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Fitnessstudio Get-Moving mit Cabriodach image
Fitnessstudio Get-Moving mit Cabriodach
Fitness center
😠 Hello dear team, Thank you very much for the personal letter that reached me today. You must have gone to great lengths to prove to me in minute detail how long I stood in your parking lot. Many Thanks. I appreciate very much. I will be happy to pay the almost € 70 "parking fee" for you. The graze...
2.10 (195 reviews)
Gym Paris 17 - Cercles De La Forme Maillot image
Gym Paris 17 - Cercles De La Forme Maillot
Fitness center
😠 Please be aware of the Pilates professor ASTRID , who is rude, disrespectful, and DISCRIMINATIVE. I don’t have problems with rules, but I do with arrogant and badly educated people. She took me through a public humiliation, I opened a reclamation with the administration, but guess what? No follow-up...
2.90 (217 reviews)
Njoy Sports Club Profilo image
Njoy Sports Club Profilo
Gymnastics center
😠 The blonde old lady at the management is really rude and her service is super bad I wanted to try the gym for 1 month first before i make a commitment and she wanted to charge me more than double the normal price. She treats foreigners in a rude way
2.90 (146 reviews)

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