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Columbus Radiology Corporation image
Columbus Radiology Corporation
😠 The absolute worse billing experience of my life. This company continued to send my claims to the wrong address which is a major HIPAA violation and when I would call with my insurance plan on 3-way they would input the correct address only to re-bill to the wrong address again. Also, this company a...
1.10 (89 reviews)
Prevención Salud - Córdoba image
Prevención Salud - Córdoba
Medical group
😠 Hola obra social nefasta hace 40 minutos estoy en espera al teléfono por una simple consulta que nisiquiera el chat la puede responder. El servicio que brindan en nulo. Pésimo cobran una fortuna y la atención es una porquería. Ustedes logran sacar lo peor de una persona. No deberían afiliarse nunca...
1.20 (127 reviews)
Studio Medico Michelangelo image
Studio Medico Michelangelo
Medical group
😠 Studio medico pessimo da anni, servizio segreteria nullo o quasi, pessime le segretarie, di un'incompetenza disarmante, una in particolare(la più anziana) di una maleducazione assurda sia al telefono che di persona. Non sanno nemmeno cosa sia l'app contact. Sono fermi al paleolitico. Resto in questo...
1.30 (71 reviews)
Emergency Care Consultants image
Emergency Care Consultants
Medical clinic
😠 Like other people, I was sent to collections without notice. They sent me one bill, I went on their website less than a week later and set up a payment plan -- and printed out the confirmation screen. Then a few months later I get a notice from a debt collection agency because somehow Emergency Car...
1.30 (60 reviews)
Spectrum Healthcare Partners image
Spectrum Healthcare Partners
Medical group
😠 I received a letter from the Thomas agency saying I owe $19.67. I had received one invoice from Spectrum, and paid it by the due date. I have never received a collection notice before, and I am an accountant so I found this incredibly stressful and frustrating. Thomas Agency provided me with the dat...
1.30 (55 reviews)
Prevención Salud - Mendoza image
Prevención Salud - Mendoza
Medical group
😠 Hace exactamente diez días que espero una autorización para una cirugía ambulatoria, he realizado tres reclamos y aún no obtengo respuesta. Que desastre,si fuera urgencia???, no los recomiendo y estoy en tratativas de cambiarme de prepaga. Una estrella porque así puedo dejar reseña,pero se merecen 0...
1.40 (145 reviews)
SanCor Salud Córdoba image
SanCor Salud Córdoba
Medical group
😠 Terrible service social work. Since MARCH I have been placing an order to take chronic medication on a trip and we are in JULY and not even 1 response. Whenever I call they say they update my order and that's how I am. I unsubscribed and guess? They didn't present it or I don't know what and I have...
1.50 (168 reviews)
SanCor Salud Caballito image
SanCor Salud Caballito
Medical group
😠 IMPRESENTABLES! Como nadie los regula? Ya me estafaron. Se me cobro 1 mes que no se me tenia que cobrar. No solo eso sino que me quieren seguir cobrando porque LE DAS LA BAJA PERO NO TE LA DAN! porque sus gestiones "demoran" y te dicen que se van a comunicar del área correspondiente y nunca se comu...
1.50 (120 reviews)
United Imaging Consultants image
United Imaging Consultants
😠 Like many others, they filed my claim with the wrong insurance company, and several months after services received. When I called to correct it, they confirmed they already had my updated insurance all along, apologized for the error, and would resubmit it. They did, but my provider rightly denied...
1.50 (67 reviews)
Quality HealthCare Medical Centre (Causeway Bay-World Trade Centre) image
Quality HealthCare Medical Centre (Causeway Bay-World Trade Centre)
Medical Center
😠 Chan Tsz Yan = Worst GP I experienced in my life!! She tried to rush as possible and kick me out in less than a minute. She asked me random questions without waiting for my answer, never really listen my lung issue and got very violent gestures. She didn’t really checked on me and just gave me full...
1.50 (66 reviews)
Mendoza SanCor Health image
Mendoza SanCor Health
Medical group
😠 Desastre. Hace un año me deben alquiler de cipap . Demoraron 45 días en autorizarme la compra del nuevo. En ese lapso su precio varió de $95000 a$1450000 . Solo me quieren reconocer 30000. Es una vergúenza la falta de empatía , de respeto al paciente y a su dolor , VERGONZOSO
1.60 (185 reviews)
SanCor Salud Microcentro image
SanCor Salud Microcentro
Medical group
😠 The truth is that it is a very bad prepaid. I am entering my ninth month of pregnancy, with a plan with a maternal and child annex since two months after finding out I was pregnant and it never covered me anything. I'm waiting to have my baby before I can unsubscribe. Zero recommended. Pure name. Th...
1.60 (156 reviews)
Orleans Family Health Clinic image
Orleans Family Health Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 We see Dr Byrne for my daughter's allergies and he is great. What's not so great is the staff. They check the voicemail messages every 2 days, which is understandable. But then they don't really get back to you. I have to leave several messages over and over again for the same thing and no call back...
1.60 (148 reviews)
SMG Swiss Medical Group image
SMG Swiss Medical Group
Medical group
😠 I have had Swiss Medical for more than 5 years. He always had good care, but since the pandemic, it's terrifying! The people who serve the public, it's a lottery, sometimes you get spectacular people, other times you get people who serve you like him... The doctors don't want to answer, they go ar...
1.60 (125 reviews)
Birtley Medical Group image
Birtley Medical Group
Medical group
😠 Disgrace. Basically refused to dress my wounds after surgery due it taking up too many appointments. Then said they didn’t have any, which they did. Staff on the phones need a change of attitude, especially the manager. No wonder people kick off with them they bring it on themselves. Neglecting pa...
1.60 (96 reviews)
Consultorios Médicos Santa Rita - Mar del Plata image
Consultorios Médicos Santa Rita - Mar del Plata
Medical group
😠 It is unprecedented that members do not have an immediate communication channel where we can clarify doubts and queries. Impossible to contact any type of advisor, nor to obtain a response according to the urgency of the cases. Currently one of its members is waiting for medication that has not arri...
1.60 (57 reviews)
Prospect Medical image
Prospect Medical
Medical group
😠 I gave one star, but that is only because zero was not an option. Prospect Medical's lack of competence is rivaled by their arrogance. They denied a cancer treatment requested by my wife's multiple myeloma oncologist, via a form letter. Evidently, Prospect Medical believes they know how to treat mul...
1.60 (57 reviews)
Medicus image
Medical group
😠 On May 31, I sent the first email to request an admission appointment for my son for a psychopedagogical evaluation, they do not answer my emails and by phone they tell you that it is the only way to request an appointment, they are abandoning a person, I will have to go by legal means. They are a...
1.70 (117 reviews)
GO Vacunas image
GO Vacunas
Medical group
😠 I want to highlight the bad disposition and lack of empathy that the girl who works at go vaccines has. I went on an appointment today, I had to vaccinate my daughter who is a risk patient and she tells me that she doesn't have any more flu shots until next year, it's a joke it's a center vaccines,...
1.70 (110 reviews)
Thema Red Médica image
Thema Red Médica
Health consultant
😠 This company was bought by Bayo and Terol Susana, both from Tucuman. From that moment on, employees and members were victims of these people. Unfortunately, a company with the prestige it had until then fell into the hands of these people. Employees of many years (some more than 20) were forced to r...
1.70 (84 reviews)
OSDE image
Medical group
😠 OSDE es de las prepagas más caras pero incumple amparos judiciales de discapacidad, dilata tiempos para evitar hacerse cargos de cobertura. Hoy no había sistema y por lo tanto las oficinas de microcentro estaban sin atención al público, teniendo 1ue viajar para ir a reclamar por el incumplimiento de...
1.70 (68 reviews)
Sanatorio Aconcagua image
Sanatorio Aconcagua
Medical clinic
😠 reciénNUEVA PESIMA ATENCION. Voy a averiguar el nombre de la empleada. Pésimo maltrato hacia mi mamá diciendo que genero conflicto cuando estuvo mas de 3 hs esperando. Tenia turno a las 8.30 hs la atendieron pasadas las 12. Cuando reclamó le dijeron a la doctora que estaba "generando conflicto". La...
1.70 (58 reviews)
Royal Primary Care Ashgate image
Royal Primary Care Ashgate
General practitioner
😠 This should be zero stars. This practice is an absolute joke. What are they even doing? I've been trying to book in for 2 weeks now just to get a prescription. Told me I have to ring at 8 in the morning to secure a booking... Which I have been doing, and I just get cut off. The time I actually get t...
1.80 (157 reviews)
Loudoun Medical Group image
Loudoun Medical Group
Medical group
😠 Just like all the other reviews say. They will knowingly lie to you about cost and the billing process is insane. I’m still getting random bills in the mail months after the surgery. I went to their online portal and paid off the balance weeks ago and new random charges keep popping up. It’s depre...
1.80 (96 reviews)
Santa Casa Saúde image
Santa Casa Saúde
Medical group
😠 My experience has been horrible, it's a terrible plan, I wouldn't even recommend it to an enemy, the employees serve you grudgingly, they do everything to complicate and make it difficult to release the exams, however simple they are, I'm pregnant, and even the common routine exams for pregnant wom...
1.80 (92 reviews)
Quality HealthCare Medical Centre image
Quality HealthCare Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 Went to have my TB test and despite of the fact the report said the lung appeared to be ok and normal, the clinic said further scan and test are required (which will costs another 6k or something) until they would issue me all clear certificate. My gut feeling is that something fishy is going on. No...
1.80 (84 reviews)
House Call Doctor - Home Doctor Townsville image
House Call Doctor - Home Doctor Townsville
Home health care service
😠 Seems to be a common issue. I made a booking at 6am and heard nothing, then called and was directed to the message service. Left a message at 11am and got nothing back. I am currently on a call now for over an hour, waiting to see if my daughter will be seen at all today. Do not use this service if...
1.80 (78 reviews)
Quality Healthcare Medical Centre - Central image
Quality Healthcare Medical Centre - Central
Medical clinic
😠 First day of government flu vaccine. I went to their princess building clinic at 11am only to be told to come back at 2pm. When arrived at 2pm, I was told to wait till 3pm for registration and that there would be a wait for at least 2hours. The whole process is haphazard and nurses there are quite d...
1.80 (65 reviews)
Lincoln Primary Care image
Lincoln Primary Care
Medical group
1.80 (64 reviews)
Quality Healthcare Medical Centre - Tung Chung image

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