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Przychodnia Lekarska "Medycyna" w Alwerni Sp. z o.o. image
Przychodnia Lekarska "Medycyna" w Alwerni Sp. z o.o.
Medical clinic
😠 Teleporada w tym ośrodku to jakiś mało śmieszny żart!!! Umówiony termin na godzinę 15, ale od 40 min nie idzie się dodzwonić do pani doktor. W rejestracji Pani udzielila tylko ZŁOTEJ RADY „proszę próbować do skutku” Chyba nie po to sa godziny teleporad żeby trzeba było wisieć na telefonie cały dzie...
1.30 (55 reviews)
MZOZ Lędziny Przychodnia Specjalistyczna image
MZOZ Lędziny Przychodnia Specjalistyczna
Medical clinic
1.80 (154 reviews)
The Meridian Clinic image
The Meridian Clinic
Medical Center
😠 0*!!! The worst practice in Ireland!! Staff are extremely rude have no compassion for their patients. Especially the blonde hair girl working there she is so ignorant and cheeky, she is no help have no idea how she still has her job, in fact I have no idea how this place is still open!!! My elderly...
1.80 (123 reviews)
Golden State Eye Medical Group image
Golden State Eye Medical Group
Ophthalmology clinic
1.90 (103 reviews)
Erim Eye Care image
Erim Eye Care
Eye care center
1.90 (64 reviews)
Winston Churchill Medical Centre image
Winston Churchill Medical Centre
Walk-in clinic
😠 Hi. I'm usually not the one to write read but after today experience I had to. According to their hours, they should been opened till 8:00pm on Thursday but it seem like they make their own timing depending on their mood. The receptionist was so rude and didn't even apologized. The sign said open a...
2.00 (205 reviews)
新鎌ヶ谷眼科 image
Ophthalmology clinic
2.00 (73 reviews)
Przychodnia Esculap Sp. z o.o. image
Przychodnia Esculap Sp. z o.o.
Medical clinic
2.20 (113 reviews)
La Clinica Monument image
La Clinica Monument
Medical clinic
😠 The attention is very, very terrible from the dentists, I have been with them for 1 year wanting to replace my tooth and they have not been able to replace it, they only schedule me for cleaning and cleaning, and another cleaning and they schedule me from time to time when it arrives the date and th...
2.20 (79 reviews)
Naval Health Clinic Hawaii Makalapa image
Naval Health Clinic Hawaii Makalapa
Medical clinic
😠 Do not go to this facility they do not care about their patients. I understand that there are ”shortages” for healthcare on island but this is the worst facility I have ever been to. They not only have failed to make appointments for me and have told me that I cannot get referrals to specialists tha...
2.20 (53 reviews)
Wyckoff Heights Medical Center image
Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
General hospital
😠 This hospital is disgusting! Horrible service . I went in 8 months pregnant with complains of a swollen leg . They sent me to labor and delivery . When I got there the people at the front desk all nurses said there was no doctor to attend me . This was around 6pm . I then told my husband let’s go to...
2.30 (906 reviews)
Hyperclinica MedLife Favorit image
Hyperclinica MedLife Favorit
Medical Center
😠 Compared to other clinics in the market that offer services at the level of 2022 (not 1980), the following are missing: - the doctors' attention in ticking the list of referrals to be seen in the system (I had a radiology appointment with a referral from a general practitioner, he forgot to tick i...
2.30 (248 reviews)
New York Eye Surgery Center image
New York Eye Surgery Center
Eye care center
2.30 (152 reviews)
Eisner Health - Downtown Los Angeles image
Eisner Health - Downtown Los Angeles
Medical clinic
🫤 The only reason I am giving it 2 stars is simply because THEY TAKE FOREVER TO ANSWER AND THE PHONE LINE. I understand things are a bit rough BUT please get staff to just answer phone calls so we can book appointments. Also, the wait time in the room is INSANE!! Like it took you 45 minutes to come in...
2.30 (121 reviews)
Family HealthCare Network image
Family HealthCare Network
Medical clinic
😠 Hands down the worst place there is. First off, the OB’s have no clue about their patients & play off any issues with a fetal as a “not a big deal”. They have lost vital paperwork for my wife’s measurements for the baby & stated a ‘fetal anomaly’ was nothing to worry about- not true. Talk about putt...
2.30 (119 reviews)
LUX MED image
Medical Center
👍👍 Bardzo polecam, korzystam cały czas z aplikacji, która jest super rozwiązaniem - umawiam się, dostaję potwierdzenie, wchodzę bez kolejek, ani zbędnego wystawania w recepcji. Wizyta zazwyczaj o czasie, często nawet uda się szybciej. Lekarze i lekarki w większości pomocni i uśmiechnięci z ludzkim pode...
2.30 (115 reviews)
Bay College Medical & Lockwood Diagnostic image
Bay College Medical & Lockwood Diagnostic
Medical clinic
😠 I had an appointment with Dr Calvin Lei on Dec 28, 2021. The doctor was very unprofessional and rude. I came in to get a requisition for some bloodwork, that my naturopath recommended me to get done, that should have been ordered by a family doctor. When I explained it to Dr Lei his facial expressio...
2.40 (307 reviews)
Certus - Centrum Medyczne nr 2 image
Certus - Centrum Medyczne nr 2
Medical Center
😠 You do not deserve the name "Private clinic" because it is worse than Nfz !!! Periodic tests for over PLN 400 and the service at a terrible level. At the entrance, the lady measures the temperature and orders the hands to be disinfected, but the EKG equipment does not disinfect the previous patient...
2.40 (193 reviews)
Eye Clinic of Fairbanks image
Eye Clinic of Fairbanks
Ophthalmology clinic
😠 HORRIBLE, Ive been waiting for 8 weeks for my glasses and the costumer service is bad, if you call them it will take 10 minutes to pick up the phone or they wont answer, it has a good choice of glasses to pick from though. Nice clean building, there is at least 4 employees that are rude and not help...
2.40 (151 reviews)
CM Luxmed Sp. z.o.o. image
CM Luxmed Sp. z.o.o.
Medical Center
😠 Obsługa klienta to jakiś żart. Nikogo w recepcji. Na wszystko trzeba czekać po pół godziny. P.S. Za szczególne zasługi na polu obslugi klienta należą się Paniom z rejestracji. Skierowanie na szkolenie jest w ich przypadku conajmniej obowiązkowe.
2.40 (82 reviews)
Gulf Coast Health Center image
Gulf Coast Health Center
Medical Center
😠 With a heavy heart, I must share the agonizing truth about the clinic. Despite the facade of smiles, it has become a living nightmare for my husband, who has been a patient there for several years. The past couple of years have been nothing short of a harrowing ordeal. It's beyond belief the countle...
2.50 (220 reviews)
New Odyssey Hotel image
New Odyssey Hotel
😠 Hotel was very dirty and outdated. Wallpaper was peeling off the walls and there was water leaks and dampness throughout. The room was cramped and that was supposedly their best room. Staff was very unhelpful and rude, especially the head receptionist Sandra. We paid for the room, breakfast and park...
2.50 (138 reviews)
Oak Orchard Health image
Oak Orchard Health
Medical office
😠 Where to begin... As a patient: I am disappointed in the amount of time it takes to contact the office. This has been an ongoing issue for years and has yet to be resolved. When you call and leave a message for a callback, it takes 24 or more hours. They seem to do better for urgent matters, but ge...
2.50 (131 reviews)
Sun River Health Jeannette J. Phillips image
Sun River Health Jeannette J. Phillips
Medical clinic
🫤 For my family the health center used to be good. Now it isn’t anymore. There is like only ONE full time doctor there. Which makes it really really hard to get an appointment. A lot of times I’m told to take my kids to the urgent care. Then when I do a lot of the time they don’t have a provider there...
2.50 (102 reviews)
Potomac Physicians, P.A.-Bel Air image
Potomac Physicians, P.A.-Bel Air
Medical clinic
😠 Today we had a truly disgraceful visit, and I will be gathering my and my son's medical records from this practice. We will not return. I called to set up an appointment for my son to get a flu shot. The woman I spoke to suggested that I schedule a Well Child exam so that the flu shot would be inclu...
2.50 (84 reviews)
Soldier Family Medical Center (SFMC West Bliss) image
Soldier Family Medical Center (SFMC West Bliss)
Medical clinic
😠 Nearly every person in the sick call line was sent away or deferred to their PCM. I thought the point of sick call was for immediate care for injury, pain, or sickness. Dealing with anything medical at bliss is ridiculous and takes months including trying to get anything scheduled through a PCM. One...
2.50 (60 reviews)
Tolima Eye Clinic image
Tolima Eye Clinic
Ophthalmology clinic
😠 Terrible experiencia para mi mamá en esa clinica. La oftalmologa que la atendió la trató tan mal, que la hizo llorar. No le tienen paciencia a los usuarios. Recuerden que los pacientes son seres humanos también. Lamentablemente la EPS la remitió a esa clinica.
2.50 (55 reviews)
Sanitas Medical Center Lublin image
Sanitas Medical Center Lublin
Medical Center
😠 Sanitas? Great organization ... for the first and last time in my life I decided to visit the dentist on the fund - deadline 28.12 hours 9. The day before I got a text message to confirm the visit. I went to the medical center, the lady at the registration desk directed me to see the doctor (she di...
2.60 (240 reviews)
Gabinety Lekarskie Medicomplex image
Gabinety Lekarskie Medicomplex
👍👍 There are queues to see doctors everywhere. It is comforting that changes are still taking place, new doctors - a pediatrician in Mosin - everyone knows that it has been long awaited. Maybe sometimes, instead of a demanding attitude at the door... let's also be human... right from the door.
2.60 (199 reviews)

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