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Reliance SMART Bazaar image
Reliance SMART Bazaar
😠 I must admit, I made the grave mistake of stepping foot into the Reliance Smart Store at Elante Mall not just once, but on multiple occasions. And let me tell you, with each visit, they somehow managed to outdo themselves in delivering an experience that was even more excruciating than the last. It'...
2.40 (61 reviews)
Casino Drive image
Casino Drive
Grocery delivery service
😠 Je devais être livré hier entre 17/18h, hors pas de livraison pourtant j'étais a mon domicile j'appelle a 20h ils me disent votre commande est en route, j'attends...rien..... ce matin je rappelle on me dit vous serez livré dans la journée, ok j'attends mais ce qu'on ne m'a pas précisé c'est que tou...
2.60 (180 reviews)
Casino Supermarché image
Casino Supermarché
😐 Compared to other Casino stores I have shopped at, this one has too little assortment. The second problem is the exterior appearance of the building - it scares more than it invites. When I first shopped at this store, I had to wait for the cashier who was walking around the store out of boredom. S...
2.70 (488 reviews)
Reliance SMART Bazaar image
Reliance SMART Bazaar
😠 Groceries available here are mostly near to their expiry date. Also some product rates are mentioned wrong on the tags which are kept below products and on bill it's different, so check carefully while buying. Dmart is better than this, even big bazaar was good. Staff is not that helpful as compare...
2.80 (64 reviews)
La Galerie La Riche image
La Galerie La Riche
Shopping mall
😠 Très déçu des personnes de l'accueil de Géant casino. D'abord, elles n'ont pas le même discours et ensuite elles refusent de faire 1 geste(qui à été presque promis la veille) pour des clients fidèles et sans aucune mauvaise fois mais avec plutôt de la mal chance. Elles ont préférés perde 100€ et des...
2.90 (2.7K reviews)
Hipermercado Family Cash image
Hipermercado Family Cash
In-store shopping · Delivery
2.90 (1.5K reviews)
Casino Supermarché image
Casino Supermarché
🫤 Grubby. Not enough signs to show where things are kept.
2.90 (918 reviews)
Intermarché HYPER Poitiers image
Intermarché HYPER Poitiers
😠 I could not judge the quality of the products since I was not allowed to enter the store with my backpack. I had to leave it in a locker and carry my groceries by hand. Next to me a lady walks by with a handbag twice the size of my backpack and no problem 👍 pure stupidity, I went shopping elsewhere...
2.90 (70 reviews)

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