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Rize CineGalaxy Sinemaları image
Rize CineGalaxy Sinemaları
Movie theater
😠 Nasıl bir hizmet anlamıyorum ikidir istediğim filmi izleyemiyorum. İlkinde arıza olduğu söylendi ancak bunun altındaki sebep sadece eşim ve benim biletimiz olmasıydı. Salona kimse gelmeyince anladık bunu. Aynı şekilde 21.11.2023 tarihinde aldığım 20.30 seanslı AÇLIK OYUNLARI filmine sadece eşim ve b...
2.00 (52 reviews)
Nayanam Theatre image
Nayanam Theatre
Movie theater
😐 This the theater in adoor but the facilities is very poor and they dont provide more facilities and the seats all are damaged. the smell is very bad their tickets rate is normal but they dont provide that much facilities but now the theater is under re- construction, this is the one of the old the...
2.10 (518 reviews)
Wanderlust image
Night club
Trendy nightclub with a roof terrace & River Seine views, offering global fare & jugs of cocktails.
$$$ $
2.30 (1.6K reviews)
பியர்லெஸ் தியேட்டர் மயிலாடுதுறை image
பியர்லெஸ் தியேட்டர் மயிலாடுதுறை
Movie theater
😠 It's not a Theatre.. it's kind of open land.. wrongly mentioned as palace theatre..
2.30 (80 reviews)
Ranjani Theatre image
Ranjani Theatre
Movie theater
😠 No maintenance theatre is very dirty but they are taking 200+ rs for new movies many drunk people are coming inside theatre even theatre staff not asking anything, around 20 years back this is the only AC theatre in palakollu town so many celebrities came here to watch movies, now this theatre is ve...
2.40 (56 reviews)
Smitha Theatre image
Smitha Theatre
Movie theater
😠 Very bad condition. Very old fashioned. The seats are not at all comfortable. Sound quality is poor and also the screen clarity is very low. Refreshments available. Good parking space which is free of cost. Ventilation is poor and a congested atmosphere. Tickets rates are low.
2.50 (620 reviews)
Anantha Veera image
Anantha Veera
Movie theater
😠 Such a bad Theater I have seen ever. No maintaining at all. U can’t even say they have basic maintain. None of the chair are proper and inside smell like proper ventilation. Not even proper fan in all areas. I have request the management to Consider that human are coming into ur property n...
2.50 (554 reviews)
Vishwaroopa Theater image
Vishwaroopa Theater
Movie theater
😠 One of the worst theatre in kothagudem. No proper seating at all even in balcony. Please don't come with family. No neatness at all Actually i want to give zero Rating. For elders and those who having heavy personality they can adjust in these seats here. Lot of mosquitoes even in balcony or box. N...
2.50 (365 reviews)
ganesh theatre image
ganesh theatre
Movie theater
😠 "Waste" Theater in Adb... "No sound clarity" and seat's 💺 are totally uncomfortable...plz don't try to watch the film in Ganesh Theater.
2.50 (331 reviews)
Subha Theater image
Subha Theater
Movie theater
🫤 Seats are really bad.. they are telling DTS is there but surround sound is not good. Screen clarity is less almost like you set phone's brightness to zero. Theatre authorities are reluctant even to put on fans. Only plus point is the parking facility and location.
2.50 (226 reviews)
Annapurna Theater image
Annapurna Theater
Movie theater
😠 A theater ki rating adi Oka theater aa chii neee Malli rating okati nee
2.50 (184 reviews)
Shrinivas Talkies image
Shrinivas Talkies
Movie theater
😠 Worst ever I have seen....Very bad experience....
2.50 (176 reviews)
Vetrivel Murugan image
Vetrivel Murugan
Movie theater
🫤 Theatre does have AC but wasn't working when we went. If not for the fans it would have been worse. Went there for Sarkar(a Tamil movie) - FDFS. My experience was ok.
2.50 (68 reviews)
Cinema L'Empire image
Cinema L'Empire
Movie theater
👍 Cinéma certe vieillot mais la magie du grand ecran a opérer sur mon pti neveu pr sa première séance. La salle était propre et le personnel agréable, je ne comprends pas tout ces avis négatifs. Pour moi ce sera 4 étoiles mérité
2.60 (719 reviews)
New Kavitha image
New Kavitha
Movie theater
😠 There are only two theatres in Kondotty. One is Kavitha. It is the number one worst theatre in Kerala. There is release of movies. But, the screen is very bad, no sound quality. There is only the sound of fan. The seats are very very bad. It doesn't worth for the amount we pay. And cigerette smoking...
2.60 (520 reviews)
Sekhar Theatre image
Sekhar Theatre
Movie theater
🫤 Worst theater I saw ticket price is low but worst maintainence seating are not comfortable bad cleaning no ac no fans also every where inside the theater u saw dust only screen also no clarity but canteen prizes and ticket prizes are low and sound system was good
2.60 (451 reviews)
Khayaam Theater image
Khayaam Theater
Movie theater
😠 Bad theatre. Seats are damaged and broken. Most of the speaker don't work. Bad sound quality. Screen is 2k. Poor visual quality. Not an ac theatre, only a few fans are there in the theatre and half of it is in working condition. Ticket rate is 70 and 80 rs.
2.60 (115 reviews)
NS Theater image
NS Theater
Movie theater
😠 Just thinking why the still owner go show movie here? One if the worst theatre I ever seen. Cheap one. People watching film from this theatre is also very low
2.60 (95 reviews)
Meydan Avm Isparta Cinegold Sinemaları image
Meydan Avm Isparta Cinegold Sinemaları
Movie theater
2.60 (85 reviews)
6 Eylül sinemaları image
6 Eylül sinemaları
Movie theater
😠 Salon çok soğuk. Ses salonun büyüklüğüne göre çok yüksekti. Görevli sürekli salona girip çıktı, telefonu çaldı, konuştu. Film biter bitmez çabuk boşaltın bekleyenler var diye bağırdı. Bilecik'in çok acil düzgün bir sinema salonuna ihtiyacı var!
2.60 (76 reviews)
Çerkezköy Lemar image
Çerkezköy Lemar
Movie theater
😠 İnternet sitesinden aldığım koltuğu başka biri de gişeden almış böyle saçma bir sistem olmaz para iadesi aldım sonunda Çerkezköy'de tek sinema salonu buranın olması da ayrı bir sorun 🙄 21. Yüzyılda ilk defa sinemaya gidenlerin ilkel davranışları da içler acısı kural bilmez krolarla dolu mekan
2.60 (57 reviews)
Mahaveer Movies image
Mahaveer Movies
Movie theater
😠 Worst theater i have ever seen in my life. No A/C, bad service, seats are not comfort, toilets are not hygienic. Recommend to watch in your own mobile rather than from this theater
2.70 (732 reviews)
Bharath Cine Complex image
Bharath Cine Complex
Movie theater
2.70 (547 reviews)
Shaan Theater image
Shaan Theater
Movie theater
😠 Horrible tent I've ever seen. They charge no lesser than A/C theaters. Why can't they make good renovations?? But horrible experience. Plastic chairs, bad smell, some insects, no sound quality, no good screen, no good toilets. I guess there is no any good theatre across.
2.70 (515 reviews)
Ganga Movie Theatre image
Ganga Movie Theatre
Movie theater
😠 Worst theatre in the kerala state itself. You can just imagine the quality of the theatre even their price is about 50 rupees in the front row and 70 rupees at the rear .Infact you are paying 70 rupees for getting 'Fan'🥲🍃. Seating is poor and you can seen the broken floor. Then coming to the proje...
2.70 (478 reviews)
Gopalakrishna theater image
Gopalakrishna theater
Movie theater
😠 Only Budget Friendly Non AC Theatre in Mangalagiri which takes Hollywood movies but the sound system and screen of the theater gives us horrible experience. If u don't want to ruin your cinema experience I suggest you to avoid this theatre.. Even after reading this post u still have to choose to wat...
2.70 (468 reviews)
Gurunath theatre image
Gurunath theatre
Movie theater
👍👍 Good sounds system..And..Good lighting screen
2.70 (372 reviews)
Arun Theatre image
Arun Theatre
Movie theater
😠 speaker did not works surroundings. screen size is good, but sometimes too dim . average theatre. not satisfiction in experience in movie.
2.70 (179 reviews)
Movie theater
👍👍 A place where you can purchase things at reasonable prices.
2.70 (169 reviews)
Kundan Cinema image
Kundan Cinema
Movie theater
🫤 They reales only b grade movie🎬 but the positive thing is that they sold movie tickets in lower price
2.70 (167 reviews)

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