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Frontier Communications Retail Store image
Frontier Communications Retail Store
Internet service provider
馃槧 Worst internet service of any company I have ever been with! Techs do the best they can. But I had someone at the main office tell me they know the problems is the old wires getting wet. But they said they cant fix that. The Techs come work on it and get it going and soon as they leave it goes back...
1.60 (125 reviews)
Mediacom Communications Corporation image
Mediacom Communications Corporation
Cable company
馃槧 Update 02/23/22 I cancelled service at an old address after a move. They billed me wrong and a late fee on a service which had been cancelled and also wasn't late per their own bill. Called them to fix it and they claimed they did and they would send me the correct last bill on the mail. Just got ou...
1.80 (228 reviews)
Optimum image
Internet service provider
馃槧 I鈥檇 give 0 stars if I could. I鈥檓 a brand new customer because this is the only internet in town. It was supposed to be hooked up 8/2 but the tech cancelled and nobody ever called. So it was rescheduled to 8/9 and I got a call over an hour ago saying they鈥檙e on their way but nobody has shown up again...
1.80 (175 reviews)
MTN Store - Mooirivier Mall image
MTN Store - Mooirivier Mall
Cell phone store
In-store shopping 路 In-store pick-up
1.80 (68 reviews)
Topnet image
Information centers
馃槧 Des coupures 脿 r茅p茅tition D茅bit 0 Record de 45 min d鈥檃ttente pour avoir le service technique au t茅l茅phone !! -> je ne recommande pas
2.00 (85 reviews)
ValleNet internet image
ValleNet internet
Internet service provider
2.00 (65 reviews)
Multimedia image
Internet service provider
2.20 (199 reviews)
Topnet image
Internet service provider
馃槧 Worst brand ever. Hopefully you bankrupt soon, you don鈥檛 deserve to be considered as a company.
2.20 (147 reviews)
Customer Service Center TOT Pattaya. image
Customer Service Center TOT Pattaya.
Internet service provider
馃槧 First point Reception girl plays on mobile phone and won't leave her game until 3 times calling for help she did slowly ask "what do I need to do here" (Still keep one hand and 2 eyes at her mobile, possibly playing battle game) and send me to another staff which does not make me feel welcome or wil...
2.20 (77 reviews)
MTN Store image
MTN Store
Cell phone store
In-store shopping 路 In-store pick-up
2.30 (98 reviews)
Globe Telecom image
Globe Telecom
Telecommunications service provider
馃槧 I arranged for a scheduled appointment at 1:05 and then 2:20 PM today for a call assist and in both cases nobody bothered to call. What's the point of setting up this appointment system if Globe will not honor this.
2.30 (70 reviews)
MTN Store - Ballito Lifestyle Centre image
MTN Store - Ballito Lifestyle Centre
Cell phone store
In-store shopping
2.30 (61 reviews)
鬲賵亘 賳丕鬲 image
鬲賵亘 賳丕鬲
Internet service provider
馃槧 When you do bad things in life and go after to hell you will find a very awful internet service there, Topnet is even worst. This company keeps surprising me and going beyond my expectation of how bad Internet services can be. I am just paying this Internet service company to keep me disconnected fr...
2.40 (347 reviews)
Magazin Telekom image
Magazin Telekom
Telecommunications service provider
2.40 (91 reviews)
MTN Store - Mall @ Carnival image
MTN Store - Mall @ Carnival
Cell phone store
馃槧 Terrible service. Employees don't care about customers at all!! I was informed that they would call me back to confirm my contract but nothing. The number they gave me to call just keeps on ringing. Really pathetic service!!
2.40 (63 reviews)
Telkom Direct Potchefstroom image
Telkom Direct Potchefstroom
Cell phone store
In-store shopping 路 In-store pick-up
2.50 (193 reviews)
Lubonet 艢wiat艂ow贸d Sp. z o.o. image
Lubonet 艢wiat艂ow贸d Sp. z o.o.
Internet service provider
2.50 (151 reviews)
BrasilNET Telecom image
BrasilNET Telecom
Internet service provider
2.50 (70 reviews)
StormFiber - Headquarters image
StormFiber - Headquarters
Internet service provider
馃槧 Please join hands against these Services providers as they have no back end team for problem resolving since last more then 48 hours service is unavailable and No Response even after multiple complaints. Let鈥檚 take the issue to relevant authorities and also to the consumer protection Board and Court...
2.60 (980 reviews)
MTN image
Cell phone store
In-store shopping 路 In-store pick-up
2.60 (122 reviews)
Multimedia image
Internet service provider
馃槧 Najgorszy dostawca internetu o jakim s艂ysza艂em i niestety, tak偶e korzysta艂em. Tydzie艅 cyklicznych, co dziesi臋ciominutowych przerw w dostawie to najwidoczniej norma. Routery blokuj膮 by zarz膮dza膰 nimi z poziomu strony kt贸ra no c贸偶... nie dzia艂a. Spadki pr臋dko艣ci, losowe roz艂膮czenia to norma. Nie nale偶...
2.60 (97 reviews)
POST Luxembourg - Post Office Luxembourg-Center image
POST Luxembourg - Post Office Luxembourg-Center
Post office
馃槧 At 13:40, 26th October 2021, I took a ticket C520 and waited for 20 minutes. Then the staff at the very left desk called 2 numbers (C520 and C521) at the same time and skipped my turn. She said, 'You didn't come on time', She didn't wait even 1 second!! Then I complained her but she just ignored and...
2.60 (92 reviews)
Fido image
Cell phone store
2.70 (126 reviews)
Rogers image
Cell phone store
馃槧 I got a very rude service today. I don't know his name, he has an Asian appearance. Because of him, I will not use Rogers in the future.
2.70 (92 reviews)
Orange image
Cell phone store
In-store shopping 路 In-store pick-up 路 Delivery
2.70 (71 reviews)
Minet Slovakia s.r.o. image
Minet Slovakia s.r.o.
Internet service provider
馃槧 The worst internet company in the East is possible in the whole of Slovakia or even in the whole world? The internet will drop out Friday afternoon and they will fix it Monday for lunch! The customer line does not work over the weekend. But most of all, you regularly pay 15 euros a month!
2.70 (69 reviews)
Subisu Cable Internet Pvt. Ltd. image
Subisu Cable Internet Pvt. Ltd.
Internet service provider
馃槧 SUBISU and its rajbiraj branch are both waste of time. They take 3 days to solve a problem and the internet again gets down on the 4th day and when you call them, you will realise that they have blocked your number. What a joke, they block a customer. These business enterprises are flourishing only...
2.70 (68 reviews)
Telecommunications service provider
2.80 (1K reviews)
MyRepublic Malang - Khusus Pasang Baru image
MyRepublic Malang - Khusus Pasang Baru
Internet service provider
2.80 (369 reviews)
Rogers image
Cell phone store
2.80 (168 reviews)

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