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E-commerce service
😠 Never seen such a terrible food terrible experience. Showing 20 delivery time and right after you placed your order, it appears as 40 mins. Then 40 mins passes, noone appears and you are waiting downstairs outside. No communication, no real time tracking, no customer service. I am gonna uninstall an...
1.60 (215 reviews)
Franco's Pizza & Wings image
Franco's Pizza & Wings
Pizza restaurant
😠 DO NOT ORDER HERE! Order ended up being 10 dollars more than we were told on the phone. The garlic knots were just fried dough with nothing on it. Delivery came 1 hr late. Pizza tastes frozen and reheated. The only fresh thing was the Coca-Cola.
$$ $$
1.60 (116 reviews)
Hot Stuff image
Hot Stuff
😠 Ordered on UberEats at 6am, place was shown as open. Delivery ETA was around 30minutes, more than an hour passed with no updates, nobody was picking up the phone at which point I had given up on the food. Around an hour and 15min after placing the order I get a call from uber saying they’re sorry ab...
1.60 (60 reviews)
CoolDent image
Dental clinic
😠 Un desastre la recepción fui con mí bebe recién nacido en un fular a atender a mí hija de siete años que tenía una infección en la muela.. me dijeron que no podía entrar con compañía osea con un bebé recién nacido que no la iban a poder atender que buscará donde dejar al bebé.. una falta de empatía...
1.70 (147 reviews)
Jimmy John's image
Jimmy John's
Sandwich shop
Counter-serve chain specializing in sub & club sandwiches, plus signature potato chips.
$ $$$
1.70 (144 reviews)
Pizza on Time (Battersea) image
Pizza on Time (Battersea)
Pizza takeaway
😠 I ordered through UberEats to the total of £40 which never arrived. I called the restaurant and the man kept saying they are 10 minutes away. I wait for 1hour and 30 minutes at 01:00am. Don’t order from here as they are scammers and I will never see my money again.
1.70 (132 reviews)
Uzu Curry Laksa & Bao image
Uzu Curry Laksa & Bao
Noodle shop
😠 Chicken came still raw. Noodles uncooked and they don't mention it anywhere. Can't track them. Order was late so tried calling several times but they don't answer so it just dials out. They trade under a completely different name on Uber Eats.
1.70 (91 reviews)
Deliveroo Netherlands B.V. image
Deliveroo Netherlands B.V.
Meal delivery
1.80 (745 reviews) image
E-commerce service
😠 Preordered from my favourite restaurant at 2:40pm for a delivery around 3:45pm. No one showed up at 3:45. Called the restaurant and they told me that the food is ready, but that the delivery guy had not shown up yet The delivery service cannot be reached by phone, there's only a contact form that n...
1.80 (336 reviews)
Just Eat image
Just Eat
Corporate office
😠 Justeat Denmark, the most thief and Stealing company in a legal way in Denmark for restaurants owner and customers! They promise you something and they never deliver what they promised you! They take 22% commissions of the restaurant sales plus fees for delivery. They owe us a lot of money and the...
1.80 (273 reviews)
Charcoal Grill image
Charcoal Grill
Kebab shop
😠 Horrible tasting food. Burgers came burnt, had no salad or sauce. Chips were extremely oily. On top of that, had to wait 1 hour and 15 minutes and they were dismissive on the phone. This place needs to be shut down.
1.80 (189 reviews)
Pizzaria Amin Express image
Pizzaria Amin Express
Takeout restaurant
😠 Very bad, the delivery was two hours late, and when I called, he insulted me in Turkish, he does not know that I understand the Turkish language, I am really upset, this is the first time and the last thing, I never recommend it. To now not come
1.80 (173 reviews)
KFC image
Fast food restaurant
Restaurant chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus combo meals & sides.
$$ $$
1.80 (76 reviews)
China Golden Gate image
China Golden Gate
Chinese takeaway
😠 Ordered for the first and last time. Bad quality. Can cook the same meal for myself better than them. Soft overcooked noodles, more onions than bean sprouts. The poorest version of this meal I ever had in my life. I would never order again from this place. Waste of money. Very dissapointed.
$ $$$
1.80 (74 reviews)
Shin Shin Carry Out image
Shin Shin Carry Out
Meal delivery
1.80 (53 reviews)
Crown pizza image
Crown pizza
Pizza delivery
😠 ordered it on the 7th of march 11:40pm came on the the 8th 3 am what a scam. i ordered milkshake it was decent. i also ordered a bean and cheese melt was 3 beans inside (quite literally!!). next up I ordered the nacho and cheese with jalapeños (see attached photo for evidence ) wasn't very good pack...
1.90 (321 reviews)
Mr B's Pizza Restaurant image
Mr B's Pizza Restaurant
😠 Really wish I had checked reviews before ordering from here. Getting home from work late, I picked this place because it boasted the fastest delivery time on DoorDash- and I will never make that mistake again. The pizza that I paid nearly $30 for ($50 after tip and delivery fees) showed up basically...
$ $$$
1.90 (166 reviews)
Sushi 24 image
Sushi 24
Meal delivery
😠 Никогда там не заказывайте!!! Ужасно!!! Ждал доставку 2.5 часа. Суши привезли в какой-то картонкой коробки, не было палочек. В наборе было вообще не то что заказывал. На 600 грн. Привезли огурцы и крабовые палочки завёрнутые в рис!!!
1.90 (161 reviews)
Chicken Night image
Chicken Night
Meal delivery
😠 Demande de ce faire livrer le livreur m’indique 45 min après 2 h 30 d’attente ... monsieur me dit qu’il fallait que moi je le rappelle alors là c’est une blague si on commande c’est pour qu’on viens nous livrer pas pour te relancer pour venir franchement n’importe quoi ! Nous faire patientez pour pa...
1.90 (159 reviews)
Bite Squad image
Bite Squad
Meal delivery
😠 Google really needs to had a 'no star' option. A complete joke. The girl who delivered my food had the box upside down (you're welcome for the 20% tip). The food and service was extremely poor. Requested a refund and only received a refund to my bite squad account - something I never asked for and w...
1.90 (152 reviews)
eat la! image
eat la!
Chinese takeaway
😠 Ware do I start? Chips raw Sweet and sour was pure vinager. Veg rice mising the veg. Stir Fried veg was veg from a tin. Chill beef had no spice was slimy and the sauce was almost vinegar. (Just like the sweet and sour) All food was cold the free prawn crackers we even horrid. I phoned to complain an...
1.90 (66 reviews)
Pizza King Express Óbuda; restaurant, étterem, pizza, fastfood, gyorsétterem, image
Pizza King Express Óbuda; restaurant, étterem, pizza, fastfood, gyorsétterem,
Meal delivery
😠 Mit is lehet írni...pedig már megfogadtuk a férjemmel, hogy többet nem rendelünk tőlük, de adtunk nekik még egy esélyt...sajnos. Jelzem nem a futárral van a problém! Meghozta az ételt mikor átvettük kapásból mondom mi a fa.. kivolt folyva a somlói, és hiányzot az egyik dobozos üdítő, meg egy leves....
$ $$$
2.00 (326 reviews) BG image
23 BG
Meal delivery
😠 I ordered today, the 26th of December at 19:45 and they estimated 45/55 mins of delivery. But I didn't receive anything. At approximately at 20:40, I contact the support and they got back to me at 22:00. But I was charged and the order was confirmed. The worst thing is that they don't offer a live s...
2.00 (304 reviews)
Takeout Restaurant
Takeaway · Delivery
2.00 (257 reviews)
Hägersten Pizzeria image
Hägersten Pizzeria
😠 One of the most horrid pizzas i've ever eaten in my entire life. it tasted like rotten semen, and was delivered freezing cold. HORRID
$$ $$
2.00 (252 reviews)
Amigo Pizza Service image
Amigo Pizza Service
Meal delivery
2.00 (133 reviews)
PFK image
Fast food restaurant
Restaurant chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus combo meals & sides.
$ $$$
2.00 (93 reviews)
Youfoodz Pty Ltd image
Youfoodz Pty Ltd
Meal delivery
😠 Disgusting and embarrassing...don't use these guys. My box and another staff members box delivered today (Friday), food was supposed to be delivered Wednesday but that didn't happen, despite clear delivery instructions on both boxes. Boxes turn up today damaged, ice blocks no longer frozen, food c...
2.00 (62 reviews)
Doner King image
Doner King
Fast food restaurant
😠 Действительно худшая шаурма сети Донер Кинг. Всегда брал в других точках и не жаловался. На партизанской - отвратительно! Заказал xl терияки. Господи, треснувший лаваш, куча капусты и пару кусочков курицы на всю, повторяю, XL шаурму! Я сожалею о покупке. Если на фото вам покажется, что вы видите кур...
$$ $$
2.00 (60 reviews)
KFC image
Fast food restaurant
Restaurant chain known for its buckets of fried chicken, plus combo meals & sides.
$ $$$
2.00 (60 reviews)

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