引っ掛けたので、耳に激痛が走った。そのとき、お詫びの一言もなし。 後日、そのピアスホールが化膿してきた。 (引っ掛けられたことが影響?) 受診するために電話予約をしようとしたところ、ピアスホールのトラブルは診察していないので、一般の皮膚科へいけといわ...
2.80 (72 reviews)
Skin Care Centre | Dr Vijay Pant image
Skin Care Centre | Dr Vijay Pant
2.80 (64 reviews)
品川スキンクリニック 宇都宮院 image
品川スキンクリニック 宇都宮院
Cosmetic surgeon
2.80 (51 reviews)
Lux Nail Spa image
Lux Nail Spa
Nail salon
👍👍 We recently visited and were thoroughly impressed with the atmosphere and customer service of this salon. We left with a first set of acrylics and and one gel manicure, both of us were pleased with our services. We look forward to our next visit!
2.90 (168 reviews)
Kothari skin clinic image
Kothari skin clinic
Skin care clinic
😠 Worst doctor ever! I had acne back in 2014 I started taking medicines suggested by him followed all the instructions for 6 years but result was 0 my face became even more worst than before only because of him! Inko sirf paisa chahiye 👍🏻
2.90 (147 reviews)
Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery Umeda salon image
Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery Umeda salon
Cosmetic surgeon
😠 アイルクリニックの口コミを投稿してから1年、院長あるいは関係者が保身に走りブロックされたようなので同院であるこちらへ新たに追記を加えて再投稿します 20年前に脂肪吸引(シリンジ法)で130万円をぼったくられました。 確か術後1年くらい通ったっけ?「徐々に引き締まるから」の一点張りで、全く変わらない体型の写真を...
2.90 (122 reviews)
Shinagawa skin clinic Kyoto Institute image
Shinagawa skin clinic Kyoto Institute
Cosmetic surgeon
😠 カルテに普通に悪口書かれていて、驚きと悲しみでいっぱいです。 「自分の意見に固執して人の話を聞かない人」と書かれていました。 カウンセラーの上乗せ提案をお断りしただけでそのように書かれては心外です。 (受付さんも患者にカルテ記載内容が見えるように置いているのも良くないですね。) 看護師さんドクター、受付さ...
2.90 (115 reviews)
Miracle Eyebrows Fairfield Commons image
Miracle Eyebrows Fairfield Commons
Beauty salon
👍👍 I only come here to get my brows done. I’ve come for a while now. At first I wasn’t always happy as the job wasn’t consistent. Then I found Kejal and she’s done A WONDERFUL JOB every single time!! I’m saddened that she’s leaving due to having a baby but she will be greatly missed! She creates rappor...
2.90 (111 reviews)
Happy Nails & Spa image
Happy Nails & Spa
Nail salon
2.90 (95 reviews)
Shinagawa Skin Clinic Chiba Clinic image
Shinagawa Skin Clinic Chiba Clinic
Medical clinic
2.90 (59 reviews)

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