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Dartford, Gravesend and Swanley Mental Health Team image
Dartford, Gravesend and Swanley Mental Health Team
Mental health service
😠 Haven’t even experienced the service yet and already disappointed. Was referred as an emergency by the crisis team and told I’d be given an urgent appointment within 3 days, it’s now been 5 days and every time I call I’m told “my case is being discussed today” and they’ll “be in contact”, when asked...
1.30 (54 reviews)
Vitas Salud Mental image
Vitas Salud Mental
Mental health clinic
😠 It is a shame that they do not answer any of the phones, and that they do not respond to emails. And Swiss Medical is responsible because it is the only option it offers for access to mental health. I invite those who are going through the same situation to file a complaint for lack of attention at...
1.30 (53 reviews)
WellSpace Health Roseville Community Health Center image
WellSpace Health Roseville Community Health Center
Community health centre
😠 Had an appointment today 10.23 my physician who actually ended up being a nurse practitioner LIED and canceled her appointment and didn’t follow up. The practitioners name was Liu Fangieng. She’s done this to me multiple times! If you’re willing to give up your health and well-being, and want to get...
1.40 (98 reviews)
Seniorenzentrum "Ederbergland" image
Seniorenzentrum "Ederbergland"
Nursing home
1.40 (78 reviews)
Riverside Behavioral & Mental Health image
Riverside Behavioral & Mental Health
Mental health service
😠 The state needs to come into this place and shut it down. To keep an office like this open is dangerous. Their mailbox is either full or they don’t call back when you leave a voicemail. They don’t even call back the pharmacy to refill the prescriptions. Please DO NOT go here. The provider we saw was...
1.50 (91 reviews)
Greenfield Centre image
Greenfield Centre
Mental health service
😠 If I could give them less than 1 star, I would. My Daughter has been going back and forth with doctors and case workers. She had a telephone consultation with Greenfields and at the time of the call, she received another call off the doctors so she couldn't answer the Greenfields call. They never tr...
1.50 (56 reviews)
NOMED image
Mental health service
😠 Hoy 17/03/23 estuve en Nomed. Mi hija se atendio con la Dra CHERNOFF. un desastre. La maltrato. La menosprecio y le falto el respeto. Mi hija entro en shock. Y nadie hacia nada. Fue gravísimo. Entre porque esa basura me llano. Tambien queria intimidarme Le dije de Todo. Ya hare la denuncia en UP...
1.60 (239 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health service
😠 Unfortunately it won't let me rate it a 0, otherwise I would. I booked 4 appointments, for which I took off from work. Each one of them didn't happen: doctor never called. Each time I called in to tell them the doctor never called, and apart from being rude and unapologetic, they assured me manageme...
1.60 (211 reviews)
Mind Springs Health - Grand Junction image
Mind Springs Health - Grand Junction
Mental health service
😠 This facility is honestly one of the worst mental facilities I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been through a lot being in the industry. The mental health workers are treated like less than human, because they don’t have degrees. They are put in unsafe working conditions, where they are constantly in harms w...
1.60 (134 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health clinic
😠 The Drs. are absolutely awful. I find the staff extremely rude and disrespectful which is unprofessional. I called 50 other Dr's for a new patient appt but ultimately this was the only place that had an opening. I had a DNA test done through them and no one went over financial obligation with me. Th...
1.60 (105 reviews)
Milwaukee County Mental Health image
Milwaukee County Mental Health
Mental health service
😠 The staff at the front desk was so rude and insensitive to the reasonings for my daughters visit. He said there was a long wait time and then questioned whether or not we wanted to wait. This is a highly sensitive matter! For him to just disregard the magnitude of our situation and act as if we were...
1.60 (57 reviews)
Hospital Group Paul Guiraud image
Hospital Group Paul Guiraud
😠 Il faut d'abord passer des suivies psychologiques réguliers aux psychiatres eux même avant de les confier des malades . la majorité sont des sadiques réjouissent d'humilier les patients, des interrogatoire d'incrimination plutôt que des entretiens de psychiatrie qui manquent professionnalisme avec...
1.60 (56 reviews)
Mount Carmel Behavioral Health image
Mount Carmel Behavioral Health
Mental health service
😠 IF YOU NEED TO GET A HOLD OF THE CLINICAL DIRECTOR HER EXTENSION IS 260. It was the only extension I was given during a family members questionable stay here. If you care about your loved ones don't bring them here. No one would answer questions, we were lied to during the entire process, the provid...
1.70 (128 reviews)
Waccamaw Center For Mental Health image
Waccamaw Center For Mental Health
Mental health service
😠 Where is the 0 star review? I went to Waccamaw for a few years, because I didn't think I had options with my insurance. During my years there I had a councilor that nodded off during a session, and would tell me to 'man up' when I would discuss with difficulty with doing basic tasks because of my me...
1.70 (109 reviews)
Circles of Care image
Circles of Care
Psychiatric hospital
😠 I stayed at COC 2 years ago for about 4 days and still have recurring nightmares from being here. I voluntarily signed myself in and was then told they would Baker Act me if I tried to leave. They did not provide me a pillow and when asked they said they "ran out"....for the entire 4 days I was ther...
1.70 (105 reviews)
WellSpace Health South Valley Community Health Center image
WellSpace Health South Valley Community Health Center
Community health centre
😠 RACIST PLACE. If I could give this place negative stars I would. The doctors are disrespectful and racist. My dad went to this place and had a terrible experience. Keep in mind my dad doesn’t speak English and needs an interpreter. My dad is a hardworking and amazing person and has worked so hard to...
1.70 (93 reviews)
Lib Salud image
Lib Salud
Mental health service
😠 Jamás atienden el teléfono, el trato es muy agresivo e ineficiente. Para resolver: te mandan a laburar a vos. Los turnos no se confirman por ningún método y más encima cancelan sin avisar. Atención remota y sin opción de recetas físicas. Cuando me tocó admisión solo me derivaron correctamente cuando...
1.70 (89 reviews)
NHS Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Talking Therapies image
NHS Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Talking Therapies
Mental health service
😠 I wanted to post here to say that the initial assessment and contact with the service was absolutely fine. I did not move forward with Vita Minds for logistical reasons but there are two very concerning issues I want to raise. 1. All phone calls will be recorded. You can and should opt out, includi...
1.70 (70 reviews)
Spectrum Behavioral Health image
Spectrum Behavioral Health
Mental health service
😠 I was told I would be talking to a therapist then a psychiatrist. I show up to the virtual appointment and right away the woman tells me she’s there to take give to a therapist. Why would the person who created my appointment not tell me it wasn’t an actual therapy appointment? As she st...
1.70 (59 reviews)
Colne House image
Colne House
Mental health service
😠 Update 2023 - Over summer I had a manic breakdown, the crisis team would not take my condition seriously. They wouldn't listen to my primary carer (my mum) about the state of my mental health. They were dismissive. This was after Dr. Kohli decided my condition was in remission and discharged me to m...
1.70 (50 reviews)
Riverwoods Behavioral Health System image
Riverwoods Behavioral Health System
Psychiatric hospital
😠 i went to this facility a couple of months back and it was one of the worst experiences ive ever had. i arrived there at around 1:30 and sat in a small room alone for about 4 and a half hrs alone while the staff was supposed to be doing my paperwork, they talked about their social life. by the time...
1.80 (359 reviews)
Valley Behavioral Health System image
Valley Behavioral Health System
Psychiatric hospital
🫤 So, my person experience with valley wasn’t the best. I’ll start off with the decent things. Some of the staff there were so kind. Like Mrs. Christian who had been working in Magnolia which was the unit I was staying in. She was just so nice and patient with me. Now, the bad things. They had told me...
1.80 (119 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health service
😠 I made an appointment for my child last week Thurs with a doctor Michelle Desouza via telemedicine. It was 30 minutes past the appointment time and I called to inquire if the appointment was still going to happen. I was told by the answering service that the doctor was running a couple of hours behi...
1.80 (101 reviews)
Winchester Community Mental Health Center image
Winchester Community Mental Health Center
Mental health clinic
😠 Leaving here worse then what I did coming in ! Careless staff it’s their way or no way . Unfriendly lady who has an accent is very disrespectful and should be fired . Calling someone a week away from their appointment and say they can no longer do my only day I have off which is Wednesdays. And I to...
1.80 (96 reviews)
Exodus Recovery image
Exodus Recovery
Mental health service
😠 Was going through some family trauma and decided a night here away from it would be good for my mental health. One whole week later and they only just allow for my release after threatening daily if I didn't engage in basketball, watching TV, etc, with the others I would be sent to San Diego w/o any...
1.80 (80 reviews)
Red Rock Behavioral Health Services - Norman Crisis Unit image
Red Rock Behavioral Health Services - Norman Crisis Unit
Mental health service
👍 Some people here are terrible to the staff, and it seems that has a major role to play in your experience here. For myself, I checked myself in on a Sunday night and they made me feel welcome from the moment I showed up. If I wanted good food and amazing bedding I would go to the Holiday Inn. I need...
1.80 (62 reviews)
Meridian Behavioral Healthcare - Lake City Office image
Meridian Behavioral Healthcare - Lake City Office
Mental health clinic
😠 I went here back in February and the first day I was waiting in the lobby for 6 hours and they made me sleep out there on a rock hard chair with no pillow and a thin blanket, then at around 6am they put me in the room and gave me a mat to sleep on with the same thin blanket and no pillow on the floo...
1.80 (57 reviews)
Mental health service
😠 I give it 1 star so I can comment but even 1 star is too big for them. People lack education and empathy, from secretaries to professionals. They believe that because they are in a psychiatric clinic they can treat people as if they were all lacking sanity, understanding and/or memory. They lie by t...
1.80 (53 reviews)
Newcastle and North Tyneside Crisis Team Clinic image
Newcastle and North Tyneside Crisis Team Clinic
Mental health service
😠 I was having a breakdown (obviously) and swore during my conversation with the operator - I'd like to make it clear that i didn't swear at her but during a spiraling ramble about how upset i was - and she told me off, as though im an unruly schoolkid and not a grown person in an incredibly vulnerabl...
1.80 (50 reviews)
North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital image
North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital
Psychiatric hospital
😠 When a family member seeks help for their loved ones due to mental health the hospital should turn to the family to ask questions. I have repeatedly made calls but can't seem to get through to anyone. When I finally was able to talk to a therapist her response is I don't have the time to call fami...
1.90 (359 reviews)

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