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Taj Mahal Indian Tandoori image
Taj Mahal Indian Tandoori
Indian restaurant
Traditional curries and house specialities served in a 2-storey restaurant with simple interior.
$$ $$
1.80 (377 reviews)
Indian Curry Place - Deception Bay image
Indian Curry Place - Deception Bay
Indian restaurant
😠 I usually write 4 or 5 star reviews, but unfortunately Indian Curry Place won't be one of them. Ordered via Uber Eats at 7:23 pm and Indian Curry Place cancelled the order at 8:50 pm with no explanation. I'm a shift worker and was at work, my partner was at home looking after our 4 month old, so th...
1.80 (209 reviews)
Kebabish curry house Europe image
Kebabish curry house Europe
Indian restaurant
😠 The chicken was very chewy, like rubber and they keep the frozen food in an ice cream freezer in the corner of the restaurant. They charge what they want, €45 for a chicken burger, and 2 doner kebabs and and €3 each for cans of Pepsi. Go to the real restaurant near there that is Arab-owned. They de...
1.80 (135 reviews)
Indian Men image
Indian Men
Indian restaurant
🫤 The serving of the paddi chaat was not worth $8. The yougurt was nearly off. Felt like a 2 dollar item highly priced.
1.80 (84 reviews)
City Spice image
City Spice
Indian restaurant
😠 Worst place ever food was freezing donner meat looked as if it was 5 days old absolute disgusting and disgraceful they shop is manky inside how they are even opened a don't no there's got to be rats and mice in there!!!!
1.80 (64 reviews)
Pizza am Park Bendorf image
Pizza am Park Bendorf
Pizza restaurant
1.80 (50 reviews)
Bikanervala image
Family restaurant
Popular Indian sweets and global snack dishes are sold at this casual chain restaurant.
$$ $$
1.90 (128 reviews)
Shamiana image
Indian restaurant
😠 Super bad. Cold soggy Naan and slimy chicken and cold tough gross pakora. Really? And the girls serving were so rude. I believe a "hey I'm talking to you" was thrown at my sister. We never spit food out and this was spat out in public . Not even my one year old niece will eat it. Gross!!!
1.90 (74 reviews)
B3 Restaurant image
B3 Restaurant
Indian restaurant
😠 Worst experience ever witnessed at a restaurant. Pathetic service and poor behaviour by the waiters, staff and the manager when asked about the reason for delay in bringing food. For one plate biriyani, they are taking more than an hour. Some customers went away rudely without eating. Still the mana...
1.90 (50 reviews)
Pizzeria Margherita Bochum image
Pizzeria Margherita Bochum
Pizza restaurant
😠 2h waiting time; Donut pizza was thin, only 18cm instead of 22cm diameter!, no hot sauce available; Garlic bread was a "pizza", didn't taste good and smelled strange We will never order there again. The waiting time, the prices and the taste were a disgrace!
2.00 (108 reviews)
Shere Khan Express image
Shere Khan Express
Indian restaurant
😠 8 pounds ish for one seekh kebab wrap on its own…daylight robbery as the kebabs were very tiny almost a quarter the size of the naan and rubbery…the kids meal included a few chicken nuggets and was honestly shocked by how less the chips were…plus they had all black bits on them…not a happy customer…...
2.10 (254 reviews)
Da Persio Mykonos Freiburg im Breisgau image
Da Persio Mykonos Freiburg im Breisgau
Pizza restaurant
😠 Am liebsten KEIN Stern vergeben ! Um 12.00 Uhr habe ich auf 15:30 Uhr 2xPizzen bestellt. Um 13 Uhr klingelt es an der Tür, da steht der Lieferant mit den 2 Pizzen. Natürlich haben wir die Pizzen nicht angenommen und gesagt, dass auf 15:30 Uhr bestellt wurde. SAUER und RESPEKTLOS verließ der Liefera...
2.10 (124 reviews)
Indian Swaad image
Indian Swaad
Indian restaurant
Traditional Indian fare is offered by this Citigroup Center stop, including many vegetarian options.
$ $$$
2.10 (123 reviews)
Pizza Piccola Bad Schönborn image
Pizza Piccola Bad Schönborn
Pizza takeaway
2.10 (111 reviews)
Everest Pizza Service Halle image
Everest Pizza Service Halle
Pizza restaurant
😠 Bodenlose Frechheit !!! Wird man angerufen und dabei sogar angeschrien, weil man natürlich weiß wie lange der Saftladen brauch um zu liefern. Man soll anscheinend genau Wissen wie lang die brauchen und die Zeit selber einplanen !! Keine Empfehlung !!! Einfach Frech !!!
2.10 (97 reviews)
Maroubra Bay Indian Delight image
Maroubra Bay Indian Delight
Indian restaurant
😠 I previously gave a positive review mostly because the owners were very kind, but I now deleted it because I don't know what happened to this place, the last few times we ordered from them they forgot our mango lassis, the first time she said they couldn't do anything about it, that we had to come...
2.10 (83 reviews)
Sher E Punjab Grill image
Sher E Punjab Grill
Indian restaurant
😠 Worst! I was there late night to pick up food and trust me you would not want to take out from here. Tried chicken tandoori and simple dal rice, both were equally bad.
$$ $$
2.10 (56 reviews)
Allegrotto Pizzakurier image
Allegrotto Pizzakurier
Pizza takeaway
😠 Don't make the same mistake I did and be tempted to order from this delivery service just because all the other delivery services have already closed. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with a delivery service. The food came only after 2 hours. Every time I called they said the foo...
$ $$$
2.20 (339 reviews)
VIshwaas Pure Veg image
VIshwaas Pure Veg
Vegetarian restaurant
👍 I highly recommend a fantastic dining establishment where I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a delightful meal with a friend. The restaurant offers an extensive menu featuring a variety of delectable dishes, such as their scrumptious noodles. I must say, I was thoroughly impressed by the except...
2.20 (78 reviews)
Stanley Ka Dibba image
Stanley Ka Dibba
Indian restaurant
😠 They deliver cockroach in Gulab jamun. I could have died if I didn't notice this.
2.20 (72 reviews)
Garva biryani Ravet image
Garva biryani Ravet
Indian restaurant
😠 I had mutton biryani(Full) from here 2 times with the expectation that I'll get good pieces. Both the times it was bad experience. They gave only bones. No meat. It's better to purchase mutton from some shop and cook at home. Complete waste of money. mutton biryani cost for full is ₹210 and they gav...
2.20 (57 reviews)
L'oriental image
Indian restaurant
😠 Moi et ma femme avons commandée 2 kebab résultats, malade le lendemain tout les deux atroce !!!! Inspection d'hygiène à faire d'urgence
2.20 (55 reviews)
Curry Express image
Curry Express
Indian restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
2.30 (267 reviews)
Naashto Level 3 image
Naashto Level 3
South Indian restaurant
🫤 We travelled and tried to get tea from this place and would recommend not to visit this restaurant. + Hopefully large variety of Indian food on offer. - Unrealistically high price for the quality and quantity offered. - Impolite and self involved staff without caring for what the customer is looki...
2.30 (179 reviews)
Garden Moon Chinese Take Away image
Garden Moon Chinese Take Away
Takeout restaurant
😠 My partner and I usually order from the Garden Moon in Moseley but tonight we tried this one and had a horrible experience. Not only was the delivery late by over an hour but when we called the place we were asked if we were sure we ordered from the right place as they didn't have anything for our p...
2.30 (155 reviews)
Shamiana riccarton image
Shamiana riccarton
Indian restaurant
😠 I think giving even a 1 star is being very generous to these guys. I am absolutely disgusted with the food and service. My husband and I have been at the upstairs Shamiana twice and both times we have had horrible experience. this time we ordered lamb, almost half of the meat was fat and not much m...
2.30 (136 reviews)
Chutney Grill & Indian Takeaway image
Chutney Grill & Indian Takeaway
Indian takeaway
😠 I confidently recommend the worst food. The only good thing you can buy from this fast food is a Coca Cola.
2.30 (106 reviews)
Kanai Restaurant image
Kanai Restaurant
Fast food restaurant
😠 I suffered from food poisoning after eating from this restaurant and I got really sick afterwards. We had ordered fried rice and Gobi manchurian it was terrible. Bad food quality and wastage of money, we can get better food in the other hotels. If you really care about your health, please don’t go t...
2.30 (82 reviews)
Taste of India image
Taste of India
Indian restaurant
😠 We asked for mild spices in our order, but they put extreme spices in the food. When the owner came and we told him about this, he defended himself that being from Indian background we should know to eat spices and started making fun of us. We felt sick after eating here. Will never recommend this r...
$$ $$
2.30 (77 reviews)
Great Indian Khichdi image
Great Indian Khichdi
Indian restaurant
👍 As i have ordered a meal of khichdi .. Which comes with a 3 different types of khichdi. Have ordered marawadi aloo it was good. It comes with a achar and gur. I like the khichdi but felt like little over priced.
2.30 (63 reviews)

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