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Leyton Healthcare image
Leyton Healthcare
Medical clinic
😠 Reception staff are disgustedly RUDE. Always have an attitude and are never polite. I called to see why my repeat medication was taking so long as the pharmacy had sent in the request a week ago. The receptionist denied there being a request and said it was my responsibility to make the request and...
1.70 (149 reviews)
Medgate Philippines image
Medgate Philippines
Health consultant
1.70 (60 reviews)
São Lucas Saúde - Sede Administrativa image
São Lucas Saúde - Sede Administrativa
Medical Center
1.90 (269 reviews)
Aventus Medical Care, Inc. - BGC Clinic image
Aventus Medical Care, Inc. - BGC Clinic
Health consultant
1.90 (143 reviews)
Consultorio de Gran Alacant image
Consultorio de Gran Alacant
Health consultant
1.90 (74 reviews)
Plano de Saúde São Camilo - Macapá image
Plano de Saúde São Camilo - Macapá
Health consultant
1.90 (54 reviews)
The Cottons Medical Centre, Raunds image
The Cottons Medical Centre, Raunds
Medical Center
2.00 (78 reviews)
Central 24-HR Clinic (Yishun) - CHAS | GP Clinic | 24 小时 诊所 image
Central 24-HR Clinic (Yishun) - CHAS | GP Clinic | 24 小时 诊所
Medical Center
😠 Warning not to go here. Finally saw the doctor at 2am. I was told I cannot backdate my MC although I was sick only hours before. He said that I should be seeing him before midnight. Dear doctor, I have been waiting before midnight. But you are rude, just like your staff and assume what you like. In...
2.10 (577 reviews)
Good Health Medical Centre Mount Gravatt image
Good Health Medical Centre Mount Gravatt
Medical Center
😠 I'm not one for reviews but feel it's my duty to warn others. Took my very sick 4 year daughter to this practice as it was only one open on Sunday and my concern for my daughter was high. Dr Muhammad Nurul Hussain has to be the rudest, most aggressive , uncaring person I have ever come across. He ta...
2.10 (147 reviews)
Praxis Dr. C. Ittner-Hofmann image
Praxis Dr. C. Ittner-Hofmann
Sports medicine clinic
2.20 (72 reviews)
Central 24-Hr Clinic (Bedok) - CHAS | GP Clinic | 24 小时 诊所 image
Central 24-Hr Clinic (Bedok) - CHAS | GP Clinic | 24 小时 诊所
Medical clinic
😠 Oh dear. I didn't know whether I should add to the plethora of incredibly negative reviews... Would it make a difference? What is this medical clinic thinking? Why wouldn't they try to do better given the repeatedly dire feedback? It really beggars belief. My husband went in the other day and a doc...
2.30 (646 reviews)
Meritus Medical Center image
Meritus Medical Center
Medical Center
😠 This hospital is the worst I’ve seen. There is no compassion, no empathy. Everyone in the icu department should be fired. The icu department is full of inept doctors who are on an ego trip starting with their director pooran and some temp doc named basil. The poopran guy is very delusional and doe...
2.30 (325 reviews)
Паліклініка № 7 image
Паліклініка № 7
Medical clinic
😠 Отношение к людям просто ужасное! Единственное чем они занимаются это вымагают деньги. Особенно циничная вымагатель денежных средств это чудо доктор Кучун Мария Петровна которая пишит всем дорогостоющие обследования в этой же поликлиннике. Я сам доктор и просто не понял зачем молодому человеку вешат...
2.30 (163 reviews)
Nationwide Health Systems Baguio, Inc. image
Nationwide Health Systems Baguio, Inc.
Medical clinic
2.30 (64 reviews)
Anderson Hospital image
Anderson Hospital
General hospital
🫤 I've been to numerous hospitals with my kids and family. This is by far the rudest staff I have ever dealt with. My dad is in hospice care on a floor that is pretty empty and secluded. A majority of the staff is cold and not caring. I get that there needs to be a limited number of visitors (2) bu...
2.40 (307 reviews)
Shakespeare Road Medical Practice image
Shakespeare Road Medical Practice
Medical clinic
2.40 (106 reviews)
Newpark Medical Centre image
Newpark Medical Centre
Medical clinic
2.40 (104 reviews)
Pediatric and Adult Walk In Clinic - Court Street Medical Centre image
Pediatric and Adult Walk In Clinic - Court Street Medical Centre
Walk-in clinic
😠 An awful experience! I walked out with a very unpleasant feeling. Since I am a new Canadian resident I haven’t sorted my health insurance and can access only walk in clinics or online and pay for each consultation. I came to see Dr.Chrysler the first time but I had some tests done ( online doctors...
2.40 (86 reviews)
Care Point Medical Clinic - Davie image
Care Point Medical Clinic - Davie
Medical clinic
😠 This review is specifically in regard to Dr Bhatt. I usually see another practitioner who is lovely, as are the medical office staff, so whilst i would still recommend this clinic in general, DO NOT BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH DR BHATT. He was unbelievably rude, raised his voice and argued with me abou...
2.50 (224 reviews)
Family Christian Health Center image
Family Christian Health Center
Health consultant
😠 As a black woman we often times overlooked and not heard, this place is no different. This is one of the reason I don’t go to the doctor on a regular basis. I switch my PCP from a white female doctor to a black female doctor thinking things would be different and was so disappointed. I was under the...
2.50 (164 reviews)
Alivio Medical Center image
Alivio Medical Center
Medical Center
👍👍 Before coming, I read many bad comments, I was upset. But it turns out to be good. My appointment is at 10 so I arrive at 9:40 or so. The receptionist she is friendly. And doctor assistant is polite and she kept walking fast, I could see she was trying to be effective and get everyone taken care of...
2.50 (131 reviews)
Unimed Pelotas image
Unimed Pelotas
Health consultant
2.50 (72 reviews)
Health Center Mertojak image
Health Center Mertojak
Health consultant
2.50 (53 reviews)
Clínica Jandira image
Clínica Jandira
Medical Center
😠 ADVICE: Avoid this clinic. Terribly disorganized, and with the service team totally unprepared. I scheduled a procedure with the plastic surgeon and THEY HAD NO IDEA WHO THE DOCTOR WAS. After performing the procedure I discovered that the doctor cut the link with the unit. BUT THAT ONLY ON THE FOUR...
2.60 (220 reviews)
Derrimut Medicals image
Derrimut Medicals
General practitioner
2.60 (111 reviews)
Sede Administrativa Frei Galvão Saúde image
Sede Administrativa Frei Galvão Saúde
Health consultant
2.60 (96 reviews)
Bernal Medical Center image
Bernal Medical Center
Health consultant
2.60 (60 reviews)

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