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Alliance United Insurance image
Alliance United Insurance
Insurance agency
😠 Worst insurance ever!!! Even more worst when the other person involved in the accident has the same insurance which is this one, they play by favorites, they do not care about your car or your situation they just call you once and leave a voicemail and everybody transfers you to the adjusters voicem...
1.30 (459 reviews)
Mercer France image
Mercer France
Insurance agency
😠 It's been almost 3 months since I claim the balance of reimbursement of dental care following an agreement of estimate where there was 0.00 € to be paid and Mercer remains to owe me 366.63 € on the invoice of the dentist in accordance with the estimate. I am on my 6th request! It's a shame! during...
1.50 (194 reviews)
RESO Europa Service Sp. z o.o. image
RESO Europa Service Sp. z o.o.
Insurance broker
1.60 (81 reviews)
Aviva Canada Inc image
Aviva Canada Inc
Insurance agency
2.10 (76 reviews)
Mutua Universal Santa Cruz de Tenerife image
Mutua Universal Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Medical Center
😠 It's a shame, they give you an appointment for an hour and they treat you at 4 o'clock, they do not think about the people who accompany the sick. I do not think it's a mutual or serious or good at all, it's an old and rather deteriorated site. A lot of hell among those who work here. And they leav...
2.10 (70 reviews)
Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon image
Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon
Health insurance agency
😠 I have been working on my insurance enrollment process for weeks and spent a total of about 8 hours on the phone with Regence BCBS enrollment and customer service reps. I read through each of the plan options, looked up my doctors in their online "Find a Doctor" portal, and did a lot of leg work bef...
2.10 (51 reviews)
Atención Comercial y al Cliente. Delegación ASISA Seguros Sevilla image
Atención Comercial y al Cliente. Delegación ASISA Seguros Sevilla
Insurance agency
😠 Realmente no sé para qué nos dan a primeros de año un listado con todos los médicos, Hospitales y pruebas diagnósticas de que dispone esta Compañía si a la hora de solicitar consulta con algún facultativo rara vez tienen su "dichosa agenda" abierta con lo cual se vuelve misión imposible concertar un...
2.30 (147 reviews)
Crédit agricole Centre-est à St Priest image
Crédit agricole Centre-est à St Priest
😠 Disastrous bank. Not reachable. I've been trying to reach them for 1 week, too expensive for the poor service. Several hidden fees. I do not recommend this bank.
2.40 (56 reviews)
Mutualitat Catalana de Futbolistes image
Mutualitat Catalana de Futbolistes
Health insurance agency
😠 The worst attention I have experienced as a person in a private center. The girl at the reception questioning if you've hurt yourself playing football, as if not believing you, please, the last thing an injured person who is enduring the whole process wants is for you to ask inept questions, tinkli...
2.40 (53 reviews)
FREMAP Los Cristianos-Arona image
FREMAP Los Cristianos-Arona
Insurance agency
2.50 (90 reviews)
Courier service
😐 Delivery Courier help line no 📞..62..94.30..12..21 call now
2.70 (267 reviews)
PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited image
PNB MetLife India Insurance Company Limited
Insurance company
😠 They are fraud. We have buy a policy on the name of my father 3 year ago and all the 3 years premiums has been paid. But suddenly my father was expired 6 month ago and then we have claim for his policy at that time but now after 6 month PNB metlife said your policy is rejected and terminated. we hav...
2.70 (92 reviews)
AA Centre - LynnMall image
AA Centre - LynnMall
Driver and vehicle licensing agency
2.80 (352 reviews)
Paychex image
Payroll service
😠 If I can give them ZERO STARS I would. This is THE WORST company to deal with. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!. I signed up with the St. Petersburg branch...they kept switching me from specialist to another without notifying me. When ai would send employee hours to the past specialist, they wouldn't forwar...
2.90 (79 reviews)
AIG Europe Limited image
AIG Europe Limited
Insurance agency
😠 Bad insurance company... I insure the entire group of travellers, total of 6 people, due to a serious unexpected event, they reimburse me for 4 shares, as a result I lost € 2,624. Insurance companies never disappoint. The Maestro Viaggi e Turismo in Rome was also very bad in consideration of the re...
2.90 (53 reviews)

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