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Arany Ékszerház image
Arany Ékszerház
Jewelry buyer
😠 A helyszínen ~40%-kal alacsonyabb díjról indul az alkudozás (ami még mindig a piaci ár felett van), mint ami a weben fel van tüntetve, majd halad lefele az ár különböző okokra hivatkozva. A végső ajánlat már a piaci ár alá kerül. Jobban jár mindenki, ha nem égeti itt az idejét, felesleges.
1.60 (53 reviews)
Top Dollar Pawn image
Top Dollar Pawn
Pawn shop
😠 White Supremacy lives here. Anytime an employee can call another being a derogatory word and it goes unchecked, they are all considered dangerous. Do noy shop here at the white power emporium
1.70 (63 reviews)
Big Daddy's Pawn image
Big Daddy's Pawn
Pawn shop
😠 I wouldn't even call it a pawn shop.... It's more like a garage sale / discount store / bargain store .... Matter of fact a lot of the stuff had bargain Hunt stickers on them lol they are asking retail for bargain store things or used junk They had so many cases of diapers - but the same diape...
2.00 (70 reviews)
Pawn King image
Pawn King
Pawn shop
😠 Dont waste your time going here they tried to give me $10 for a ps4 with 2 games and a controller. When I requested he plug it in in front of me and not in the back, that's when he starts looking at it telling me it's only worth parts and refuse to even plug it in mind you I went to voltage the stor...
2.10 (60 reviews)
Lemoyne Coin and Collectibles image
Lemoyne Coin and Collectibles
Coin dealer
😠 Went in to browse for new coins (with money ready to spend) and the guy behind the counter would not show me anything or tell me anything and tried to rush me out of the store so he could get back to his "online auction". If they don't want customers in their store why are there two neon signs flash...
2.10 (54 reviews)
T H Baker image
T H Baker
Jewelry store
😠 Very rude, arrogant and aggressive owner and manager who think that they can challenge a member of the public. Harassing behaviour and a total lack of understanding about what people can do in public eg take a picture of a watch from a shopfront in a publicly accessible space.
2.30 (74 reviews)
Harold The Jewellery Buyer image
Harold The Jewellery Buyer
Jewelry buyer
😠 Would highly NOT RECOMMEND - I thought I would write an experience on behalf of my parents. They went in to look for a fair price like everyone would, however upon showing the jewelry, Harold went to the back to further inspect it and came back with a lowball offer (to be expected). When my parents...
2.40 (126 reviews)
Edouard image
😠 My partner proposed to me with a new ring (not from this store) I just went to make it smaller, worse mistake on my part, they damaged it in several places, it's thinner behind and poorly calibrated... and since then it hasn't scratched anything... but it's not their fault, well no! Don't go there I...
2.40 (87 reviews)
Carador image
Jewelry store
😠 Je donne 1 étoile je suis venue chercher un cadeau pour Noël je suis reçu par 2 vendeuses une avec un léger accent et une jeune très bien accueilli et renseigné par contre je suis aller aujourd'hui se n était pas les mêmes déjà attendre qu'elle finissent de discuter une fois fait elle me dit choisis...
2.40 (75 reviews)
Histoire d'Or image
Histoire d'Or
Jewelry store
😠 Rip-off , I brought 2 pairs of earrings about 3 weeks ago, one for 49€ and the other for 65€. Only that a back clip doesn’t stay. I went back to store request new once I told that’s not possible they would have to replace the entire earrings, I finally accepted only to be fooled and given a 39€ in p...
2.50 (66 reviews)
Gold N Stones II Pawn Shop image
Gold N Stones II Pawn Shop
Pawn shop
😠 Don’t go here they will not give you an honest deal. Here was my experience, I asked the person behind the counter if he would be interested in buying a proof gold coin that was a 2009 eagle MS 69 early release, he then said what do you want for it, I then said, I’m here to ask you which your the ex...
2.50 (61 reviews)
Histoire d'Or image
Histoire d'Or
Jewelry store
😠 No hello, no politeness. We enter the store, the saleswoman (short hair and of a certain age) has her eyes lowered. When I came to get a bracelet (150 €) that I had ordered from them, I asked them to have my daughter's ears pierced. The salesman not knowing how to do it asks me to come back an hour...
2.60 (89 reviews)
Adelaide Exchange image
Adelaide Exchange
Jewelry store
😠 Last week I came in and they told me $2000 for a ring but said if got a valuation certificate and came back I'd get a higher offer. So I came back with a valuation certificate (which cost me $80) valuing the ring at $7500... but weirdly now they only offered less then $1000 for the exact same ring W...
2.60 (67 reviews)
Cash Converters Gouger Street image
Cash Converters Gouger Street
Loan agency
😠 Worst manager ever. Rude and un professional. No compassion for even their regular customers. All you see is them judging and badmouthing their own customers. Over heard them bagging out a customer who obviously going on hard times. So out of respect for that so called "feral" i decided to drop my p...
2.60 (60 reviews)
Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Exchange image
Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Exchange
Gold dealer
😠 Holy smokes!! Please avoid this coin shop at all cost.... they are not welcoming nor seem to have any clue what customer service is. The lady with the blue hair just kicked me out for simply stating $8 over spot for generic was high. Even their own security guard was caught off guard by her actions....
2.70 (103 reviews)
Carador image
Jewelry store
😠 Store to flee!!!!! I wanted to change the battery of my swardvski watch, the saleswoman damaged the watch while trying to open it!!!! She obviously did not know the mechanism and she preferred to force the mechanism rather than telling me that she did not know how to do it... Cador is a point of sa...
2.70 (86 reviews)
Cash Converters Melbourne City image
Cash Converters Melbourne City
Loan agency
😠 8 months ago (4-star): This branch buys much higher for retro video game items, so it's worth checking out multiple Cashies if you can. One branch can buy your item for $3 while another branch can buy the same item for $15. If you find your product is valued higher in another branch, they are happy...
2.70 (77 reviews)
Carador image
Jewelry store
😠 Pour un achat quand il s agit de payer tout va bien mais si vous devez revenir pour un problème là tout se gâte personnel désagréable têtue bornée n essaye même pas de comprendre et de toute façon c est de votre faute Achat solitaire +boucle oreille or/ diamant (valeur d achat 375€) 15 jours après...
2.70 (54 reviews)
Q's Royal Jewellery image
Q's Royal Jewellery
Jewelry store
😠 This is the most waste jewellers i have ever been too, only went there because they were the only ones open because the lockdown. No-one there knows what going on, and hang up when you call. I dropped money on custom pendant and they said all i had to do was approve which i did do, even though it wa...
2.80 (168 reviews)
DIAMANTOR Perpignan image
Jewelry store
😠 It's not my habit to post a bad review but here, I really had a very bad experience with customer feedback that I will not fail to do on your dedicated address. An obvious lack of seriousness, professionalism and consideration. You pay for a repair, it is not done properly, it is the customer's faul...
2.80 (114 reviews)
Histoire d'Or image
Histoire d'Or
Jewelry store
😠 Accueil froid, un bonjour à peine formulé, sourire inexistant. Avant de demander quoi que ce soit à la vendeuse blonde, vous n'avez qu'une envie c'est de sortir de la boutique. Je lui demande si c'est possible de changer la pile de ma montre, réponse immédiate, dans le style, au revoir monsieur vous...
2.80 (107 reviews)
Bijouterie MATY Dunkerque image
Bijouterie MATY Dunkerque
😠 Grosse déception suite à ma visite de ce jour. Je suis passée en boutique pour un problème sur des boucles d'oreilles enfant créole en or. J'ai souhaité un échange car elles ne sont pas pratique à mettre, la petite pleure de douleur... La responsable a refusé l'échange alors que la vendeuse avait co...
2.80 (80 reviews)
Cash Converters image
Cash Converters
Second hand store
😠 DOUBTFUL OFFERS I have requested information about a product through an ad that this establishment has placed on wallapop. After confirming the location and availability of the same through the chat I have moved there in half an hour. Upon arrival I asked about the item and the clerk at the counter...
2.90 (476 reviews)
Histoire d'Or image
Histoire d'Or
Jewelry store
😠 Mon conjoint m'a offert une bague trop grande pour mon anniversaire. La vendeuse le savait (il n'y a qu'une seule taille dispo en boutique) et lui a conseillé de l'acheter quand même et de revenir l'échanger plus tard pour prendre la taille en dessous. Il me l'offre, me dit qu'elle est trop grande e...
2.90 (139 reviews)
Histoire d'Or image
Histoire d'Or
Jewelry store
😠 Me rendant à la boutique afin de vérifier si une bague est à la bonne taille, une vendeuse très sympathique m’oriente en m’affirmant que celle-ci est bien à la bonne taille; jusqu’à ce que sa collègue arrive. Cette dame, qui doit être la vendeuse la plus âgée de la boutique, a été exécrable, en ayan...
2.90 (122 reviews)
Berger Coins and Collectibles LLC image
Berger Coins and Collectibles LLC
Coin dealer
😠 Edit: Owner response below makes it look like they told everyone about the issues they were having. I have received no such communication. And the fact that you are caught up on orders does not mean I got my order. I still haven't. I paid for my order on 8/31. I have been told multiple times my ord...
2.90 (81 reviews)
Histoire d'Or image
Histoire d'Or
Jewelry store
😠 Je vous déconseille fortement cette boutique pour les piercings à l'oreille. Nous avons emmené notre fille d'à peine 5 ans pour lui faire percer ses oreilles, elle a terminé avec une boucle d'oreille enfoncée et surtout percée de travers et non dans le lobe !! Nous ne comptons pas en rester là. De p...
2.90 (75 reviews)

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