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Ginsei Ryokan image
Ginsei Ryokan
😠 To conclude, this ryokan was a poorly managed ryokan. I recommend not staying there. I used a 14 tatami room on the 4th floor. The toilet didn't drain and broke down, and when I used the bath in the room, the drain was clogged. There are 2 or 3 holes in the shoji in the room, mold on the sand wall...
1.90 (78 reviews)
旅館 北海 image
旅館 北海
👍 仕事で2回目の利用。 前回よりも部屋は綺麗。 ただ畳はボコボコ、基本的に土木関係者しか泊まってないんじゃないかな? ご飯も以前より品数も増えていた。 安さを求める人が止まる場所。 自分は割と快適!
2.10 (56 reviews)
ほりい荘 image
Casual hot spring inn with indoor & outdoor baths, plus simple dining, a gym & table tennis.
2.10 (53 reviews)
一富士ホテル image
Down-to-earth hot spring hotel offering a cafe/bar & an arcade, plus indoor & outdoor baths.
2.50 (61 reviews)
ビジネスホテルマルワ image
Simple rooms, some with tatami floors, in a relaxed business hotel offering dining.
2.60 (81 reviews)
Tabist わたなべ 千葉一宮 image
Tabist わたなべ 千葉一宮
Japanese inn
2.60 (52 reviews)
Hotel Seikai image
Hotel Seikai
Japanese inn
Rooms with tatami floors & futons at a modern inn offering a hot-spring bathhouse, dining & a bar.
2.70 (573 reviews)
Mizusawa Ishida Hot Spring image
Mizusawa Ishida Hot Spring
Simple rooms in an unassuming hot spring inn featuring dining, plus indoor & outdoor baths.
2.70 (157 reviews)
Sports Plaza Shirakaba image
Sports Plaza Shirakaba
Pared-down tatami rooms in a relaxed hotel with a spa bath, a restaurant & free parking.
2.70 (94 reviews)
Green Hotel Komatsuya image
Green Hotel Komatsuya
Japanese-style business hotel
😐 Use a twin room for one night without breakfast. As for accommodation, I think it's perfect for those who just want to be able to sleep at a reasonable price. Reservations are required for meals (Breakfast: ¥500, Dinner: ¥1000), and the breakfast is both Japanese and Western, and the amount and t...
2.80 (100 reviews)
なごみの宿 ホテル和光 image
なごみの宿 ホテル和光
Unpretentious inn offering a tea room & communal bathhouses, plus complimentary parking.
2.80 (68 reviews)
Seaside Inn Yamani image
Seaside Inn Yamani
Straightforward rooms in a down-to-earth lodging offering dining & gender-segregated bathhouses.
2.80 (50 reviews)
Hotel Irifune image
Hotel Irifune
Japanese inn
👍👍 空港まで歩いて10分。口コミを見てヤバイかと思ったけど面白そうだし泊まった。全然平気。東南アジアの旅に慣れてる人なら大丈夫だと思う。チェックインは誰もいないけど、電話したらおばぁちゃんが出てきてくれて案内してくれた。 ベッドルームに泊まったけど、シーツもタオルも綺麗だった。ユニットバスは老朽化が進んで...
2.90 (141 reviews)
Suzuoka image
Japanese inn
Low-key hot spring hotel offering dining, plus a tearoom & a bathhouse with bay views.
2.90 (92 reviews)
朝日屋旅館 image
Humble rooms in a down-to-earth hot spring hotel featuring indoor & outdoor baths.
2.90 (89 reviews)
ビジネス旅館 たかの家 image
ビジネス旅館 たかの家
Japanese inn
Simple rooms in an unpretentious hotel with dining, plus a communal bathhouse featuring a hot tub.
2.90 (58 reviews)
Kawagoe Business Hotel image
Kawagoe Business Hotel
😠 私は宿泊者側、法人の代表者です。 法人名で1週間予約をし、実際宿泊する社員のフルネームを伝え、車の車種まで伝えてた。社員がチェックインしようとし、会社名を告げたが予約は入って無いので別のホテルでは無いですか?また1週間の予約は入っておりません!と軽くあしらわれた。 事前に宿の情報を、当社社員にホームペー...
2.90 (54 reviews)

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