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Enrique Prada W. S.A.S. image
Enrique Prada W. S.A.S.
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 Muy desfavorable sus servicios en cuánto a la atención al usuario. El número de WhatsApp suministrado puede transcurrir hasta 1 semana y no dan respuesta, y la línea fija no entra la llamada, y si entra no hay una comunicación efectivo con el personal. Las citas pueden ser programadas incluso hasta...
1.00 (81 reviews)
Columbus Radiology Corporation image
Columbus Radiology Corporation
😠 The absolute worse billing experience of my life. This company continued to send my claims to the wrong address which is a major HIPAA violation and when I would call with my insurance plan on 3-way they would input the correct address only to re-bill to the wrong address again. Also, this company a...
1.10 (84 reviews)
Baystate Medical Center Emergency Room image
Baystate Medical Center Emergency Room
Emergency room
😠 I completely understand why this hospital has numerous one star reviews. The wait is absolutely ridiculous, the front desk workers are vague and quite frankly rude, as well as unhelpful. I truly believe that if you cannot be nice, there is not a place for you in healthcare. It’s truly ridiculous. It...
1.50 (187 reviews)
Mammography Institute Bnei Brak image
Mammography Institute Bnei Brak
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 Not answering the phone
1.50 (95 reviews)
United Imaging Consultants image
United Imaging Consultants
😠 Like many others, they filed my claim with the wrong insurance company, and several months after services received. When I called to correct it, they confirmed they already had my updated insurance all along, apologized for the error, and would resubmit it. They did, but my provider rightly denied...
1.50 (67 reviews)
Centro Ibleo Tomografia Computerizzata - C.I.T.C. Srl image
Centro Ibleo Tomografia Computerizzata - C.I.T.C. Srl
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 Purtroppo mi sono recata parecchie volte nel giro di 2 mesi in questo centro per fare svariati esami e devo dire che L'operatrice che esegue la TAC è stata gentilissima! Invece alla reception ( in particolare una receptionist e mi dispiace non sapere il nome) è sempre insofferente, arrogante, pre...
1.60 (177 reviews)
מכון ממוגרף image
מכון ממוגרף
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 שרות מתחת לכל ביקורת. נקבע לי תור לאולטראסאונד בשעה 16:00, התקשרה אלי פקידה בשעה 15:20 בשם רעאווה והלחיצה אותי להגיע 10 דק'ל לפני הזמן מפני שהטכנאי ממהר והם רוצים לסגור. כשהגעתי 12 דק' לפני הפעילו עלי לחץ לבצע את הבדיקה במהירות הבזק. שאלתי מה החיפזון הזה? "אל תשאל הרבה שאלות כי הטכנאי ממהר ואין זמ...
1.60 (119 reviews)
Cumbum United Scans image
Cumbum United Scans
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 Very very very worst scan centre ever seen. it took one day to get report, staffs not responding properly. I gave one star bcz then only am able to post my comment.
1.60 (53 reviews)
Ghelfond Medical Diagnostics image
Ghelfond Medical Diagnostics
👍 According to the schedule, there is a queue at the entrance to the wheelchair ramp WITHOUT any distancing. Once you enter, you get the password for pre-service, with few attendants for many empty booths. It seems to me a question of economy. The attendants are not agile. AFTER that call begins the...
1.70 (634 reviews)
Clínica Ciência image
Clínica Ciência
Medical clinic
😠 Horrible service! Phone is just for beautiful, whats are hard to answer, second time I have this disorder with this clinic. The first took two weeks for me to respond and send the result of the exam that was already delayed 1 month, one was playing for the other, I remember that I got in touch on 3...
1.70 (423 reviews)
metropolitano imagem image
metropolitano imagem
Medical diagnostic imaging center
1.70 (57 reviews)
Park Medical & Diagnostic Center image
Park Medical & Diagnostic Center
Medical Center
🫤 The doctors are great from internal to pediatrics. However the staff suck. Receptionist has no idea what she's doing. They take hours just to find your chart and then you spend 2 minutes with the doctor. They bill the insurance company for a half an hour consult with the doctor which is so not true...
1.70 (52 reviews)
West Coast Medical Imaging image
West Coast Medical Imaging
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 My daughter needed an ultrasound. She followed the instructions to drink the water and so was uncomfortable while she waited for her appointment. She had an email saying her appointment was at 1pm. We figured traffics would be bad so we left a bit early and arrived shortly after 12pm. She asked the...
1.80 (483 reviews)
Clínica Madesa image
Clínica Madesa
Mental health clinic
😠 I'm 30 weeks and the gynecologist Edson asked me to go from 15/15 days to the appointment that took 3 hours to be seen in a scheduled appointment and at the reception they say it fits because it's a gestational follow-up, and at the time of the appointment it was rude asking who he asked me to go 1...
1.80 (422 reviews)
Hospital São Lucas | Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica image
Hospital São Lucas | Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica
😠 Terrible attendance!!!!!!!!!!!!! Professionals irresponsible and without compassion. I have an agreement for 19 years and I have never seen such a lack of respect for the patient who is there in need. Doctors who are sleeping on the plantation, entering the room of other doctors talk... while the p...
1.80 (264 reviews)
Bay Ridge Medical Imaging P.C image
Bay Ridge Medical Imaging P.C
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 I dont even know where to begin! they never ever answer your phone call as a patient and someone who works for a doctor and can never get a copy of a report is mind boggling to me. I waited for them to get an auth for me for over 2 weeks and it had nothing to do with my insurance and i know this bec...
1.80 (214 reviews)
Documenta - Unidade Hospital São Francisco image
Documenta - Unidade Hospital São Francisco
Medical diagnostic imaging center
👍👍 Service from the receptionist Rafae Henrique is exceptional, reception management provided by Ynae Espagnolo is excellent, many complaints regarding delays, but it is not the attendants' fault, most of the time the system is slow, the patient is not authorizing the procedure, this takes time, benefi...
1.80 (167 reviews)
United Medical Imaging of Maywood image
United Medical Imaging of Maywood
Medical diagnostic imaging center
1.80 (110 reviews)
Horizon Radiology - Manukau City image
Horizon Radiology - Manukau City
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 the lack of customer service etiquette by the two receptionists is disgraceful. One of them helped a client understand the fees and how they worked and then when the client left they proceeded to talk horribly about the client and how they shouldn't be in this situation if they couldn't afford the u...
1.80 (93 reviews)
Medical diagnostic imaging center
1.80 (89 reviews)
Real Imagem image
Real Imagem
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😐 Antiquated reception process, they need to review this soon, there was no point in sending information via WhatsApp. When you get there, you get a password to wait to be called, which took 50 minutes, despite the priority. At reception they ask again for what had already been said. The technician wh...
1.80 (79 reviews)
Radiology Boissiere image
Radiology Boissiere
Medical diagnostic imaging center
1.80 (59 reviews)
Med-Scan Ultrasound Services Ltd image
Med-Scan Ultrasound Services Ltd
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 I wish I could rate this negative stars. NEVER GO TO THIS PLACE. ESPECIALLY UNIT #22. They did not book my anatomy scan correctly EVEN THOUGH I SAID IM 19 weeks and it’s for an anatomy scan. They then proceeded to tell me they can’t do it because the technician is off at 5pm. PLEASE AVOID THIS PLACE...
1.80 (52 reviews)
Marrickville Metro image
Marrickville Metro
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 3 hours in so much pain waiting on Sunday gone for the only Dr there and at least 15 waiting too is ridiculous and I’m sure is in contravention of running a decent practice- They make mistakes and don’t seem to care - one Dr neglected a simple fact. But it’s time for us to find somewhere else!!! On...
1.90 (219 reviews)
United Medical Imaging of Downey image
United Medical Imaging of Downey
Medical diagnostic imaging center
1.90 (218 reviews)
Clínicas Guará image
Clínicas Guará
Medical diagnostic imaging center
1.90 (188 reviews)
Gam Diagnostic Imaging (GDI)- Trafalgar X-Ray & Ultrasound image
Gam Diagnostic Imaging (GDI)- Trafalgar X-Ray & Ultrasound
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 Even a one star is too much for this location. They are unprofessional, careless and unfriendly. They need some classes in customer service. On Oct 31st, I called at 10:30 am their Trafalgar location to inquire about getting an x-ray. I was on hold for half an hour to speak with a receptionist. I s...
1.90 (120 reviews)
Grace Medical Center image
Grace Medical Center
Medical Center
😠 Came in last night at 8 sat in the waiting for 3 hours. The triage nurse told us there was no rooms available but after 2 homeless people got discharged came out and said she's lying they have a lot of rooms back there. The triage nurse started yelling yes we do have rooms with 2 nurses turned back...
1.90 (103 reviews)
São Marcos Diagnósticos por Imagem image
São Marcos Diagnósticos por Imagem
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 Os atendentes parecem que tão cumprindo pena. Fui buscar meu resultado, moro em outra cidade e demorei mais de 90 dias, queriam me cobrar 60 reais pra subir a escada pra buscar.
1.90 (93 reviews)
Urgent Care White Lake image
Urgent Care White Lake
Urgent care center
👍👍 I had an excellent experience at this clinic on a very busy day when doctors offices are closed (New Years Day). It’s a little disappointing to see so many negative reviews because you had to sit in a waiting room, longer than you expected. This is urgent care, not the minute clinic or your doctor...
1.90 (72 reviews)

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