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Shonan Ladies Clinic image
Shonan Ladies Clinic
Medical clinic
1.80 (108 reviews)
Hospital América image
Hospital América
2.00 (554 reviews)
Meridional Praia da Costa image
Meridional Praia da Costa
Private hospital
2.00 (355 reviews)
Hospital Renascença Campinas | Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica image
Hospital Renascença Campinas | Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica
😠 POOR QUALITY SERVICE PEDIATRICS SECTOR I took my one month old son to be seen at Hospital Renascença de Campinas and it was the worst care I have ever had. To begin with, the waiting time was 2 hours, so far ok, but we were treated with 4 hours of waiting, there were only two doctors attending and...
2.10 (708 reviews)
Hospital e Maternidade Dr. Eugenio Gomes de Carvalho image
Hospital e Maternidade Dr. Eugenio Gomes de Carvalho
😠 Second time I come, one at dawn and another in the morning (my daughter with fever and earache) and the service is taking more than 1 hours, the attendant claimed that the pediatrician was passing by to analyze all babies. Because it is 24 hours a day and the only pediatric hospital in the region a...
2.10 (133 reviews)
Hospital e Maternidade São Pedro image
Hospital e Maternidade São Pedro
Private hospital
2.10 (108 reviews)
Clinic of the Union - General Ramsay Health image
Clinic of the Union - General Ramsay Health
Medical clinic
😠 "Secretary" of endocrinology of this day, I specify of this day is really DESPICABLE very mean not at all welcoming. I am pregnant and being the first time I went to this clinic for consultation, I did not know where the toilets were. I just wanted some information because for me patients have prio...
2.20 (1.1K reviews)
Hospital Santa Bárbara image
Hospital Santa Bárbara
Private hospital
2.20 (649 reviews)
Hospital HM Rosaleda image
Hospital HM Rosaleda
General hospital
2.20 (517 reviews)
Hospital Bom Clima image
Hospital Bom Clima
Private hospital
2.30 (635 reviews)
Hospital e Maternidade Policlin Taubaté image
Hospital e Maternidade Policlin Taubaté
General hospital
2.30 (281 reviews)
Hospital Saint-Louis image
Hospital Saint-Louis
General hospital
😠 Yesterday, my partner suffering from extreme stomach pain came to the emergency room to consult, arrived at 10 am, we spent 7 hours waiting to finally leave, no support... I think the clinic is understaffed and had no emergency doctors available, which created an unbearable wait. The lack of transp...
2.30 (208 reviews)
Saint-Germain-en-Laye Intercommunal Hospital Center image
Saint-Germain-en-Laye Intercommunal Hospital Center
General hospital
😠 Worst hospital i have ever been, not even undeveloped countries have that type of service, the staff is rude. If your insurance refers you to that hospital please dint even consider to go there!
2.40 (556 reviews)
Hospital e Maternidade Modelo | Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica image
Hospital e Maternidade Modelo | Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica
😠 Terrible, I'm 38 weeks pregnant (9 months), I had a little bleeding on 04/06/22, and I went to the Modelo hospital and was admitted at 2:06 in the morning, I managed to be seen it was more than 3 in the morning , the doctor did the touch exam on me and it hurt me a lot, she was extremely rude, I fe...
2.40 (454 reviews)
Clinical Mutual Du Médoc image
Clinical Mutual Du Médoc
Medical clinic
2.40 (253 reviews)
مبنى النساء والولادة image
مبنى النساء والولادة
Maternity hospital
😠 Going to this hospital and let my wife stay here is pure mistake. From reception to going out from surgery room. I will never forget how horrible they dealt with us. You have to run after latterly everyone. First and last time stepping my feet in this slaughter house.
2.40 (204 reviews)
White River Medical Center - White River Health image
Clinical Les Eaux Claires image
Clinical Les Eaux Claires
Medical clinic
😠 We came for an emergency at 1:50 p.m. on 04/18/2022 we were received at 4:20 p.m. Very unpleasant welcome by the emergency secretary who tells us that it is the nurse who chooses the order of passage according to the severity, which is normal. The secretary was annoyed and very quickly dispatched p...
2.40 (183 reviews)
Koike Hospital image
Koike Hospital
2.40 (84 reviews)
Bristol Park Hospital, Tassia image
Bristol Park Hospital, Tassia
Maternity hospital
😠 This hospital deserves a clear and fresh ZERO!!. WORST services,too slow and they don't even care. Was sent for radiology and the radiologist kept me there waiting cause he was busy speaking to a girl on phone. I walked in this hospital(Fedha branch) at 4pm and left at 9.30 pm...they don't Carr and...
2.40 (76 reviews)
Saudi German Hospital image
Saudi German Hospital
😠 I am amazed how a healthcare guru like SGH basement floor is not having ventilation system or CO system just to have a fresh air over there. This is Real issue and it's need not an option. Hope you can take care of it
2.50 (2.6K reviews)
São Cristóvão Hospital and Maternity image
São Cristóvão Hospital and Maternity
Maternity hospital
2.50 (1.4K reviews)
Nord-Essonne Group Hospital image
Nord-Essonne Group Hospital
General hospital
😠 AVOID Hospital. Pediatric emergencies and in particular, incompetent practitioners in the visceral surgery department, in the context of appendicitis. We arrived with our son at the emergency room on Friday June 17 for abdominal pain, with an abdominal ultrasound performed in town just before. The...
2.50 (758 reviews)
Hospital Previna - Franco da Rocha image
Hospital Previna - Franco da Rocha
General hospital
😠 Hoje dia 14/09 fui realizar um exame de Eletroencefalograma com sedação agendado as 11h30 com jejum obrigatório de 6 horas na unidade do Plena de franco da Rocha, cheguei até a unidade as 10h10 para abertura de ficha e internação, logo que cheguei informei a recepção e todos da equipe que Pedro é de...
2.50 (558 reviews)
São José Hospital & Maternidade image
São José Hospital & Maternidade
Private hospital
2.50 (520 reviews)
Hospital Do Coração - Paes Leme image
Hospital Do Coração - Paes Leme
2.50 (224 reviews)
Maternity and Children Hospital image
Maternity and Children Hospital
Maternity hospital
2.50 (200 reviews)
Corewell Health Greenville Hospital image
Corewell Health Greenville Hospital
😠 Worst hospital ever! First of all I would like to address the unsanitary waiting room, floors were very dirty when we walked in. Me and my family were in the waiting room for 1 hour and 45 minutes. 3 people walked out during the long process of having to wait. When we finally got into one of the roo...
2.50 (129 reviews)
DPMS Hospital image
DPMS Hospital
🫤 maximum charges will levied for minimal service also, not even a pin will provide without charge. Money collecting is the primarily the hospital people interested, service is the secondary one. maximum charges will be collected by all the possible ways, if you enter into hospital, average service, a...
2.50 (121 reviews)

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