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Restaurante La Espuela image
Restaurante La Espuela
😠 Food super expensive, there are better places in Vigo for eating. Small portions, try to avoid this restaurant!!! PS: 12 small ostras per €18
1.30 (1.1K reviews)
Restaurante Fonda España image
Restaurante Fonda España
😠 Horrible bad food. Ordering food here was the biggest mistake of my life. Drinks, cola, diluted with water. Tap water cost 3.50. lasagna was sour and I hope I wouldn't get food poisoning. Staff is rude and not caring. When I asked for bill, they didn't even give me receipt and asked to pay inside. I...
1.30 (568 reviews)
Kubik Restaurant image
Kubik Restaurant
Mediterranean restaurant
😠 Worst place ever , stay away from this place. There’s no pricelist of the drinks. One cola zero is 9,50 Euro... and no one mentioned it when i ordered , that we have only this size. Scam. Two paella, 1 beer, 1 coke is 60 Euro. No thanks.
$$ $$
1.90 (629 reviews)
Big Macho Food Fine image
Big Macho Food Fine
😠 Horrible food. Ordered sirloin steak medium rare and came well done, also not sirloin. Tough as old boots. Chips unseasoned. Veggie burger bland not even butter on the bread. Overpriced. Toilets are stupidly small, no hand soap or toilet roll. Don’t waste your money! Told it was cash only as card ma...
1.90 (481 reviews)
El Racó de la Vall image
El Racó de la Vall
2.00 (85 reviews)
Mr. Souvlaki image
Mr. Souvlaki
Greek restaurant
😠 Possibly the worst souvlaki pita sandwich I've ever had. Tasteless small dry chicken skewers, stale grocery store bought pita, piles of iceberg lettuce and the legendarily watery "tzatziki sauce" that others have complained about. I've made much better at home and I'm not Greek by a long shot. Ex...
$ $$$
2.00 (62 reviews)
Gambrinus image
Beer hall
😠 Don’t come here, it is just a horrible experience overall... Bad service and hostile and brain dead waiters, asked to put more rice instead of having fries with rice and they gave me a small portion of rice not switching the fries for more rice instead. The “chuleta” was very dry as if it came out o...
$ $$$
2.10 (640 reviews)
Victor restaurant image
Victor restaurant
2.10 (129 reviews)
L'Oeil de la Gazelle image
L'Oeil de la Gazelle
😠 Les toilettes sont dégueulasses avec un service déplorable. On nous a servi le café avec un sucre déjà utilisé. À éviter absolument !!!
2.10 (60 reviews)
Restautante Rincon Andaluz image
Restautante Rincon Andaluz
😠 TOURIST TRAP. Worse place ever! DON'T GO. VERY BAD. We asked for Fanta and Coke but they gave us Kas and Pepsi without asking if it was ok. They took a very long time to give us the bill and the waitress just keep making fun about why we were in such a hurry. Disgusting place.
$$ $$
2.20 (1.4K reviews)
Seventy image
Tapas bar
Paellas, seafood plates & tapas paired with Spanish wines in a relaxed modern venue with a terrace.
$$ $$
2.20 (613 reviews)
Delfino image
2.20 (587 reviews)
Cafe Paris image
Cafe Paris
😠 What a shame. My group of 8 was very disappointed with the food and most of it was just microwaved anyway. On the first picture you can see that the plate we received wasn't even fully cleaned as it had some salad on the bottom of it, none of us had ordered salad so yeah you go figure. We got dress...
2.20 (403 reviews)
Rodilla image
😐 My only problem is that it's really slow. This is because it's severly understaffed and not that the employee (singular) was slow by any means. Seems odd for a busy train station. Food is as good as a typical Rodilla. Prices are approximately the same as in the city but sandwiches are sold as doubl...
$ $$$
2.20 (217 reviews)
Restaurants Casa Saragossa image
Restaurants Casa Saragossa
Mediterranean restaurant
😠 Worst meal I’ve ever had. The calamari was cold and sour and the paella had burnt onto the bottom of the pan. It took an hour and a half to get our food and the waiters were uninterested in serving us.
$$ $$
2.30 (2.2K reviews)
Cadaqués image
Mediterranean restaurant
😠 After two month finally had a bad meal. Normally I’d get a beautiful basket of freshly made calamari in Spain this was something straight from the freezer. I’m hoping the chef is away today otherwise this could be the worst restaurant in Spain
$$ $$
2.30 (1.1K reviews)
Restaurant la Gavina image
Restaurant la Gavina
Mediterranean restaurant
😠 If I could give this place zero I would- we ordered fish croquettes which were cold - should have known at this point the food would be bad - sent them back. Then got the pasta I ordered - can honestly say the worst pasta I have ever eaten although I didn’t actually eat it sent it back after one mou...
2.30 (449 reviews)
Villa Madina image
Villa Madina
Mediterranean restaurant
😠 I ordered beef on the rox and it tasted horrible. The rice was moist and soaking wet. It was really ripe.
$$ $$
2.30 (339 reviews)
Restaurante el Zoco image
Restaurante el Zoco
👍👍 Homemade food. He was full, which usually indicates that he eats well. We liked it, family treatment. Too bad the paella runs out soon. The house wine, which was from Toledo, was very tasty.
$ $$$
2.30 (260 reviews)
Casa Mar Los Marineros image
Casa Mar Los Marineros
Mediterranean restaurant
😠 Service is Terrible, Food is not to standard. We had ordered vegetable lasagna and when we got it it had meat in it we asked the server wether it had meat in it or not he assured us it had no meat we then asked the chef and he took it right away, no sorry in sight. We then got the pepperoni pizza a...
2.30 (249 reviews)
All'Antico Arco Ristorantino image
All'Antico Arco Ristorantino
😠 Wow. Not good at all. Food was very salty. Wine was bad- probably because they let it sit in the sun. Also, weird behavior going on here. Not sure what is happening. To top it off, they didn't have change so I then had to wait for him to break a 50 and get us the 8 change. Do yourself a favor...
2.30 (158 reviews)
Mr. Souvlaki image
Mr. Souvlaki
Greek restaurant
$ $$$
2.30 (85 reviews)
Paramount Lebanese Kitchen image
Paramount Lebanese Kitchen
Middle Eastern restaurant
🫤 No wonder why there is no lineup during busy lunch hour. Taste has deteriorated and prices are expensive relative to what you get. Gave them more than one chance but this seals it, not planning to visit again.
$$ $$
2.30 (62 reviews)
Restaurant Mary Sol image
Restaurant Mary Sol
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
2.30 (59 reviews)
Le Grand Café de la Rade image
Le Grand Café de la Rade
🫤 Choose another restaurant! This used to be good but it changed management so many times and now it is mediocre. Service is slow, food is very basic and nothing is attractive about this restaurant aside from the view. No soap or towels in the restrooms! Go somewhere else for a better meal!!
$$ $$
2.40 (588 reviews)
La Taverna di Venere image
La Taverna di Venere
$$ $$
2.40 (397 reviews)
Bar restaurant Sant Jordi image
Bar restaurant Sant Jordi
😠 Error nuestro no mirar la puntuación antes de sentarnos. La camarera rubia muy borde y desagradable, una hora de reloj en traer la comida y con malas contestaciones y tirando la carta en la mesa de mala manera. Te atendía con la mascarilla bajada. El interior super desordenado con todos los platos s...
2.40 (188 reviews)
Chez Camille image
Chez Camille
2.40 (98 reviews)
Mediterranean Grill image
Mediterranean Grill
Mediterranean restaurant
👍 Had late lunch yesterday, a welcome relief in the midst of 3 flights and 4 airports. Good food, good variety, including healthy options. Helpful, fun and pleasant staff in a place that was crowded beyond capacity for my entire hour+ there. Great beer selection for an airport place, too, both bottled...
$$ $$
2.40 (70 reviews)
Restaurant L'Onada image
Restaurant L'Onada
Oyster bar restaurant
😠 Revolting! Poor quality food at inflated prices. Dubious meat in Hamburgers - Home made meat pattie, unappealing. Wish we had checked the inside out before eating, we would have walked straight out. Doesn't look like they've had a cleaner in quite a while. No toilet paper, paper towels or soap in th...
2.50 (650 reviews)

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