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Icon pub image
Icon pub
Night club
😠 Worst pub totally fraud they will say that they will give 4 drinks only one mini beer they will give & 1 small local Peg they will give & that's not actually pub it's normal floor with 3 to 4 light settings in it and worst DJ coming to dancing girls 🙏 I cannot comment on them! Totally fraud pub, We...
1.10 (70 reviews)
Blue Night image
Blue Night
Adult entertainment club
1.30 (274 reviews)
All Day Bar image
All Day Bar
1.30 (82 reviews)
Foksal Club image
Foksal Club
Night club
😠 It's the same like in other cities - every club with promoters trying to get you in there, is a place you should definitely avoid! I've never been to this place but from the stories I've heard, I can say that this place is a disgrace for Poland!
1.50 (211 reviews)
Nattklubb Club Privé image
Nattklubb Club Privé
Night club
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
1.50 (135 reviews)
Sala Rocambole image
Sala Rocambole
Night club
1.50 (88 reviews)
SUB Düsseldorf image
SUB Düsseldorf
Night club
Guests can reserve VIP tables & bottle service at this chic nightclub with guest DJs & happy hours.
$$ $$
1.60 (585 reviews)
Palo Palo image
Palo Palo
Disco club
😠 I would like to remind the bouncers that the ONLY bouncers are ONLY and nothing else! Come back down from your stupid, tall steed!
$$ $$
1.60 (303 reviews)
The Assheton Arms hotel image
The Assheton Arms hotel
Bed & breakfast
Simple rooms, some with shared bathrooms, in a down-to-earth budget hotel offering free Wi-Fi.
1.60 (275 reviews)
Le MOON image
Night club
1.60 (138 reviews)
Superfly image
Night club
😠 DO NOT GO TO THIS BAR. My friends and I were both harassed and physically assaulted over and over by many aggressive men and security saw it AND did nothing. The bar was full of these men and they literally circled us, organizing other guys to make sure we couldn’t move out of their reach. Absolut...
1.60 (80 reviews)
Taksim Cocorico Night Club image
Taksim Cocorico Night Club
Night club
😠 Complete scam. Drinks are wildly overpriced and cash only. If you don’t have cash, they will follow you to the ATM. If you do find yourself there for whatever reason, make sure to keep count of how many you get, because they will try to lie to you. Beware.
1.60 (78 reviews)
Paradise Club Berlin image
Paradise Club Berlin
Night club
1.60 (52 reviews)
Vie i pee image
Vie i pee
Night club
😠 all 1-2 star ratings (stories) are true ... i am speechless = NEVER AGAIN
$$$ $
1.70 (815 reviews)
Mome image
Night club
😠 Worst experience ever. Expensive drinks; I bought 9 shots, each of which were less than half a shot. Horrible customer service. Discriminatory. and overall, not a fun experience. Go to all the other bars around the area especially if you’re a foreigner.
$$ $$
1.70 (442 reviews)
Bling Bling Luxury Club image
Bling Bling Luxury Club
Disco club
1.70 (173 reviews)
Tao Tenerife image
Tao Tenerife
Night club
😠 I put a star because the application forces you to. The goalkeepers try to say that it is lousy is little The "manager" believes he is the king of the mambo, who can treat people as he wishes. Not even the goalkeepers agree on the rules, depending on their interest, they let in or not. It doesn't m...
1.70 (114 reviews)
Mason's image
Night club
1.70 (53 reviews)
Tiger Tiger London image
Tiger Tiger London
Night club
😠 Shocking! Absolutely shocking! This place is rock bottom. It is inexplicable that it manages to still exist when it clearly should have been shut down by Westminster council on public health grounds a long time ago. Curious who they’re bribing. There were literal piles upon piles of all types of rub...
1.80 (959 reviews)
CUBES Club image
Night club
Ample nightclub featuring a neon-lit dance floor, lounge areas & a full range of cocktails.
$$ $$
1.80 (540 reviews)
Toy RoOm Rome image
Toy RoOm Rome
Night club
😠 Extremely rude and superficial staff. Forced me remove my coat as a woman, which has never happened to me before and made me feel very uncomfortable and vulnerable. After scanning my body the bouncer rejected our entrance although we were dressed fine. Avoid this place at all costs unless you want t...
1.80 (277 reviews)
Rapture Nightclub image
Rapture Nightclub
Night club
😠 Management was rude and drinks tasted funny... I slept way too long after partying here. *Wow not Indonesian at all, and haven't heard of travel my dude? Remember that news travels fast on the internet and having the press cover your behavior isn't good at all owner.
1.80 (185 reviews)
Dorothy image
Night club
Dine-in · Delivery
1.80 (139 reviews)
Le Sun image
Le Sun
Night club
😠 Sincèrement le patron Christophe avec ses mocassins est vrmt impolie. Il n’y a personne dans la boîte et notre groupe de pote ne se sont pas fait accepter dans la boîte à cause de notre OUTFIT. Pire soirée…..
1.80 (113 reviews)
Chez Ginette image
Chez Ginette
Night club
1.80 (87 reviews)
LAZOTEA AfterWork -Bella Terra Mall image
LAZOTEA AfterWork -Bella Terra Mall
Night club
😠 Worst club ever in Santiago! They discriminate to the fullest! The security sucks and are corrupt. Just because my boyfriend and I had IDs from the United States, they wouldn’t let us go in even though they let most of our group in. Like how are you going to let all the Dominican people from the gro...
1.80 (85 reviews)
VMAX image
Pachinko parlor
😠 ゴミ過ぎる!ダイナムの方が100倍いい! なにしろ店員が糞でイライラ!底辺野郎!バーカ!!ささっと潰れろ!
1.80 (50 reviews)
Medellín image
Workers' club
Bar & nightclub with Latin American decor, offering cocktails, DJ parties & live music performances.
1.90 (1.2K reviews)
La Victoria image
La Victoria
Night club
Latin-themed nightspot & dance club offering a full bar & bottle service, plus a small plates menu.
1.90 (539 reviews)
Brown Alley image
Brown Alley
Night club
Hip nightspot with eclectic live dance acts in 4 stylish rooms, plus an open rooftop bar.
1.90 (453 reviews)

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