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Zema Beauty & More - Đặng Văn Bi, Thủ Đức, TPHCM image
Zema Beauty & More - Đặng Văn Bi, Thủ Đức, TPHCM
😠 Doanh nghiệp cần thay đổi tư duy, kiểu kinh doanh mà nhân viên chèo kéo, dụ khách làm này làm kia đông như quân nguyên. Giá mắc rẻ chưa bàn tới, nhưng nếu chỉ muốn cung cấp dịch vụ cho khách hàng 1 lần rồi thôi thì cứ tiếp tục kiểu thái độ nhân viên lồi lõm như thế. Marketing quảng cáo gánh còng lưn...
1.70 (63 reviews)
Ua Salon and Day Spa image
Ua Salon and Day Spa
Beauty salon
😠 Upon arriving I was told they were running a week day special for a mani + pedi for $39. Halfway through the pedicure the nail tech told me that the receptionist told me the wrong price and that in fact I'd be charge $47, not including the service she had just added for $6. I told her this was not...
2.00 (94 reviews)
The Hair Inn Salon image
The Hair Inn Salon
Hair salon
👍👍 Judy 🌹 is AMAZING !! I’ve never been so blonde with so little breakage. She truly knows her toner too :). I really appreciate that she is one on one (doesn’t overbook or have an “assistant” do my hair). She does it all herself, with attention to detail. Judy is a kind, authentic good person. A t...
2.20 (101 reviews)
K.BEAUTY image
Beauty salon
😠 don't get taken away by beautiful photos they upload. The worst experience ever! A real nightmare for my hair! damaged and ruined !so so much regret going there. The personnel if something goes wrong are real witches! I was really unhappy about my hair and when we complained it became so bad that...
2.30 (98 reviews)
Le Beaute image
Le Beaute
Hair salon
😠 0 stars My experience was far from pleasant on Tuesday 12/7/22. I asked if there was availability to get my hair washed & blow dried & was asked if I wanted it straight or wavy. I responded with “wavy is fine”. Conditioner was not applied to the hair wash and when I questioned this, I was told “ if...
2.30 (90 reviews)
Solon 船橋 image
Solon 船橋
Hair salon
😠 OTASANで予約しました。 その日は20時~しかあいていないですといわれその時間でお願いしたら当日に営業時間外だからとプラス5000円取られました。聞いてみると20時までは営業時間でそれ以降は5000円かかるみたいです。ライン予約画面の金額やTikTokなどにも何も書いてありませんし、やりとりしていたインスタのDMでも一切時...
2.30 (89 reviews)
Le Beaute image
Le Beaute
Hair salon
😠 Went in for $49 package which includes a wash, treatment, style cut and blow dry for any length. The wash and treatment was ok. The “style cut” in which i had only asked for a trim, the lady did it in 2 mins, worst trim ive ever had. Pretty sure my hair is uneven now. The blow dry also hurt my head....
2.30 (61 reviews)
Mimosas Hair Salon and Nail Spa image
Mimosas Hair Salon and Nail Spa
Beauty salon
😠 Run! In the opposite direction. This place is dirty and the employees are disgruntled which shows in the quality of their work. They over book and only have one pedi chair. Came with with a coupon offer and it was not worth it. I guess you get what you pay for. It doesnt even deserve one star.
2.30 (58 reviews)
Beauty salon
😠 I got a gel manicure there like 2 weeks ago, and simply do not waste your money going. The gel peeled off 5 days later like entirely, I have never tried gel before but I’m pretty sure that is not supposed to happen. Everything felt very rushed, and the quality of work is not there. I should’ve read...
2.40 (126 reviews)
Leda House Of Beauty image
Leda House Of Beauty
Hair salon
😐 The localisation in google maps is wrong, it’s not the same place, you have to call them to guide you, it’s 5min walking far from this localisation. I have tried the collagene treatement in Leda House of Beauty it’s good enough but it’s very expensive ! It was 420dt in a promotion instead of 600dt....
2.40 (97 reviews)
MyHair Duna Plaza image
MyHair Duna Plaza
Hair salon
🫤 Well I'm going to start talking about how poor was the welcome, as soon as they realised I was a non Hungarian citizen the mood when down to the ground. Then the lady call one of the colleges and of course did not look into my eye neither. Regarding to the first lady that cut my hair. After I make...
2.40 (91 reviews)
Hairven Saloon and Spa @ Alamanda image
Hairven Saloon and Spa @ Alamanda
Hair salon
😠 the stylist label herself as a professional stylist but keeps on nagging about my hair condition and blame me for things and keeps nagging rather than just cutting my hair and suggesting things i dont want. the haircut wasn’t even close to what i showed and asked for. the muslim woman hairstylist pl...
2.40 (86 reviews)
Barber Shop image
Barber Shop
Hair salon
😠 2.5 hour wait, over 17 € cost for mediocre work. Ticket dispenser is usually empty so you're stuck playing the "who was here first?" game when queuing up.
2.40 (51 reviews)
Worldecmakeup image
Nail salon
😠 Bad.
2.50 (265 reviews)
Hairport image
Hair salon
😠 I recently had my eye brows threaded, but the experience was not pleasant; there is a large mark just above my eye lid where they burned it (because of waxing) Every unsatisfactory service
2.50 (94 reviews)
Top Hair - Mein Friseur image
Top Hair - Mein Friseur
Hair salon
😠 Eben betrete ich das Friseur Gebäude. Nur eine Frau sitzt da mit Haube, da denk ich das sieht ja gut aus. Die Friseurin trinkt wohl nen Kaffee oder so und redet von hinten. Was ich denn will. Ich will nur trocken schneiden. Da sagt sie dauert 1,5 Stunden. Das ist mir jetzt schon öfters passiert, ic...
2.50 (50 reviews)
The Hair Company USA Dominican Salon image
The Hair Company USA Dominican Salon
Hair salon
😠 DONT GO IF YOU HAVE NATURAL HAIR — RELAXER CHEMICALS IN THE SHAMPOO!!. If I could give zero stars, I would. Very pricey for a simple wash, blow dry, trim, flat iron. My hair has been natural for 10+ years. I occasionally straighten so I can get a good trim. I used to go to a Dominican place in NJ th...
2.60 (286 reviews)
Shangar Beauty Salon image
Shangar Beauty Salon
Beauty salon
😠 Would like to share with you all my worst experience with a hair-stylist so far, this happens to be the Shangar Beauty salon at Oak tree road, NJ. To start with, the main hair-stylist (probably she's the main store incharge as well) is utmost disrespectful and rude. She came across very rude, both w...
2.60 (84 reviews)
Darling Nail & Spa image
Darling Nail & Spa
Hair salon
😠 Second time going here (first time was two years ago), and both times have been absolutely dissatisfied. The first time, the shellac polish bubbled almost immediately on all of my toes. The second time was yesterday snd the same thing happened, but to a lesser degree. I returned today to see if I co...
2.60 (71 reviews)
REBORN ichimiya image
REBORN ichimiya
Hair salon
😠 ほんとに最低な気分です。 ホットペッパーで予約を1カ月前からしていたのに,当日エステ担当者が出勤しておらず、その事を伝えもしず30分待った後、こちらからまだですか?と問い合わせたら実は,という始末。 普通予約してます,と着いた時点で予約不備があること詫びませんか? ホットペッパーでの予約は受けてないはずで...
2.60 (71 reviews)
Zema Beauty & More - Trần Thái Tông - Cầu Giấy - Hà Nội image
Zema Beauty & More - Trần Thái Tông - Cầu Giấy - Hà Nội
😠 I did my pedicure and cut it until it bled. It's been 2 days and to this day I'm still in pain and can't walk in high heels Shaving my arms and legs was painful, and when I went home to take a shower, it was painful, red, and swollen. But because I bought the nail treatment package, I still have to...
2.60 (63 reviews)
Top Hair - Mein Friseur image
Top Hair - Mein Friseur
Hair salon
😠 I wanted to take my 3 year old daughter there to get her hair cut. So my daughter went into the salon with joyful anticipation, and we were greeted with the words: "For God's sake!! Not without a mask!!" in an unfriendly, loud tone. Mind you, it wasn't actually about me - I had a mask on - but about...
2.60 (52 reviews)
Supercuts image
Hair salon
2.70 (134 reviews)
Tchip Coiffure Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine image
Tchip Coiffure Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine
Hair salon
👍👍 Un beau ombré hair grâce à de bons conseils !! Merci Madame. Trop beau !!!! Gentille, à l'écoute.... prend soin de ses clients ! Je reviendrai
2.70 (123 reviews)
Furniture store
😠 Once again I come here to complain about this company from the DIR FURNITURE salon group, if you are a beauty salon owner, avoid buying any furniture, as it is a company that does not deliver your purchase, I have been waiting for my refund for three years and to this day I have not They refunded yo...
2.70 (116 reviews)
SmartStyle Hair Salon(Inside Walmart) image
SmartStyle Hair Salon(Inside Walmart)
Hair salon
😠 this is how they left my hair today. I paid 227 dollars. They said they would give my phone number to their manager. I'm still waiting for your call. I just can’t stop crying. You can see on the local cameras that since they were straightening my hair I was already crying and saying that I didn't li...
2.70 (109 reviews)
Mimis African Hair Braiding image
Mimis African Hair Braiding
Beauty salon
😠 The shop environment looks ok. I came in the shop wanting to get box braids and almost left with no style. The lady that was braiding my hair assured me that I didn’t have to worry and that my hair would look nice. She got really close to being done with my hair and the last thing that she was going...
2.70 (88 reviews)
Lydia's Hair Design image
Lydia's Hair Design
Hair salon
😠 Complete bad service! We got kicked out because my friend simply asked the barber to clean the clippers correctly because he can still see the hair from the previous customer on it. He didn't ask for perfection but even I would've been grossed out allowing the barber to cut my hair with the clippers...
2.70 (83 reviews)
Unique Beauty 4 U image
Unique Beauty 4 U
Beauty salon
😠 I just went with my friend for pre-booked treatment. From beginning the lady was surprised to see me as no one written my booking, which I have called them on the day before as advised over the phone with salon. As they was not prepared they can only do one massage today. It should be one hour treat...
2.70 (70 reviews)
Ambia's Beauty image
Ambia's Beauty
Beauty salon
😠 I have visited Ambia on two occasions now. The first time, I left a little disappointed that my eyelashes didn’t look as great as they usually do when done(by another salon) and the second time I left really upset. They managed to glue the top eyelashes with the bottom eyelashes and by the time I wa...
2.70 (62 reviews)

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