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Miniera d'Oro image
Miniera d'Oro
Italian restaurant
😠 TOURIST TRAP! Firstly I put myself in the situation, we didn't plan things properly and couldn't find any veg food in milan around 11PM. (There was a McDonald's right next door but they had no vegetarian options). This place was open and we went inside without checking the reviews. The waiter was ve...
1.10 (1.3K reviews)
Fetuccini image
Italian restaurant
😠 The promotion of 6 mini toasts with a smoothie is disgusting. The toasted ones are horrible creoles, old and tasteless, the smoothie is the most artificial possible, it looks like melted stick ice cream. The red-faced cashier doesn't know how to serve, he's not friendly at all. If you read this, DON...
1.30 (128 reviews)
Italian House image
Italian House
Italian restaurant
1.30 (87 reviews)
In Calderia image
In Calderia
😠 I can only agree with previous reviews: the service was very poor, food to forget and the credit card terminal allegedly not working. I made it to flush the toilet though - after several attempts.
1.50 (53 reviews)
Antica Trattoria Antonietta Pisa image
Antica Trattoria Antonietta Pisa
Italian restaurant
😠 TOURIST TRAP! If you enjoy dirty, microwaved food, small portions, not getting the dishes you ordered, water from the tap, weak beers and rude service, this is the perfect restaurant for you. Everything about this restaurant is set to lure in as many unknowing tourists as possible and sell mediocre...
$$ $$
1.60 (1.2K reviews)
Franco's Pizza & Wings image
Franco's Pizza & Wings
Pizza restaurant
😠 DO NOT ORDER HERE! Order ended up being 10 dollars more than we were told on the phone. The garlic knots were just fried dough with nothing on it. Delivery came 1 hr late. Pizza tastes frozen and reheated. The only fresh thing was the Coca-Cola.
$$ $$
1.60 (116 reviews)
Sbarro image
Pizza restaurant
Italian fast-food chain offering thin-crust pizza by the slice, plus pastas & salads.
$ $$$
1.60 (112 reviews)
Sbarro image
Pizza restaurant
Italian fast-food chain offering thin-crust pizza by the slice, plus pastas & salads.
$ $$$
1.60 (95 reviews)
Casiano's Italian Specialties image
Casiano's Italian Specialties
Sandwich shop
😠 What a joke. Put your order in on the iPad. Nobody behind the counter…10 minutes later 5 people looking irritated…still nobody behind the counter. This is a regular occurrence. Order your sandwich, but DO NOT PAY until you get it. If it takes too long, drop the receipt and go somewhere else. T...
1.60 (50 reviews)
Torn Basil image
Torn Basil
Italian restaurant
Unassuming kitchen turning out personal pizzas & meatballs with various toppings & sauces.
1.70 (305 reviews)
La Boutique Italian Food branch Olé Food Market image
La Boutique Italian Food branch Olé Food Market
😠 Stone cold pizza. Incredibly high prices. It’s supposed to be a duty free and they’re charging €7.40 for this. Complete extortion; avoid at all costs. Please avoid. Very gross and very expensive.
1.70 (81 reviews)
Sbarro image
Pizza restaurant
Italian fast-food chain offering thin-crust pizza by the slice, plus pastas & salads.
$ $$$
1.70 (62 reviews)
Rosati image
Italian restaurant
Veteran, art deco Italian restaurant & chocolatiers with outdoor tables overlooking the square.
1.80 (1.2K reviews)
Regal Pizza image
Regal Pizza
Pizza restaurant
No-frills American counter-serve place turning out pizza, wings, wraps & subs.
$$ $$
1.80 (282 reviews)
Il Maestro image
Il Maestro
Italian restaurant
🫤 The €8 pizza slice was tasty, was made of a nice dough, and had a good crust, however that's the end of the good comments on this place. The curly haired woman on the till is possibly the worst person we met on the entire island, so rude, impatient, and basically harrassed customers who were yet to...
1.80 (99 reviews)
Tocco image
Italian restaurant
Italian-trattoria-style restaurant serving pizza, panini, salads & more, with a full bar.
1.80 (80 reviews)
Pizzería Aqua e Farina image
Pizzería Aqua e Farina
Pizza restaurant
😠 Mala comida y peor servicio. Las patatas bravas no valen para nada, la calzone dulce de postre tampoco (fueron directas a la basura). Las pizzas pequeñas no están del todo mal, pasando por alto que vienen quemadas.. pero no compensan ni el precio ni el tiempo de espera. El pedido llegó con casi una...
$ $$$
1.80 (55 reviews)
Pizza am Park Bendorf image
Pizza am Park Bendorf
Pizza restaurant
1.80 (50 reviews)
Big Macho Food Fine image
Big Macho Food Fine
😠 Horrible food. Ordered sirloin steak medium rare and came well done, also not sirloin. Tough as old boots. Chips unseasoned. Veggie burger bland not even butter on the bread. Overpriced. Toilets are stupidly small, no hand soap or toilet roll. Don’t waste your money! Told it was cash only as card ma...
1.90 (481 reviews)
Caffè Del Lion D'Oro image
Caffè Del Lion D'Oro
😐 We had a much different experience than other reviewers. We were happy to find this open late on a Monday night and they were friendly- serving locals and tourists alike...had gelato, grappa and coffee- everyone in the group was happy. A good stop
1.90 (247 reviews)
Bite Squad image
Bite Squad
Meal delivery
😠 Google really needs to had a 'no star' option. A complete joke. The girl who delivered my food had the box upside down (you're welcome for the 20% tip). The food and service was extremely poor. Requested a refund and only received a refund to my bite squad account - something I never asked for and w...
1.90 (152 reviews)
Pizza di Casa Debrecen image
Pizza di Casa Debrecen
😠 Hello! I have never eaten as bad as what they delivered in my life. The food is unrecognizable: the fries in the gyros were a week old and stiff, the meat could have been taken from the freezer, the vegetables were wilted, warm and scarce. There are pieces of meat floating in some bad fat and red p...
1.90 (139 reviews)
La Pomme d'Aure image
La Pomme d'Aure
Pizza restaurant
$ $$$
1.90 (117 reviews)
La Petite Bouffe image
La Petite Bouffe
Italian restaurant
🫤 Que dire .. restaurant avec peu de monde à l'arrivée.. on se dis que nous allions être tranquille parmis l'effervescence des vacanciers du mois de juillet mais nous allions vite comprendre pourquoi... à peine installé premier serveur qui nous demande ce que nous allons manger.. nous n'avons pas en...
$$ $$
1.90 (84 reviews)
Domino's Pizza image
Domino's Pizza
Pizza restaurant
😠 I order pizza & they give us cheese like just toppings, poor baking & no cheese. It's like we order without cheese or pizza mania .. 2nd photo is stuff panner tikka bread & inside they just stuff 2-3 panner & lots of onions...... worst morbi dominos pizza They need to fulfill customers need as per...
1.90 (59 reviews)
Mr. Pizza Gera image
Mr. Pizza Gera
Pizza delivery
😠 Eine absolute Katastrophe....wenn eine Lieferung länger dauert...dafür hat man noch Verständnis 👌.....wenn das Essen aber nicht mal verzehrfertig ankommt ist das echt übel..... Lieferung dazu noch unvollständig! Nach einem Anruf meinerseits wird man noch als und Sozialhilfeempfänger hingestellt.....
1.90 (51 reviews)
Vapiano Leidschendam Mall of the Netherlands image
Vapiano Leidschendam Mall of the Netherlands
Italian restaurant
Laid-back restaurant featuring made-to-order fresh pasta dishes, along with pizza & salad.
$ $$$
2.00 (1K reviews)
Pizzeria Margherita Bochum image
Pizzeria Margherita Bochum
Pizza restaurant
😠 2h waiting time; Donut pizza was thin, only 18cm instead of 22cm diameter!, no hot sauce available; Garlic bread was a "pizza", didn't taste good and smelled strange We will never order there again. The waiting time, the prices and the taste were a disgrace!
2.00 (108 reviews)
Rossopomodoro Fiumicino aeroporto image
Rossopomodoro Fiumicino aeroporto
Pizza restaurant
😠 Terrible customer service. The waiters don’t seem to like their job. We don’t have any other options in the airport. The restaurant itself looks inviting but the waiters are very rude and busy. They don’t attend or even look at you. Then when the food came it is been cooked from frozen food. Reheate...
$$ $$
2.00 (103 reviews)
La Fontana Trattoria image
La Fontana Trattoria
Italian restaurant
🫤 Restaurante italiano ubicado en la zona de restauración del Puerto Deportivo de Getxo. El servicio deja un poco que desear, porque hay varios restaurantes del mismo propietario y todos los camareros atienden todos los restaurantes. A nosotros, pese a haber poca gente, nos tocó esperar. La comida bie...
2.00 (96 reviews)

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