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CDC Ampang Jaya image
CDC Ampang Jaya
Courier service
🫤 For those of you who ordered stuffs online, try not to use this courier J&T. At this CDC... your consignment will be laid on the floor... pushed or passed using the foot...or just thrown into metal containers. The workers at the CDC have no respect for the goods you have paid. Their work ethic is ve...
1.40 (94 reviews) image
Home goods store
😠 A site to avoid at all costs! I finally found my dream linen sofa Chardonne on this website and ordered it and it was the last sofa available. I requested the sofa to be sent to my new house instead of the former apt which not only were they not able to fulfill but even claimed that my personal inf...
1.60 (125 reviews)
Jotex image
Home goods store
😠 I ordered a gold colored item and it came as black, contacted the service, they asked me to make a new order, but the item was already sold out, then they suggest me go to their shop which is literally hundred miles away in another city and they can't ask their own shop to send the right item to me!...
2.00 (94 reviews)
Newegg Canada image
Newegg Canada
😠 This company ships valuable items with no signature required. I spent a couple thousand dollars and they split it into 3 shipments. 1 of them never arrived and they said @purolator confirmed it shipped. NEWEGG Refused to refund or replace and closed the case. I contacted puro & was told a trace was...
2.10 (335 reviews)
kamin klaus image
kamin klaus
Home goods store
2.30 (94 reviews)
Conforama Guadeloupe image
Conforama Guadeloupe
Home goods store
😠 VERY VERY UNPLEASANT financing advisor, more precisely the one with the red hair who also made fun of me with one of her colleagues at the checkout! she also made me get out of my place to pass 2 customers in front of me without any valid reason!! if you want respect respect your neighbor and if yo...
2.40 (361 reviews)
BUT Dothémare image
BUT Dothémare
Home goods store
😠 I never manage to see goal over the phone. 20 call in two days and no one answered. Being from a metropolitan area, I had to pay someone to go and get what I needed to deliver it and assemble the product. I wanted to do that with your services but no one on the switchboard and it's always like that...
2.40 (159 reviews)
ISHKA Clayton image
ISHKA Clayton
Home goods store
😠 If I could give 0 stars I would. I’ve placed an order 2 months ago that said it should be delivered within 5-7 working days. I’ve emailed ishka and had no response. I went to the Clayton store after calling their store continuously for 2 weeks and the lady could not care less. She said they have had...
2.50 (706 reviews)
Blue Dart Express Limited image
Blue Dart Express Limited
Courier service
😐 I'm oke with blue dart but i got my product delayed for more than 3 days
2.50 (65 reviews)
IKEA Burgos - Espacio de Planificación image
IKEA Burgos - Espacio de Planificación
Furniture store
Scandinavian chain selling ready-to-assemble furniture, plus textiles, lighting & home decor.
2.50 (60 reviews)
TERG S.A. Media Expert image
TERG S.A. Media Expert
Home goods store
😠 Nie polecam robienia zakupów w Media Expert. Logistyka u państwa równa na poziomie 0/10. Nie możecie skompletować towaru,pomimo że jest na stanie sklepu. Zero informacji, że towar nie przyjedzie na umówiony termin,chodzi mi o SMS lub kontakt telefoniczny, nie o e-mail, gdyż to dotyczy osób starszych...
2.60 (468 reviews)
Burlington image
Clothing store
😠 I would like for you to explain to me why you feel it’s acceptable for a male employee to lay hands on a pregnant female??? And spew racist language towards the two ladies??? is this the view of the company. Also, the guy claim to be the owner of the store. If this guy isnt fired, I will make sure t...
2.60 (309 reviews)
Target image
Department store
Retail chain offering home goods, clothing, electronics & more, plus exclusive designer collections.
2.60 (193 reviews)
Etherton Hardwoods image
Etherton Hardwoods
Flag store
😠 Don't order from this company. I just discovered they have 36 complaints filed with the BBB in the past year with a grade of F. My order was submitted early December with a 2-4 weeks ship date. Four weeks later I emailed them, and they said it would be more like 8 weeks. I emailed them again with no...
2.60 (108 reviews)
Grandin Road image
Grandin Road
Home goods store
😠 $700. Mistake I purchased these Valencia bar height stools a few years ago, thinking that they would be a nice finishing touch to my kitchen remodel. As you can see, this was a $700 mistake. I sent my concerns to Grandin Road: Is there anything I can do about these stools? Purchased several years a...
2.60 (85 reviews)
Showcase image
Home goods store
😠 If I could give this store a negative number review or a zero I would. I went to Showcase in the Sunridge Mall with my friend to check out the store. There was only one lady working there (I didn't catch her name) came up to me and asked if I was "having trouble again". The keyword there being AGAIN...
2.60 (59 reviews)
Porzellan Rüger GmbH & Co KG image
Porzellan Rüger GmbH & Co KG
Home goods store
😠 This is my FIRST ever review, because the shop tableware24 deserves nothing but 0 star (I wish I could give them minus five). As many other users have already written, dealing with this disrespectful and dishonest shop is the worst online shopping experience I've ever had! Here is how they are doing...
2.70 (365 reviews)
ABCDIN Puerto Natales image
ABCDIN Puerto Natales
Electronics store
😠 Horrible la atención más encima te meten garantías extras al producto sin informar , inflando los precios , y así pasando piola , pobre gente de la tercera edad!!! Las vendedoras todas unas chantas !!!
2.70 (99 reviews)
MNG Kargo Aydınevler Şb. image
MNG Kargo Aydınevler Şb.
Shipping service
2.70 (84 reviews)
Petoskey Antiques image
Petoskey Antiques
Home goods store
😠 Beware! The man running the store is not nice at all! Particularly towards kids. There are hazards set up around the store that are intended for you to break and buy. Be careful. Many items are already broken so be careful of that as well. Things are over priced. I'd stay far away from this place....
2.70 (77 reviews)
Rofra Home Roermond Retailpark image
Rofra Home Roermond Retailpark
Furniture store
😠 Not very impressed with the customer service. We went to look for a new sofa and were initially greeted very friendly, but when looking at samples, my 5 year old daughter touched the mouse of a computer placed on a low desk behind us. It had pictures on it and she must have thought it was for custom...
2.70 (63 reviews)
Genky Kani image
Genky Kani
Drug store
😠 これは、皆さんもクチコミで投稿されている通りエアコンが故障中なのは分かるがスポットクーラーもオフ状態でした。 お客も心配だけど店員さんも熱中症になりかねない 外出た瞬間ほぼ店内と体感温度同じ こんな店舗はダメでしょ? 店を増やす前にメンテナンスして下さい 坂戸のゲンキーは二度と行かない
2.70 (59 reviews)
2nd Street image
2nd Street
Second hand store
🫤 Last time I visited, I was excited by the variety of items they had. This time, I brought in a lot of clothes that I haven't worn recently and had them buy them. I had high hopes for the branded products, but the price was only ¥260... I won't go again.
2.70 (54 reviews)
Home goods store
😐 A very large selection of equipment. Various prices - some close to market prices. The whole area is rather disorderly. It is not possible to pay by card. The service is helpful, although strictly necessary. Additional questions or requests regarding equipment feel like they are causing pain to the...
2.80 (155 reviews)
Good Neighbours Thrift Store image
Good Neighbours Thrift Store
Thrift store
2.80 (147 reviews)
Evdiz Şanlıurfa Şube image
Evdiz Şanlıurfa Şube
Home goods store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
2.80 (105 reviews)
SuperOffers image
E-commerce service
😠 Παραγγελία 6/9 ένα τροφοδοτικό μέσω skroutz. Παίρνω τηλέφωνο μου λένε το αργότερο σε 10 μέρες θα το έχεις. Περνάνε 10 μέρες, παίρνω τηλέφωνο θα φύγει σήμερα με ενημερώνουν. Εντάξει λέω. Πέμπτη 23/9 πλέον δεν το έχω παραλάβει ακόμα και παίρνω τηλέφωνο. Θα φύγει από εμάς σήμερα με ενημερώνουν. Παρασκε...
2.80 (78 reviews) image
Home goods store
😠 Dosen’t believe the estimated date in website. Customer service dosent reply any email. Calling also not possible.
2.80 (68 reviews)
Jätteloppis image
Home goods store
😠 Hade det inte varit för bemötandet i kassan hade betyget blivit en trea. Det var väldigt trångt men en del kul saker fanns definitivt. Lite charmigt gammaldags men när vi kom till kassan och skulle betala så sa damen bara "cash, cash, cash..." Vi hade desvärre ingen kontanter och hade såklart kunnat...
2.80 (56 reviews)
hula-hoop- image
Exercise equipment store
😠 I ordered two Hulahoop tires. A tire was delivered already damaged with a crack in one part. I was directly accused of damaging the tire through use. I am not at all satisfied with the customer service. The joy about the new device has a bitter aftertaste. In addition, I send the item back at my own...
2.80 (51 reviews)

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