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Drogerie Heimbach image
Drogerie Heimbach
Health food store
😠 They sell merchandise online and scam people by selling a item but send a different item and claim it’s the buyers fault for not reading the item description. I recently bought a 100ml cologne but was sent a 50ml and when I asked why they sent the wrong one they told me it was my fault for not readi...
2.00 (64 reviews)
Infitness - Aarhus N., Møllevangs All image
Infitness - Aarhus N., Møllevangs All
Training centre
😠 Hell to opt out. I have signed out repeatedly for 4 months, as well as cut off my card, but they still demand payment from me and threaten to involve me in Collectia. Have contacted them several times, each time with no response.
2.30 (66 reviews)
Fruitisimo Palladium I. image
Fruitisimo Palladium I.
Juice shop
😠 🤮
$$ $$
2.40 (91 reviews)
Fruitisimo Galerie Harfa image
Fruitisimo Galerie Harfa
Juice shop
😠 I rate the bistro above, not the stall below. Unpleasant arrogant service. I noticed a discount for the first purchase, I downloaded the app for that. During the purchase, the lady told me that it no longer applies if I don't have a card, but only show the code on my mobile phone. I asked her where...
$$ $$
2.50 (98 reviews)
🫤 La deuxième personne qu'on a eu était très agréable et nous a renseigné et donné le bon médicament après un premier passage ou la personne été désagréable et donne un produit pas adapté DU TOUT aux femmes enceintes (écrit en gros sur la boîte) alors qu'on leur précise bien que madame est enceinte. S...
2.90 (59 reviews)
Go Vita Doncaster image
Go Vita Doncaster
Health food store
😠 The customer service was very poor. I was standing in line to pay for at least 10 minutes while the service lady was chatting away to a customer who purchased nothing but a personal conversation. She saw me twice and gave eye contact but did not serve me until the other person had left and a...
2.90 (51 reviews)

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