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Novalaser Nicaragua image
Novalaser Nicaragua
Medical spa
1.90 (87 reviews)
RANCH in Brodno image
RANCH in Brodno
😠 Don't come here! It's a waste of time and money. The animals are kept under very bad conditions (tiny cages, old crappy fences, excrements everywhere). Most of them looked mad and depressed. The donkey was kicking the fence the whole time and running back and forth wildly. Luckily the monkey was kep...
2.10 (312 reviews)
Primary & Urgent Care image
Primary & Urgent Care
Medical clinic
2.20 (297 reviews)
LLC "Sanatorium" Mineral Water 2 " image
LLC "Sanatorium" Mineral Water 2 "
Health resort
2.30 (65 reviews)
Hotel Ferdinand image
Hotel Ferdinand
Casual spa hotel offering a restaurant & an indoor pool, plus a wellness center.
2.40 (134 reviews)
Quality Health Care and Wellness Center image
Quality Health Care and Wellness Center
Medical spa
2.60 (202 reviews)
Elk Grove Urgent Care image
Elk Grove Urgent Care
Urgent care center
2.80 (215 reviews)
Daisy. Spa Hospital for Children image
Daisy. Spa Hospital for Children
Medical spa
2.80 (158 reviews)
Dr. El Hassane Tazi image
Dr. El Hassane Tazi
Plastic surgeon
2.80 (130 reviews)
Sanatorium Noclegi oraz Restauracja image
Sanatorium Noclegi oraz Restauracja
Bed & breakfast
Warm rooms with balconies in an elegant riverside hotel, plus a posh restaurant & a wellness center.
2.90 (66 reviews)
Sanatorium Fortunat image
Sanatorium Fortunat
Medical spa
👍👍 Nie rozumiem wypowiedzi poprzedników,malkontentów.Jestem w FORTUNAT od paru dni.i jestem mile zaskoczona ,bo po przednich opiniach aż bałam się tu przyjechać.Jestem na oddziale poszpitalnym,z NFZ /czyli bez przepychu/mam jednoosobowy pokój,fakt trochę "późny Gierek",ale jest wszystko co potrzeba,łaz...
2.90 (58 reviews)

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