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Women's Health Center image
Women's Health Center
Women's health clinic
😠 2 hours on the phone no response very unprofessional. They staff is extremely rude. Had my blood drawn after confirming my pregnancy and the lady said I was so young to have a child so I must’ve been regretting ending up pregnant at almost 21yrs old. The front desk girls will have a whole conversati...
1.30 (93 reviews)
Dr. Rita U. Goradia, MD image
Dr. Rita U. Goradia, MD
Family practice physician
😠 This place is a insurance scam. Besides the staff including Dr. Goradia, being extremely rude they are unprofessional and have little regard for their patients and their feelings . I had bloodwork done over two weeks ago. When I left the office during the inital visit, I told them I was comfortable...
1.50 (60 reviews)
Brightseat Health Care image
Brightseat Health Care
Medical clinic
😠 Booking the appointment was quick and easy they had an appointment the very next day for me which was great. I can't begin to explain my experience earlier today. I came in as a new patient with no referral (my insurance didn't require one) I was greeted by the other patients carry out food that the...
1.60 (91 reviews)
EVMS Obstetrics & Gynecology image
EVMS Obstetrics & Gynecology
Women's health clinic
😠 Can you give no stars? I had delivered my baby at 33 weeks due to pre-eclampsia at Norfolk General and was told I needed to follow up at EVMS in 3 weeks to make sure my recovery was going smoothly and my medication was leveling out my blood pressure. Okay, easy enough. I go to my appointment and the...
1.60 (81 reviews)
Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas- Sanborn image
Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas- Sanborn
Medical clinic
😠 Receptionists NEED MORE TRAINING!! Many times now they have given my grandfather incorrect appointments. They will hear from me Monday morning because this is ridiculous/frustrating. How hard can it be? Do I need to go myself and show these girls how to properly schedule a patient? At this point I d...
1.60 (61 reviews)
Park Medical & Diagnostic Center image
Park Medical & Diagnostic Center
Medical Center
🫤 The doctors are great from internal to pediatrics. However the staff suck. Receptionist has no idea what she's doing. They take hours just to find your chart and then you spend 2 minutes with the doctor. They bill the insurance company for a half an hour consult with the doctor which is so not true...
1.70 (52 reviews)
Apex Medical Clinic image
Apex Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 I’ve been to this clinic many times due to the convenience. There have been many occasions where I have booked an appointment and still had to wait hours before being seen. My last visit the doctor even told me to go find my own family doctor even though their sign says they are looking for new pati...
1.80 (412 reviews)
Meditsinskiy Tsentr Ekspert image
Meditsinskiy Tsentr Ekspert
Medical Center
1.80 (69 reviews)
Aunt Martha's Hazel Crest Community Health Center image
Aunt Martha's Hazel Crest Community Health Center
Medical clinic
😠 I had been going to the clinic in Hazel Crest for a few years. In January, I went in for a routine check up for my blood pressure and to get a refill prescription for my medication. That's when I learned my doctor was no longer there and they assigned me under Judith Sheldon who is actually not a...
1.80 (54 reviews)
Family Health Care Flowood image
Family Health Care Flowood
Women's health clinic
😠 My experience here was horrible!!! My appointment was at 1:30 I didn't see a doctor til 2:40! I went to the back and it all got worse from there. The doctor came in and basically said there was nothing she could do for me. I never had blood work done NOTHING!!! I definitely will not be going back be...
1.80 (50 reviews)
WellSpace Health Arden-Arcade Community Health Center image
WellSpace Health Arden-Arcade Community Health Center
Medical clinic
😠 Very bad customer service, if you want to make an appointment in the Immediate Care department, you will have to wait for over six hours. In short, you will regret coming to this clinic.
1.90 (241 reviews)
Albany Med: Obstetrics & Gynecology image
Albany Med: Obstetrics & Gynecology
Women's health clinic
😠 First of all I am an AMC employee. If I didn’t have insurance through them I wouldn’t use this office at all. My one star is directed towards the front desk. My doctor is amazing. Getting a hold of this office for an appointment is a nightmare as well as getting a hold of a nurse. You might as well...
1.90 (100 reviews)
Abington Primary Women’s Healthcare Group image
Abington Primary Women’s Healthcare Group
Women's health clinic
🫤 The only reason why I am rating Abington Women's Health two stars is because my experience with the doctors have been pretty good. I adored my old NP, but she has since retired. Up until today, I was a patient here for over 10 years. However, dealing with the office staff and scheduling is a nightma...
1.90 (70 reviews)
Point Cook Medical Centre image
Point Cook Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 On 19/8/2022 at 2 :20 pm I visited the medical centre in Dunnings Road There were two girls at that time in reception and were busy in chatting each other . Did not care about customer. Then I repeated ask one of the receptionist and presented the documents given by doctor . Without reading the pape...
2.00 (260 reviews)
Women’s Health Center image
Women’s Health Center
Women's health clinic
😠 This is the absolute worst medical facility I have ever gone to and that is not an exaggeration. I only ever received services ONE time at the women's clinic in 2019 during drop in hours and was given inaccurate medical advice and was never even notified of my test results until I called weeks late...
2.00 (112 reviews)
Philadelphia Pregnancy Center image
Philadelphia Pregnancy Center
Pregnancy care center
😠 Disgusting, disgusting people. The blatant disrespect and mistreatment wasn't too short of criminal. This center will be boycotted until justice is served. People like Theresa shouldn't be anywhere near patients. A very disgusting woman. Your response to her CLEAR unprofessionalism as well as her d...
2.00 (107 reviews)
Community Healthcare Network – Long Island City image
Community Healthcare Network – Long Island City
Medical clinic
😠 I did my prenatal care there. I decided to go there because they had late appointment but they don’t have the right equipment to heard the baby’s heart, not good connections with hospital to do the sonogram or to give u the results. ( they do not have equipment to do sonogram) They don’t recommend t...
2.00 (95 reviews)
Hammondville Medical Centre image
Hammondville Medical Centre
Medical Center
2.00 (83 reviews)
Yamato Ladies Clinic image
Yamato Ladies Clinic
Women's health clinic
😠 悪い事は言いたくありませんが絶対行かないでください。 大和駅のホーム内に看板があったのできちんとしたクリニックなのかな?と思い受診させて頂きましたが、結果的に大失敗でした。 二回程診察に行きましたが、毎回受診のたびにに必要と感じにくい検査を沢山されます、検査料目当てなのでしょうか?検査が多いので必然...
2.00 (50 reviews)
Global Obstetrics - Gynecology Infertility image
Global Obstetrics - Gynecology Infertility
Women's health clinic
😠 If I could give no stars I would! When I was pregnant in 2010 my regular OB sent me there for labs because I’m such a hard stick and they said that I had herpes! I was so upset I thought my fiancé had cheated on me. He got tested and nothing! He thought I was cheating! But when my original OB made m...
2.10 (238 reviews)
Specialized clinic
😠 Son unas INCOMPETENTES!!! llamé para coger cita, me dieron cita para un lunes 6 de marzo y al acudir a la recepción me dijeron que no tenía ninguna cita registrada! Aparte de NO ejercer bien su trabajo, con tono chulesco y elevado,me hacen dudar de mí misma teniendo que enseñarles la llamada registr...
2.10 (216 reviews)
Centro Medico El Cajon image
Centro Medico El Cajon
Medical clinic
😠 This clinic needs a critical attention from people who are in charge of it. The front desk people are so unprofessional; they never answer any phone calls even if you wait 2+ hours on the line. When I went to my appointment I noticed they just keep chatting in Arabic about patients or unrelated stuf...
2.10 (215 reviews)
Centro Medico Cathedral City image
Centro Medico Cathedral City
Medical clinic
😠 There is a reason Riverside County refused to pay them. They don't do ONE THING to help you! They ignore mental illness and tell you to "go to the hospital if it's that bad". I guess they forgot about COVID!!! They make you wait two MONTHS to see you and then complain when you're out of medication....
2.10 (187 reviews)
Good Health Medical Centre Mount Gravatt image
Good Health Medical Centre Mount Gravatt
Medical Center
😠 I'm not one for reviews but feel it's my duty to warn others. Took my very sick 4 year daughter to this practice as it was only one open on Sunday and my concern for my daughter was high. Dr Muhammad Nurul Hussain has to be the rudest, most aggressive , uncaring person I have ever come across. He ta...
2.10 (149 reviews)
Weirton Medical Center - Main Hospital image
Weirton Medical Center - Main Hospital
😠 This hospital will kill you they don’t care and is very rude people. My mom was diagnosed with pneumonia and fluid on her lungs kept her a week sent her home on water pill she got worse I took her to upmc presbytery hospital in Pittsburgh where she is being very well taking care of Weirton medical s...
2.10 (139 reviews)
Green Valley OB/GYN image
Green Valley OB/GYN
😠 ****Do not go here if you want to have to drive to the office every time you need to get a hold of them. They won’t answer their phones or listen to their voicemail. They claim they listen to them at the end of the day but I called 3 days in a row for an hour and never got a response. They canceled...
2.10 (130 reviews)
Prisma Health OB/GYN–Sunset Drive image
Prisma Health OB/GYN–Sunset Drive
Women's health clinic
😠 Even 1 star is too generous for the first (and last) experience I had at this office. As a healthcare professional, I’m appalled by the care I received. I arrived at this office at 2:30 as requested via text reminder for my 2:45 appointment. I paid my $50 copay (I received a text confirming my payme...
2.10 (84 reviews)
Mount Seymour Medical Clinic image
Mount Seymour Medical Clinic
Medical Center
😠 The absolute rudest receptionist I've ever spoken to. She was not happy to answer questions or to take the time to even listen to my reason for needing to see a doctor. I understand you guys are under staffed and busy, but you should still show respect, patience and compassion in your line of work...
2.10 (82 reviews)
№1 Поликлиника им. С.М.Кирова (Регистратура) image
№1 Поликлиника им. С.М.Кирова (Регистратура)
Women's health clinic
🫤 Почему мы умираем? Да, пожалуй на протяжении 2 лет нас охватила волна "пандемии". Тяжелое время у врачей, многие не выдерживают и увольняются, но не смотря на это они выбрали эту профессию и должны полностью выкладываться. Понятно, что их все зае... устали, да так во многих профессиях, от сантехнико...
2.10 (76 reviews)
Sun River Health Valentine Lane image
Sun River Health Valentine Lane
Medical clinic
😠 I never leave reviews… however my last experience at Sun River Health was unacceptable. This complaint is specifically for Dr. Sofia Campbell! I want to start off my saying that I have been going to Sun River Health for many years to specifically see Dr. Shah who is amazing! However, the GYN there...
2.10 (62 reviews)

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