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Cliffside Park High School image
Cliffside Park High School
High school
1.60 (57 reviews)
Cookeville High School image
Cookeville High School
High school
😠 This school is FOUL it smells trash. ITS LIKE A PRISON. Everday I wake and say, "today is another day..." IN PRISON. I would rather be in actual prison than in this school. The only thing that keeps me going is the will to SURVIVE. The teachers are soo disrespectful and need to learn HOW TO DO THERE...
2.00 (61 reviews)
IES La Laguna image
IES La Laguna
High school
😠 Es el peor instituto de Parla y en general de toda la C de Madrid, aquí meten a toda la chusma, si quieres que tu hijo/a estudie este no es el lugar adecuado, pero si lo que quieres es que se comporte de manera incivilizada adelante. Hay peleas cada dos por tres, los profesores son lo más inservible...
2.50 (66 reviews)
Mossbourne Community Academy, Hackney Downs image
Mossbourne Community Academy, Hackney Downs
Charter school
😠 I started mossbourne community academy thinking that it was gonna be the best experience ever and that I would come out of it not only becoming a better version of my self but also achieving top grades in all my subjects however it was the opposite. I had a really rough time when I first joined the...
2.50 (53 reviews)
City of London Academy Islington image
City of London Academy Islington
Sixth form college
2.50 (53 reviews)
Frankston High School image
Frankston High School
High school
2.60 (129 reviews)
Ninestiles, an Academy image
Ninestiles, an Academy
Secondary school
2.70 (96 reviews)
ROC Da Vinci College image
ROC Da Vinci College
High school
2.70 (85 reviews)
KreisGymnasium Heinsberg image
KreisGymnasium Heinsberg
Gymnasium school
2.70 (66 reviews)
Lyceum Ypenburg image
Lyceum Ypenburg
High school
2.70 (65 reviews)
Dunbarton HS image
Dunbarton HS
2.70 (53 reviews)
Franklin Academy image
Franklin Academy
Charter school
😠 Franklin Academy cooper city is one of the most trashiest schools i have ever been through but i can’t leave! This year they moved all the kids in the cafeteria to one side of the cafeteria so there is no personal space everyone has to sit together next to kids who sometimes smell. The staff take...
2.80 (136 reviews)
Willy-Brandt-Gesamtschule image
2.80 (55 reviews)
Thomas Clarkson Academy image
Thomas Clarkson Academy
High school
2.80 (52 reviews)
Herff Jones image
Herff Jones
Educational supply store
2.80 (50 reviews)
School Paul Cornu image
School Paul Cornu
High school
😠 Un lycée professionnel c'est quoi ? C'est un accompagnement vers l'objectif d'un élève dans une bonne communication et un bon cadre. Quoi dire d'une professeure principale qui casse ses élèves à tous les cours ? Les casses auprès de futur employeur pour un apprentissage ? Pas de professeur d'espagno...
2.80 (50 reviews)
Centenary Heights State High School image
Centenary Heights State High School
High school
2.90 (71 reviews)
Sources High School image
Sources High School
High school
2.90 (70 reviews)
IES Jaime Ferran i Clua image
IES Jaime Ferran i Clua
High school
😠 Education is not adequate, and that I come from other institutes. The classes are poor, with tables and chairs leaky, painted, which shows that they have been there for a lot of years. They spend money on a screen that is useless. Strict teachers, too much in my opinion, bitter and leaving your fut...
2.90 (69 reviews)
Roxburgh College image
Roxburgh College
High school
2.90 (68 reviews)
Lycée Jules Verne image
Lycée Jules Verne
High school
😠 Lycée horrible, enseignant qui vous insulte ainsi que vos projets artistiques. CPE qui si elle le pouvait cacherait le corps des filles qui viennent en jupes/robes. Des surveillants qui pour vous « punir » d’avoir mis une jupe ou robe vous font passer dans le bâtiment technologique en vous disant qu...
2.90 (57 reviews)
Metzo College image
Metzo College
High school
2.90 (54 reviews)
City School Henri Wallon image
City School Henri Wallon
High school
😠 Really bad but really limit is "rotten". You are insulted and provoked by a little schoolboy you defend yourself and it's good you go to the summons and everything. As you know Henri Wallon is a city half college and half high school, there is no supervisor among high school students, they are all...
2.90 (52 reviews)

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