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CCG Saúde - Matriz image
CCG Saúde - Matriz
Medical Center
1.10 (108 reviews)
Emergency Physicians Central Fl image
Emergency Physicians Central Fl
Medical clinic
1.10 (79 reviews)
Anesthesia Partners Of Arizona LLC image
Anesthesia Partners Of Arizona LLC
Medical clinic
1.10 (50 reviews)
Daisaka Clinic image
Daisaka Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 絶対に行かない方がいい病院です。 もし迷われてる方がいらっしゃったら本当にやめておいた方がいいと思います。 皆さんの口コミ通り、威圧的な態度で罵倒され本当に本当に嫌な気持ちになりました。 どうしてもこの嫌な気持ちが拭い取れないので口コミする決心がつきました。 肌が痒くなり、職場から近いこちらを受診しまし...
1.20 (86 reviews)
Switch Health image
Switch Health
Medical clinic
1.30 (494 reviews)
Local Doctors - Weymouth image
Local Doctors - Weymouth
Medical clinic
1.30 (129 reviews)
Pacific Medical Clinic image
Pacific Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
1.30 (127 reviews)
מכון ממוגרף image
מכון ממוגרף
Medical clinic
1.30 (105 reviews)
Portsdown Group Practice image
Portsdown Group Practice
Medical clinic
1.30 (99 reviews)
Klinik Joe Fernandez image
Klinik Joe Fernandez
Medical clinic
1.30 (87 reviews)
Mango Tree Family Health Team image
Mango Tree Family Health Team
Medical clinic
😠 If you're a patient and need to book an appointment, you'll probably need to go in to see reception. They only claim to answer the phones half the hours of the week and voicemails are not returned. Even if you call during the hours when they claim to answer the phones, they probably won't actually...
1.30 (79 reviews)
Carolinas Pathology Group image
Carolinas Pathology Group
Medical clinic
1.30 (72 reviews)
Sparkhill Surgery image
Sparkhill Surgery
Medical clinic
1.30 (56 reviews)
MEDICUS Sp. z o. o. image
MEDICUS Sp. z o. o.
Medical clinic
1.30 (51 reviews)
Molina Healthcare of Texas image
Molina Healthcare of Texas
Medical Center
😠 Over the course of two days Molina has disconnected me 7 times. I’ve been placed on hold for over 3 hours, I’ve been on this current call for 44 minutes. Several times I have called Molina and received a voice response saying they are closed; being closed at 2:00 PM is strange. At this time Molina i...
1.40 (225 reviews)
NHS The Child & Family Centre image
NHS The Child & Family Centre
Medical clinic
1.40 (200 reviews)
The Medical City Clinic image
The Medical City Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 Everything has to be written manually from the guard to the triage up to the receptionist. Imagine repeating it 3-5x when they can access the records on a computer database. OMG! Let me tell you the receptionist are rude too. No visibility on lab schedules as well so they will let you roam around th...
1.40 (174 reviews)
The Medical City image
The Medical City
Medical clinic
😐 The review in this place didn't surprise me, one of the nurse who took my BP was an absolute A hole, I ask him if its done na while him being silent all through out the procedure he then replied, "may sinabi ba ako wala akong sinaba dba? Ako yung masusunod dito! such a pitty you've hired a nurse who...
1.40 (127 reviews)
Peel Med Clinic image
Peel Med Clinic
Medical clinic
1.40 (121 reviews)
Industrial Medical Group image
Industrial Medical Group
Medical clinic
1.40 (112 reviews)
Centro Oftalmológico| Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica image
Centro Oftalmológico| Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica
Medical Center
😠 I was on the phone for 50 minutes to reschedule an exam. When the IVR finally stopped giving the warnings, the call went dead and they hung up. This agreement only gets worse every day!
1.40 (108 reviews)
Dudley Park Medical Centre image
Dudley Park Medical Centre
Medical clinic
1.40 (106 reviews)
Swanpool Medical Centre image
Swanpool Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 Unprofessional and unreliable. This place can't provide any service so I wouldn't call it a GP. I phoned everyday for 5 days exactly at 8 to book an appointment. Every time I called I was 27 on the queue. Why not 1 or 40? I don't know. No appointments when answered. I switched to a better GP and I a...
1.40 (99 reviews)
North Star Behavioral Health image
North Star Behavioral Health
Mental health clinic
😠 dont do it. it's not worth it. im begging u. find a better option.
1.40 (97 reviews)
Klinik Mediviron image
Klinik Mediviron
Medical clinic
😠 Seriously... the doctor is the worst doctor i ever met in my life! So RUDE! If i can give zero star i would ! 👎🏿 And the clinic smells like garbage..
1.40 (86 reviews)
Przychodnia Jar-Medic image
Przychodnia Jar-Medic
Medical clinic
😠 Najgorsza przychodnia zdrowia w Jarocinie , bez maseczki nie wejdziesz. Prywatna wizyta owszem 2h czekania w moim przypadku był to dr Praczyk , tragedia chamski ,nie miły, czuję się "Bogiem" jakby to była jego przychodnia . 100zl wizyta bez leków i recepty bo nie może.,. (5 min umoralniania i pogard...
1.40 (84 reviews)
Klinik Ng image
Klinik Ng
1.40 (84 reviews)
Pendle Valley image
Pendle Valley
Medical clinic
1.40 (84 reviews)

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