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Europiel Láser Center image
Europiel Láser Center
Laser hair removal service
1.70 (53 reviews)
Results Laser & Cosmetic Clinic - Melbourne CBD image
Results Laser & Cosmetic Clinic - Melbourne CBD
Laser hair removal service
😠 I just got a call saying my laser was cancelled today, this is the second time it’s happened and I am completely exhausted with the poor customer service of results laser clinic, it’s honestly the worst experience I’ve ever had and the careless mentality of their customer service. I went to book my...
2.00 (79 reviews)
shinagawa Skin Clinic Umedain image
shinagawa Skin Clinic Umedain
Cosmetic surgeon
2.00 (70 reviews)
Oxford Medical image
Oxford Medical
Medical Center
😠 На ресепшені відпочивають непривітні дівчата, яким явно робота не в радість. Телевізор в залі очікування поламаний, дуже приємно для очей відвідувачів. Туалет просто жахливий, без ремонту (фото додаю). Лікар дерматолог Маротяк Оксана Степанівна сумнівної кваліфікації. Жодної важливої інформації від...
2.10 (454 reviews)
Shinagawabiyogeka Fukuokain image
Shinagawabiyogeka Fukuokain
Orthopedic clinic
2.20 (96 reviews)
Kanazawa Central Clinic image
Kanazawa Central Clinic
Plastic surgery clinic
2.30 (104 reviews)
Gezondheidscentrum Nieuw West image
Gezondheidscentrum Nieuw West
Medical Center
🫤 The two appointments I've had here: both began 20 minutes late, and bundled me out of the door after 5 minutes. Have been told by each doctor they only have time to deal with one problem before they need to see next patient. Ridiculous that this passes for healthcare here and I have never missed the...
2.30 (92 reviews)
品川美容外科 仙台院 image
品川美容外科 仙台院
Cosmetic surgeon
2.30 (90 reviews)
品川スキンクリニック 福岡院 image
品川スキンクリニック 福岡院
Cosmetic surgeon
2.30 (63 reviews)
Shikinomori Clinic image
Shikinomori Clinic
2.30 (59 reviews)
Hedonai image
Medical Center
😠 Las chicas que trabajan en Coruña son un encanto y absolutamente nada en contra de ellas. Pedir cita es un CAOS. Hay que llamar cada dos por tres para pedir cita porque no tienen abierta la agenda y hay que andar llamando cada dos semanas para ver si han abierto la agenda de la semana que a ti te to...
2.40 (151 reviews)
Almaali Medical Clinic image
Almaali Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
2.40 (142 reviews)
Centre Médical Curasence image
Centre Médical Curasence
Medical clinic
2.40 (102 reviews)
Results Laser image
Results Laser
Laser hair removal service
👍👍 Thanks to Paula for amazing micro-needling treatment. She's the best in the business and amazing person. I feel confident than before. Can't wait for my second session. The receptionists are kind too. Amazing staff and best value for money. Would highly recommend.
2.40 (91 reviews)
Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery Umeda salon image
Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery Umeda salon
Cosmetic surgeon
2.40 (90 reviews)
Pediatric and Adult Walk In Clinic - Court Street Medical Centre image
Pediatric and Adult Walk In Clinic - Court Street Medical Centre
Walk-in clinic
😠 An awful experience! I walked out with a very unpleasant feeling. Since I am a new Canadian resident I haven’t sorted my health insurance and can access only walk in clinics or online and pay for each consultation. I came to see Dr.Chrysler the first time but I had some tests done ( online doctors...
2.40 (86 reviews)
Shinagawa skin clinic Kyoto Institute image
Shinagawa skin clinic Kyoto Institute
Cosmetic surgeon
2.40 (81 reviews)
Health Watch Medical Clinic image
Health Watch Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
2.50 (100 reviews)
Shinagawa Skin Clinic Kobe image
Shinagawa Skin Clinic Kobe
Cosmetic surgeon
2.50 (71 reviews)
品川スキンクリニック 広島院 image
品川スキンクリニック 広島院
Cosmetic surgeon
2.50 (60 reviews)
عيادات جلدية واسنان image
عيادات جلدية واسنان
2.60 (496 reviews)
Shinagawa Beauty Clinic Nagoya image
Shinagawa Beauty Clinic Nagoya
Cosmetic surgeon
2.60 (140 reviews)
▷ Europiel, Depilación Laser, Nevada Shopping - Local L-110 image
▷ Europiel, Depilación Laser, Nevada Shopping - Local L-110
Laser hair removal service
2.70 (489 reviews)
National Skin Centre image
National Skin Centre
👍👍 Came here to see a skin condition. Requires appointment to see the doc. Waited 10 min to see doc, 10 min to do a test, then 15 min to see doc. But had to wait 20 min to fix the next appt and then comes the killer. Waited an hour to get medication and make payment. To be honest there are just too man...
2.70 (377 reviews)
Centro Médico Boadilla image
Centro Médico Boadilla
Medical Center
😠 Impossible to make an appointment by phone, or contact them by phone. They have a subpoena email enabled and they don't respond either, so you end up before social security or plant yourself in the emergency room. You spend hours listening to the mailbox message waiting for them to answer the call...
2.70 (142 reviews)
Arak Medical Clinics image
Arak Medical Clinics
Specialized clinic
2.70 (99 reviews)
品川美容外科 静岡院 image
品川美容外科 静岡院
Cosmetic surgeon
2.70 (72 reviews)
Cabinet Dermatologue - Dr Patarin Marc image
Cabinet Dermatologue - Dr Patarin Marc
😠 Ce dermatologue suit mes 3 trois premiers enfants et refuse aujourd'hui de prendre en charge mon petit dernier car la politique est de ne plus prendre de nouveaux patients ?? C'est à la limite du risible , je me suis même demandé si c'était une plaisanterie mais non c'est bien réel. C'est honteux de...
2.70 (50 reviews)

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