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Provo Canyon School - Springville Campus image
Provo Canyon School - Springville Campus
Mental health clinic
😠 Really disgusting that after hundreds of reports of the absolute horror people endured here that they’re still open, not acknowledging anything, and not even fixing it. The kids that are sent here are already in a bad place mentally, the last thing they need is to be sent somewhere that they’ll have...
1.10 (839 reviews)
Madre Clinic image
Madre Clinic
Mental health clinic
😠 Conclusion: Please don't go. [Good points] Location, things to do on Saturdays and Sundays [Bad points] Cost and waiting time were too long. Others First, I signed a consent form that I didn't understand. I first signed the following. 1. I will undergo all the tests that the doctor deems necessar...
1.30 (175 reviews)
Vitas Salud Mental image
Vitas Salud Mental
Mental health clinic
😠 It is a shame that they do not answer any of the phones, and that they do not respond to emails. And Swiss Medical is responsible because it is the only option it offers for access to mental health. I invite those who are going through the same situation to file a complaint for lack of attention at...
1.30 (53 reviews)
Provo Canyon School image
Provo Canyon School
Mental health clinic
😠 My son was put here about a year ago and his experience was not good. At first, he complained about the staff that they were mean. His therapist wanted to know what happened so he told the therapist about the staff. That they were taunting students, making them fight each other, threatening them, c...
1.40 (207 reviews)
North Star Behavioral Health image
North Star Behavioral Health
Mental health clinic
😠 dont do it. it's not worth it. im begging u. find a better option.
1.40 (104 reviews)
Oak Plains Academy image
Oak Plains Academy
Mental health clinic
1.50 (109 reviews)
SalusCare, Inc image
SalusCare, Inc
Mental health clinic
😠 I and my family raised thousands of dollars for SalusCare, advocating for them, thinking they were helping people. They talk a good talk, but their care is worse than jail! After having my adult son there in crisis care at Deer Run, I speak from first hand experience that this place is a horror ch...
1.50 (62 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health service
😠 Unfortunately it won't let me rate it a 0, otherwise I would. I booked 4 appointments, for which I took off from work. Each one of them didn't happen: doctor never called. Each time I called in to tell them the doctor never called, and apart from being rude and unapologetic, they assured me manageme...
1.60 (211 reviews)
Mind Springs Health - Grand Junction image
Mind Springs Health - Grand Junction
Mental health service
😠 This facility is honestly one of the worst mental facilities I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been through a lot being in the industry. The mental health workers are treated like less than human, because they don’t have degrees. They are put in unsafe working conditions, where they are constantly in harms w...
1.60 (134 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health clinic
😠 The Drs. are absolutely awful. I find the staff extremely rude and disrespectful which is unprofessional. I called 50 other Dr's for a new patient appt but ultimately this was the only place that had an opening. I had a DNA test done through them and no one went over financial obligation with me. Th...
1.60 (105 reviews)
Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health image
Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Health
Mental health clinic
😠 If I could give zero stars, I would. My middle child recently was released from here after being in for 3 months due to depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. During their time there, my kid witnessed an employee hit a resident (a child). The lack of communication is horrible. My daughter's...
1.60 (60 reviews)
Vuxenpsykiatrimottagning Fosievägen Malmö image
Vuxenpsykiatrimottagning Fosievägen Malmö
Mental health clinic
😠 Önskar jag kunde ge dem en stjärna - det är så uppenbart att de väntar på att folk ska ta livet av sig så de slipper hjälpa dem. Individuellt är de antingen inkompetenta eller öppet elaka och bara tanken på mottagningen ger mig ångest (och ångest är inte vanligt för mig). Jag stod i kö i tre år för...
1.60 (53 reviews)
SummitRidge Hospital image
SummitRidge Hospital
Mental health clinic
😠 If you genuinely want help and care for a loved one do not send them here. “Therapy” sessions are hosted by “underpaid” (their words) staff who read off a sheet of paper and are seriously under qualified for their jobs. Nurses were rude and made fun of patients. I was sent to the wrong unit when I f...
1.70 (543 reviews)
Lighthouse Behavioral Health Hospital image
Lighthouse Behavioral Health Hospital
Mental health clinic
😠 I do NOT recommend this facility. They are still siting COVID as a reason to not let you see your child/loved ones and recommend telecommunications. That communication is ONE five minute phone call a night and god forbid you miss it. I'm not sure how that's good for the patient or the family. I w...
1.70 (268 reviews)
Sierra Vista Hospital image
Sierra Vista Hospital
Mental health clinic
😠 Absolutely abhorrent environment. This facility should be shut down, I don’t know where to start. I was finally discharged this morning after fighting tooth and nail to not have my hold extended all for crying. You are not to show emotion here, the staff members are cold hearted and BULLY. They make...
1.70 (263 reviews)
Brynn Marr Hospital image
Brynn Marr Hospital
Mental health clinic
😠 If you or your child did not have enough trauma before being admitted to Bryn Marr, they will before they get out. There is literally no discernible difference between this “hospital” and a prison. If you have any choice in the matter do not come here. My child who is technically an adult ended up h...
1.70 (261 reviews)
Mount Carmel Behavioral Health image
Mount Carmel Behavioral Health
Mental health service
😠 IF YOU NEED TO GET A HOLD OF THE CLINICAL DIRECTOR HER EXTENSION IS 260. It was the only extension I was given during a family members questionable stay here. If you care about your loved ones don't bring them here. No one would answer questions, we were lied to during the entire process, the provid...
1.70 (134 reviews)
Medicus image
Medical group
😠 On May 31, I sent the first email to request an admission appointment for my son for a psychopedagogical evaluation, they do not answer my emails and by phone they tell you that it is the only way to request an appointment, they are abandoning a person, I will have to go by legal means. They are a...
1.70 (117 reviews)
Bethany Behavioral Health a unit of Cedar Ridge Hospital image
Bethany Behavioral Health a unit of Cedar Ridge Hospital
Mental health clinic
😠 Worst experience of my life. 72 hours of torture. I was forced to strip completely naked while staff touched and laughed at me. I did not eat, drink, or leave the room for three days. I was incredibly sick and vomiting the entire time. Passed out on the floor covered in my own vomit, another patient...
1.70 (103 reviews)
Connections Health Solutions - Crisis Response Center image
Connections Health Solutions - Crisis Response Center
Mental health clinic
😠 I had to admit a loved one there. I would chain him to my table before I brought him back there. He was not given any of his meds, causing withdrawal. One staff member was verbally abusive and most others were indifferent or snarky. Another patient kept harassing him and nothing was done. He wasn’t...
1.70 (91 reviews)
Suncoast Center, Inc. image
Suncoast Center, Inc.
Social services organization
1.70 (73 reviews)
JPS Psychiatric Emergency Center image
JPS Psychiatric Emergency Center
Psychiatric hospital
👍👍 So, if you don't know how Emergency Rooms work, don't try to show up here for help. Emergency Rooms take a while to be seen, they are sometimes hectic, and some of the staff or patients tends to be stressed while they are there. With that being said, my fiance and I had a great visit here last night...
1.70 (71 reviews)
Uesugi Clinic image
Uesugi Clinic
Mental health clinic
😠 Do you really hate writing a medical certificate? Last time I asked I was turned down because I had to write a paper, or because I had to write three papers of the same type. I'm definitely not going to pass this time, so please reconsider. I have visited several hospitals It was the first time som...
1.70 (65 reviews)
Mid America Mental Health, LLC image
Mid America Mental Health, LLC
Mental health clinic
1.70 (64 reviews)
Holly Hill Hospital image
Holly Hill Hospital
Mental health clinic
😠 I went to Holly Hill for a week and a half in the summer of 2019 (when i was twelve years old), and it’s safe for me to say that it did far more harm than good. The doctor I met with for only a few minutes a day tried to diagnose me and prescribe me with drugs after only just meeting me, and i was i...
1.80 (516 reviews)
Clínica Madesa image
Clínica Madesa
Mental health clinic
😠 I'm 30 weeks and the gynecologist Edson asked me to go from 15/15 days to the appointment that took 3 hours to be seen in a scheduled appointment and at the reception they say it fits because it's a gestational follow-up, and at the time of the appointment it was rude asking who he asked me to go 1...
1.80 (422 reviews)
Riverwoods Behavioral Health System image
Riverwoods Behavioral Health System
Psychiatric hospital
😠 i went to this facility a couple of months back and it was one of the worst experiences ive ever had. i arrived there at around 1:30 and sat in a small room alone for about 4 and a half hrs alone while the staff was supposed to be doing my paperwork, they talked about their social life. by the time...
1.80 (359 reviews)
LifeStream Behavioral Center-Psychiatric Hospital image
LifeStream Behavioral Center-Psychiatric Hospital
Mental health clinic
1.80 (259 reviews)
Dover Behavioral Health System image
Dover Behavioral Health System
Mental health clinic
😠 If I could give zero stars I would. My adolescent child came for an evaluation for telling their therapist they had a suicide plan. We came. We did the evaluation. They said she should stay, she would be with other kids her age dealing with depression and suicidal ideation, have therapy all day, get...
1.80 (205 reviews)
Springbrook Hospital image
Springbrook Hospital
😠 Please, please, please do anything possible to NOT send your loved ones there! You will never receive a call from any doctor, or someone qualified to inform you about your loved ones care. The living conditions are horrible unless you came from living under a bridge! If you try to get In contact w...
1.80 (178 reviews)

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