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Uzu Curry Laksa & Bao image
Uzu Curry Laksa & Bao
Noodle shop
😠 Chicken came still raw. Noodles uncooked and they don't mention it anywhere. Can't track them. Order was late so tried calling several times but they don't answer so it just dials out. They trade under a completely different name on Uber Eats.
1.70 (88 reviews)
Miyata Yokohama image
Miyata Yokohama
Izakaya restaurant
2.10 (107 reviews)
湯畑横丁 銀の鈴 image
湯畑横丁 銀の鈴
Izakaya restaurant
Dine-in · Delivery
2.20 (295 reviews)
Cheese Resort Takamatsu Kawaramachi image
Cheese Resort Takamatsu Kawaramachi
Izakaya restaurant
😠 I reserved 2500 yen for all-you-can-eat-and-drink from 18:00. There was no one to go, and as soon as I entered, there were piles of dirty cardboard next to the cash register... The cashier rang and a young clerk came to show me the seats. The menu table was sticky and dirty... And the toasted highb...
2.20 (95 reviews)
まごころ居酒屋 Hanare image
まごころ居酒屋 Hanare
Izakaya restaurant
🫤 Attracting customers is strong. Hinsona Tavern. I just feel lost. No revisit. full of rip-offs
$$ $$
2.20 (50 reviews)
酒と和みと肉と野菜 image
Izakaya restaurant
😠 Bad food, bad service, shame!
$$ $$
2.30 (231 reviews)
髭 北海道居酒屋 〜酔い処〜 image
髭 北海道居酒屋 〜酔い処〜
Izakaya restaurant
😠 It takes time for the oysters to cook, and it's about 2 cm and it's tiny, but it's not very delicious. It was the first season of winter, but it was watery and not good at all. Post a photo of the shopkeeper bowing on Facebook Wife? In the park, dressed like Miss Caba, wearing high heels, making a...
2.30 (129 reviews)
Ma chere Nakasu branch image
Ma chere Nakasu branch
Izakaya restaurant
😠 * At the moment, there are some comments that have been well received, but ・ Several cases in a row at the same time (3rd week of February) ・ Comment with favorable evaluation in one word (Currently, some accounts have rewritten the contents and are a little longer) ・ An account that does not wr...
$$ $$
2.30 (68 reviews)
新山口ホルモン おいで屋 image
新山口ホルモン おいで屋
Yakiniku restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
$$ $$
2.30 (51 reviews)
Motsunabesakaba Machida image
Motsunabesakaba Machida
Izakaya restaurant
Dine-in · Delivery
$$ $$
2.40 (303 reviews)
Tosakamomiji Kashiwa image
Tosakamomiji Kashiwa
Izakaya restaurant
Dine-in · Delivery
$$ $$
2.40 (129 reviews)
藩 image
Izakaya restaurant
😠 I used it for a farewell party at the end of March. I can only think of a good place to say that it is a private room. The private room is also quite small, and once you sit down, you can't move. After ordering the first drink in the 2 hour all-you-can-drink plan, it didn't come out for 15 minutes,...
2.40 (105 reviews)
local chicken x private room izakaya " Toridori " in Kashiwa image
local chicken x private room izakaya " Toridori " in Kashiwa
Izakaya restaurant
Dine-in · Delivery
2.40 (64 reviews)
Yorunoutage Machida image
Yorunoutage Machida
Izakaya restaurant
Dine-in · Delivery
2.40 (52 reviews)
Kushikatsu Janjan image
Kushikatsu Janjan
Kushiage and kushikatsu restaurant
😠 It was firmly attached to the slip even though it did not come out. The taste is not bad, but the operation is the worst. It is better to go to Daruma even if you line up a little.
2.50 (345 reviews)
Kuchihatcho Namba image
Kuchihatcho Namba
Izakaya restaurant
😠 I entered a ridiculous shop ( ̄。 ̄;) This store is the worst! ! ! ! ! I didn't put any salt in it and it didn't taste good at all, so I told the store staff that they were doing it right! ! (>_<) ヽ And the chicken skin is the worst! ! ! ! ! It's overcooked and looks like charcoal! ! I wondered if...
$ $$$
2.50 (230 reviews)
いちばのよこ image
Izakaya restaurant
🫤 クチコミを見ずに入店して、嫌な予感がしたため注文待ちの間にクチコミを見てしまいました…笑 店主さん?は確かにマスクしてないし、店内も清潔という感じではないです。 よくばり御膳(とらふく)3980円が到着し、不安ながらも食べてみたら刺身は美味しかった。 ふぐの唐揚げも骨付きだけど食べやすいようになってます。 結...
$$ $$
2.50 (146 reviews)
すずの邸 本厚木店 image
すずの邸 本厚木店
Izakaya restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
$$ $$
2.50 (113 reviews)
鳥放題 山形駅前店 image
鳥放題 山形駅前店
Yakitori restaurant
😠 ■■■Those who are planning to go here from now on and those who want to make a reservation must read this■■■ This is not an "all-you-can-eat" restaurant, it's not a yakitori restaurant. It doesn't come at the level of being forgotten. I can't order as I like with an order system that doesn't make s...
2.50 (103 reviews)
Yuzuyuzu ~ yuyu ~ image
Yuzuyuzu ~ yuyu ~
Izakaya restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
$$ $$
2.50 (83 reviews)
Yokozuna image
Kushiage and kushikatsu restaurant
😠 This is the worst restaurant that I have ever been to. We were forced to buy some drinks even if we didn’t want to. The service was not only terrible but also attitude of staffs was very rude. This restaurant is overall disappointing. If I were you guys, I would rather go to some where with better f...
$$ $$
2.60 (531 reviews)
旬香 Shunka image
旬香 Shunka
Izakaya restaurant
😠 I am reviewing for the first time. I was congratulated by my friend, but when I saw this plate and the price, I felt sorry and the atmosphere became awkward. This price is a little pinched. Please refer to the receipt. I immediately left the store and ate my fill at a nearby Sushiro.
$$ $$
2.60 (179 reviews)
Tsukijigindako image
Takoyaki restaurant
$$ $$
2.60 (118 reviews)
酒と和みと肉と野菜 春日部駅前店 image
酒と和みと肉と野菜 春日部駅前店
Izakaya restaurant
😠 若の台所時代に、2回行きました。 両方とも会社の飲み会で場所は幹事の方が決めました。一回行って料理にあまり良い印象がなく2度目はないなと思ってましたが…(幹事さんは別人なので悪くありません) 宴会ですが、兎に角料理が出てくるのが遅いし、料理もしょぼいです。これで人数分?という感じです。参考に6人分の炒飯を...
$$ $$
2.60 (118 reviews)
Sennennoutage Aoyama Ekimae image
Sennennoutage Aoyama Ekimae
Izakaya restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
$$ $$
2.60 (116 reviews)
NAGOYAKA @Hakodate Goryokaku image
NAGOYAKA @Hakodate Goryokaku
Izakaya restaurant
😠 I used it at a welcome party at work. Although it is a private room, the upper side of the door is vacant, so It's not that you can't hear what other customers are saying. What makes it even worse is the slow response time. Even if you ask for a drink, it takes less than 20 minutes to come. Is ther...
$$ $$
2.60 (91 reviews)
Ebisu Morioka Odori image
Ebisu Morioka Odori
Izakaya restaurant
😠 This store Is useless Impossible Choco Monaka Jumbo came!
$$ $$
2.60 (74 reviews)
Tsukiji Gindako image
Tsukiji Gindako
Takoyaki restaurant
🫤 ぜったいうまい!!……はずの銀だこなのに 焼き手のレベルに左右され過ぎる。 並ぶ位置で焼き場が見えるて、並んで買って食べるまでのワクワク感が味わえる店舗ですが、反面、焼き手の粗が見え過ぎて萎える。 一つ一つの生地、具材の配分が適当過ぎて、実際、食べる時には中身がたっぷりの物もあれば、スカスカの物もある。 イ...
$$ $$
2.60 (70 reviews)
柚柚 四日市駅前店 image
柚柚 四日市駅前店
Izakaya restaurant
😠 今まで行った中で一番最低で詐欺るお店。 皆さん、気をつけてください。 堀こたつで予約したのに、カラオケボックスの席だった。 コースでWEB予約ししたが、まず部屋へ通してもシステムの何の説明もなし。 最初のドリンクも聞きに来ないので連絡したら待っとれてきな扱い。 3回目からドリンク注文しても出てこない。し...
2.60 (67 reviews)
Dohtonbori image
Okonomiyaki restaurant
😠 酷い酷いとクチコミが多いからどれだけ酷いか行ってみたら、やっぱり酷いですね。 開店2時間でご飯ものがすべて終わりましたって言われたよ(笑) クチコミ通り、注文も取りに来るの遅いし。色々と酷い(笑) オコホンとかが近くに出店したら即終了って感じですね。 接客はもちろん酷いのはもちろんのこと、東北全体の道とん堀...
$$ $$
2.70 (180 reviews)

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