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Wol-Med Sp. o.o. The practice of family doctors image
Wol-Med Sp. o.o. The practice of family doctors
😠 To miejsce nawet nie zasługuje na 1 gwiazdek a czy prędzej na żadną. Wolmed to najgorsze miejsce by leczyć człowieka. Dyrekcja i lekarze pracujący tam to powini mieć szacunek dla pacjenta a, nie chamsko się odzywać i czekać na receptę czy jakiekolwiek dokument od lekarza. Moja dzisiejsza sytuacja by...
1.50 (87 reviews)
Clinical Poppies image
Clinical Poppies
Medical clinic
😠 Telephone attention is like balls, why put a contact number if your secretaries are so inept that they don't answer? The Andes Salud clinic may take a while to talk on the phone but finally they always do, but here they have never answered me after so many calls. And it's not like it's too close fo...
1.60 (219 reviews)
Clínica Santa Sophia image
Clínica Santa Sophia
Medical clinic
😠 Terrible service from the staff, slow service, super rude... I spent almost half an hour with my 2 year old daughter with a password, waiting at the reception to register the medical record, after she completed the medical record I spent another 25 minutes waiting to be called to do a blood test. Al...
1.60 (159 reviews)
Supplemental Health Care Team image
Supplemental Health Care Team
Medical clinic
😠 Proszę omijać szerokim łukiem, 2-krotna odmowa zbadania pacjenta leżącego(wizyty domowej). Pomimo ciężkiego stanu. W większości odmowa jakiejkolwiek pomocy. Szanowna Pani Doktor zachowuje się w sposób mało taktowny i sugeruje oddanie pacjenta do domu opieki oraz bluźni. Gorzej niż dramat. Kiedy ktoś...
1.60 (76 reviews)
МУЗ Городская поликлиника № 4 г. Брянск image
МУЗ Городская поликлиника № 4 г. Брянск
Medical clinic
😠 Последний раз в очереди просидела с 14:00-20:00, и друзья это не шутка, действительно 6 часов!!! Перенаправляют из кабинета в кабинет, это какой-то кошмар. Приняли только из за того, что в 19:50 моё терпение не выдержало и я начала возмущаться и отказываться выходить из кабинета, пока мне не окажут...
1.60 (52 reviews)
Ghelfond Medical Diagnostics image
Ghelfond Medical Diagnostics
👍 According to the schedule, there is a queue at the entrance to the wheelchair ramp WITHOUT any distancing. Once you enter, you get the password for pre-service, with few attendants for many empty booths. It seems to me a question of economy. The attendants are not agile. AFTER that call begins the...
1.70 (634 reviews)
Hospital Novaclínica image
Hospital Novaclínica
General hospital
😠 Precisei selecionar uma estrela para permitir avaliação. Contudo, o hospital não merece nenhuma. Hospital com péssima estrutura e péssimos profissionais. Meu pai foi internado com COVID e faleceu, causa da morte: infecção hospitalar. A família nunca foi informada sobre o quadro de infecção. O boleti...
1.70 (585 reviews)
Labcorp image
Medical laboratory
1.70 (146 reviews)
IDEXX Laboratories image
IDEXX Laboratories
Medical laboratory
1.70 (86 reviews)
Salem Health Emergency Department image
Salem Health Emergency Department
Emergency room
😠 They get one star simply because the facility is nice, as were the nurses. My mother, who was fairly healthy and very strong for her age, was brought here about 5pm after suddenly becoming very ill and having extreme stomach pain. The ER physician was nice enough but they did almost nothing. We saw...
1.80 (268 reviews)
Quest Diagnostics image
Quest Diagnostics
Diagnostic center
😠 Worst place. I came here on an appointment for 8:30, came here 10 minutes prior and waited almost 2 hours before I finally decided to confront them about why I wasn't called. They claimed they called me several times but apparently one of the staff who did call me before had a heavy accent and been...
1.80 (129 reviews)
Clinic Clinical Analysis image
Clinic Clinical Analysis
Medical clinic
😠 Péssimo atendimento, eles demoram 48 horas para responder no Whatsapp de agendamento. No dia de atendimento é muito desorganizado, demoraram 3 horas para fazer uma coleta para hemograma. Local inadequado para atender idosos.
1.80 (104 reviews)
Meditsinskiy Tsentr Ekspert image
Meditsinskiy Tsentr Ekspert
Medical Center
1.80 (69 reviews)
Przychodnia Lekarza Rodzinnego Maks-Med image
Przychodnia Lekarza Rodzinnego Maks-Med
Public medical center
😠 Najgorsza przychodnia jaka może być! Dodzwonić się tam graniczy z cudem. Jak się dzwoni to nie odbierają, przyjezdza się specjalnie to telefon dzwoni a panie wolą sobie rozmawiać albo jak to raz miało miejsce co widzialam na własne oczy od strony wejścia z dziećmi na szczepienie, panie zamiast odebr...
1.80 (53 reviews)
One Brooklyn Health-Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center image
One Brooklyn Health-Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center
Private hospital
👍 I did my medical residency here. I am not surprised to see all the angry comments here. However, all these “shut down the hospital” calls are coming from people who don’t have the slightest understanding of public health. The hospital is so busy, with horrible long waiting time, poor “service” and d...
1.90 (708 reviews)
UPA de Ceilândia image
UPA de Ceilândia
Urgent care center
😠 Uma tremenda falta de respeito com o cidadão. Pessoas passam 6h, 8h aguardando atendimento e são dispensadas pq o atendimento é suspenso. Ao passo que amigos dos servidores chegam e vão direto para os médicos, sem passar nem por triagem. Um homem chamado Daniel Conceição Pereira foi atendido a frent...
1.90 (162 reviews)
Labcorp image
Medical laboratory
😠 I have not had positive experiences with this location in the past and stopped using them. Today, I opted to try again for ordered blood work. My visit lasted under 20 seconds!! When I walked in and approached the counter a staff member just pointed to the kiosk in the waiting room without a single...
1.90 (141 reviews)
Urgent Care White Lake image
Urgent Care White Lake
Urgent care center
👍👍 I had an excellent experience at this clinic on a very busy day when doctors offices are closed (New Years Day). It’s a little disappointing to see so many negative reviews because you had to sit in a waiting room, longer than you expected. This is urgent care, not the minute clinic or your doctor...
1.90 (72 reviews)
Labcorp image
Medical laboratory
😠 This location is temporarily closed as you can see in the photo taken of the notice on the door. I checked on Labcorps’s website and they still list this location as open. I had to go to another location in Highlands Ranch. They told me that they have notified corporate that people had been coming t...
1.90 (68 reviews)
Академия здоровья, медицинский центр image
Академия здоровья, медицинский центр
Medical clinic
😠 My wife needed an x-ray of her stomach, so I called this clinic because it was close to home, despite the low ratings on Google. Over the phone in this PAID clinic, some guy managed to be rude to me about a basic question, only after I got wound up and almost started to be rude myself, they explaine...
1.90 (55 reviews)
Mercy Health - Springfield Regional Medical Center image
Mercy Health - Springfield Regional Medical Center
😠 my grandpa had 2 extreme surgeries and after he was moved to the recovery floor, things seemed to be okay with him. they were giving him shots so no blood clots would appear and just a COUPLE days after talking about his release papers and everything, he randomly passed away in his sleep in the midd...
2.00 (337 reviews)
Quest Diagnostics image
Quest Diagnostics
Diagnostic center
😠 One star is too much. They have no masks available, but require them. This makes no sense. They do not take email orders, but you can print your email up and bring it in. This makes no sense. If you ask a question they run to the back and say they are with another patient. Parking is only partial...
2.00 (171 reviews)
Day Hospital Quirónsalud Talavera image
Day Hospital Quirónsalud Talavera
Specialized hospital
😠 I have too many stars, but you have to click 1 to write 🤬 Well, saying wrong is little to describe the organization and operation of this pseudo health center, in fact I do not even know how some consultations comply with the regulations in terms of spaces, it is shameful to go to gynecology for e...
2.00 (131 reviews)
Labs a+ Barra Life: Medicina Diagnóstica, Laboratório, Exames, RJ image
Labs a+ Barra Life: Medicina Diagnóstica, Laboratório, Exames, RJ
Medical laboratory
😠 if I could I would give MINUS 5 stars. If you don't want to read everything, in a nutshell: run away from this LABS A+ laboratory OF THE FLEURY GROUP with the worst care and consideration for the patient.!!!! When they realized that I was leaving because of the delay in service, they quickly moved...
2.00 (117 reviews)
Dayton Pain Center LLC image
Dayton Pain Center LLC
Addiction treatment center
😠 HORRIBLE! 15 months and the staff still says they can’t figure out my case. FIFTEEN months begging for treatment, Megan is the “uncertified” coordinator and does nothing but sit on her butt. Dr Reddy simply writes a script for pain meds and walks out. These people do not care about any patients. Lis...
2.00 (106 reviews)
Labcorp image
Medical laboratory
😠 It’s no wonder why this company has the worst reviews . They should probably think about closing down . There employees are not happy and they are some of the rudest people we have come across . We walk in my wife starts the conversation about the hurricane idalia coming and they come out say we ho...
2.00 (102 reviews)
Clinic Medical Diagnostics image
Clinic Medical Diagnostics
Medical laboratory
😠 Hoje estive na clínic de Caieiras e fiquei cerca de 40 minutos esperando para ser atendida na recepção, recepcionista muito mal humorada por sinal. Quando chamou minha senha pediu meu documento e perguntou qual exame seria, informei que seria ultrassom obstétrico simples. Ela pediu que eu aguardasse...
2.00 (96 reviews)
Star Lab image
Star Lab
Medical laboratory
😠 Horrible lab filled with liars. I was told that i would receive my covid test results in a day so I used to this lab due to the fact that I needed quick results for my flight to Canada. It also states on their website that they have a one day turnaround time. Had my test done on Monday and my flight...
2.00 (59 reviews)

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