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Specialized clinic
😠 The probability of being answered on the phone is the same as winning the mega sena. I don't know why the number remains on the page...
1.30 (52 reviews)
Island Musculoskeletal Care image
Island Musculoskeletal Care
Orthopedic clinic
😠 This place is a disgrace. Had an appointment for my 91 year old mother that I had to leave work to pick up and take to the appointment. The appointment was for 10:30am, got there are 10:20am. It is now 11:40am and they still have not called her in. They just said that she needs to get an xray do...
1.50 (76 reviews)
Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas- Sanborn image
Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas- Sanborn
Medical clinic
😠 Receptionists NEED MORE TRAINING!! Many times now they have given my grandfather incorrect appointments. They will hear from me Monday morning because this is ridiculous/frustrating. How hard can it be? Do I need to go myself and show these girls how to properly schedule a patient? At this point I d...
1.60 (64 reviews)
MZOZ Lędziny Przychodnia Specjalistyczna image
MZOZ Lędziny Przychodnia Specjalistyczna
Medical clinic
1.80 (154 reviews)
Consultas Externas Hospital Quirónsalud San José image
Consultas Externas Hospital Quirónsalud San José
Medical Center
😠 Zero stars for the ophthalmology admission service. The person who answers couldn't be more unpleasant and rude, saying after having me waiting for more than a month for an appointment and not picking up the phone that they "are no longer there" with her in front of me. It must be a ghost. I quote m...
1.80 (96 reviews)
Hara Orthopedic Surgery Clinic image
Hara Orthopedic Surgery Clinic
Orthopedic surgeon
😠 Personally, hospital evaluation is based purely on the level of medical care and the quality of doctors, without worrying about the newness and cleanliness of the equipment. On top of that, this hospital has the lowest rank. I was a female doctor named Hara, the director. First of all, the attitu...
1.80 (75 reviews)
Przychodnia Lekarza Rodzinnego Maks-Med image
Przychodnia Lekarza Rodzinnego Maks-Med
Public medical center
😠 Najgorsza przychodnia jaka może być! Dodzwonić się tam graniczy z cudem. Jak się dzwoni to nie odbierają, przyjezdza się specjalnie to telefon dzwoni a panie wolą sobie rozmawiać albo jak to raz miało miejsce co widzialam na własne oczy od strony wejścia z dziećmi na szczepienie, panie zamiast odebr...
1.80 (53 reviews)
Sekishukai Clinics image
Sekishukai Clinics
Private hospital
😠 Star ☆ is zero 💢 Because there is only anger! !! During work, he fell from the loading platform of a large trailer and was transported by emergency. It was difficult to find a place to accept it due to the corona damage ... As a result, it was transported here. He was taken down from the ambulanc...
1.90 (75 reviews)
Fuchu Iou Hospital image
Fuchu Iou Hospital
Private hospital
😠 受付の対応も感じ悪いし、看護師さんも大半の対応が冷たいです。1部優しい方もいらっしゃいます。 忙しく確かに待ってる間に聴こえてくる患者さんの声でもエッ?って方はいらっしゃいますし大変だと思いますが、言い方を柔らかくして頂けるだけでも嬉しいなと。 家族の付き添いでいくのですがいつも待ち時間が長すぎる、予...
1.90 (50 reviews)
Hospital São Bernardo | Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica image
Hospital São Bernardo | Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica
😠 Every time, without exception, I go to this hospital - which unfortunately is the only one in the region that meets the insurance, the delay is surreal. Whether for non-urgent or more urgent consultations, every time there are more than 2 hours of waiting. I believe that when there is no support ne...
2.00 (879 reviews)
Dr. Land General Clinic Funabashi image
Dr. Land General Clinic Funabashi
Medical clinic
😠 The clinic just turned me away because I do not speak Japanese very well. I offered to phone a translator, but the receptionist turned me away for the sole reason that I could not speak Japanese very well. Came in for a fever and body aches. 2/26/2019 7:40pm
2.00 (250 reviews)
Centrum Medyczne PZU Zdrowie Elvita Jaworzno image
Centrum Medyczne PZU Zdrowie Elvita Jaworzno
Medical Center
😠 Today I tried to call you to arrange an appointment with an occupational medicine doctor. For 1 call, no one answers the signal, for the second, the line is busy, for the 3rd line is busy, etc. until after the 11th call, the answering machine and the message "every consultant is busy", apparently t...
2.00 (175 reviews)
IMS Memorial Hospital image
IMS Memorial Hospital
Private hospital
😠 こちらの小児科のドクター(院長)は、発達障害に対して、不勉強です。 院長には毎度の診察で自閉症だと伝えていますが、年齢的に忘れてしまうのか、少しでも自閉症という申告が遅れると、すぐに「しつけがなっていない」「お母さんがそういうふうに育ててしまったから仕方ないね」と迷惑そうに言われます。 「ASDなんです」...
2.00 (145 reviews)
Island Musculoskeletal Care image
Island Musculoskeletal Care
Orthopedic clinic
😠 For any organization or facility, personnel in the front are the real faces in whole. By that logic this doctor’s office is the worst of all. Anyone and everyone behind those counters are the worst in their behavior and attitude. They think, they are smarter than anyone and everyone, even than the d...
2.00 (144 reviews)
Okulus - Medical Clinic in Kalisz image
Okulus - Medical Clinic in Kalisz
Medical clinic
😠 Tragedia.. Dla dobra społeczeństwa zamknąć zanim komuś puszczą nerwy .. Rejestracja za takie traktowanie pacjentów powinna zarabiać nie więcej niż 2000 zł maski to swoim bliskim zakładajcie na gęby , natomiast głos sobie podnoście na przełożonego a nie na dobrych ludzi.
2.00 (87 reviews)
Kuramochi Hospital image
Kuramochi Hospital
Orthopedic surgeon
😠 If you see this, please definitely avoid this hospital!! If I were to say ★, I would give it a minus 5. Basically, hospitals are not service businesses, so they don't treat you as a customer, but there are a lot of employees here that I don't think are good people. The language is the worst. Even if...
2.00 (74 reviews)
Remed+Lectus - Specjalistyczna Przychodnia Lekarska image
Remed+Lectus - Specjalistyczna Przychodnia Lekarska
Medical clinic
😠 Pani w rejestracji medycyny pracy bardzo nie miła i opryskliwa. Pani nie precyzuje swoich pytań, następnie się czepia o odpowiedź. Pani wygląda jak by pracowała tutaj za karę. Nawet nie odpowie do widzenia. Porażka.
2.00 (63 reviews)
Przychodnia Lecznica Life-Med bis image
Przychodnia Lecznica Life-Med bis
Medical clinic
🫤 Uwielbiam Panią Dr Beate Grabowską za jej kompetencje, podejscie to pacjenta, tego dużego i małego i wielkie serducho. Natomiast jesli chodzi o panie w rejestracji, to brunetka porażka. Wieczny dąs, rozgoryczenie i mina jakby ktoś ja zmuszał do tej pracy. I jej ostatni komentarz w kierunku pacjentow...
2.00 (54 reviews)
New Sapporo Hibarigaoka Hospital image
New Sapporo Hibarigaoka Hospital
Private hospital
😠 [Health checkup was not possible at the hospital] I came to the clinic for recruitment and found that it was a fairly lax diagnosis, but one of the worst was blood sampling. An elderly nurse collected blood, but it seems that the needle did not enter the blood vessel well, but a rough technique o...
2.00 (53 reviews)
Antelope Valley Medical Center image
Antelope Valley Medical Center
Medical Center
😠 Would love your hospital to explain why you think it's okay to dump someone in the middle of the parking lot with a spit mask still on, like they are a piece of trash. Your staff laughing at the situation shows what kind of people you employ. I don't care what the women's back story was you don't le...
2.10 (781 reviews)
Penn Highlands Mon Valley image
Penn Highlands Mon Valley
😠 I hope people see this review before going to this hospital. My mother needed emergency treatment. We have been sitting in the ER for over 3 hours. The waiting room is covered in stains all over the floor and furniture. The security guard even warned against sitting on the furniture he said “it’s fi...
2.10 (235 reviews)
UChicago Medicine at Ingalls - Calumet City image
UChicago Medicine at Ingalls - Calumet City
Emergency room
😠 I took my teen here for fever, chills, body aches, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, weakness, chest pains/burning in her chest, sore/red throat, swollen tonsils, this sad place sent my child home with a prescription for Motrin, and a antibiotic. Ingalls hospital is way worst!!!! Took my...
2.10 (182 reviews)
Three Rivers Health Hospital image
Three Rivers Health Hospital
😠 I would give zero if I could. Five years ago, I started having severe, sharp stomach pains and then got sick with bright red blood. 911 was called and I was taken to this emergency room and then asked if I could walk to the front desk to register. While I was standing there swaying back and forth an...
2.10 (157 reviews)
Fujisaki Hospital image
Fujisaki Hospital
Private hospital
😠 ありえない対応です。 母が骨折し入院していましたが、せん妄が酷いからと、入院から退院までの3ヶ月間、ずっと個室に入れられていました。 実際にはそこまでのせん妄ではなく、母は看護師や介助士の対応が酷く、精神的に病んでいたようです。 介助で入っていた女性職員は、ベッドを動かす際、何も言わずに動かし、母が何で...
2.10 (108 reviews)
Teraoka Orthopaedic Surgeon Hospital image
Teraoka Orthopaedic Surgeon Hospital
General hospital
😠 no point in booking Although it has been said by others Let me write. I waited for 2 hours with a reservation at 16:00, and I was not called, so when I checked it, the receptionist said, "It will take another hour." at the time of the last reservation Somehow the time with me doesn't match Accord...
2.10 (99 reviews)
McSYL Tatsumi Hospital image
McSYL Tatsumi Hospital
Private hospital
😠 電話対応、接客の質が著しく低いクリニック様です。 発熱外来にこの度お電話させていただきました。 39.5の熱があり、市役所の方からこちらの病院をご紹介いただきました。 お電話させていただいたところ、 ・公共交通機関で来るならお断りします ・打診いただいた中で最寄りの病院がこちらで、当方車なく、徒歩だと3~4時...
2.10 (97 reviews)
Orthopedic Center Walldorf image
Orthopedic Center Walldorf
Orthopedic surgeon
😠 One has to wait 2-3 weeks with pain for the appointment, then comes cancellation with statement "you have to wait more". The calling secretary is exceptionally rude: "Go elsewhere, if you think it will be faster" is the best thing she said during our talk. Hope one day they will learn what a service...
2.10 (83 reviews)
Miyakekai Good Life Hospital image
Miyakekai Good Life Hospital
😠 交通事故の受診で伺いました。 診察室に入るなり一言目が「何で来たの」と。 患者に対する態度とは思えません。 レントゲン検査はしてもらいましたが、「ほら何も悪いとこはないよ。何か言いたいことある?」と。もう何の言葉も出ませんでした。 腕があるのか知りませんが、医師以前に人間としてどうかと思います。他の口コ...
2.10 (81 reviews)
Koga Community Hospital image
Koga Community Hospital
General hospital
😠 この病院の良い話を聞いた事がありません。特に看護師の対応が非常に悪いと、利用した方達からの声が多く、二度と行きたくないと言っています。まともな職員は辞めていくそうです。なので、アクの強い職員ばかりが居座り続けており、患者や付き添いにもそれは感じ取れます。 建物も増築で、古い建物もそのまま使用しており...
2.10 (78 reviews)
Przychodnia SP ZOZ MSWiA w Lublinie image
Przychodnia SP ZOZ MSWiA w Lublinie
Medical clinic
😠 Zgadzam się z opiniami poniżej ja prędzej trafię główną wygrana w eurojackpota i zostanę świętą niż się tam dodzwonię, mam wrażenie, że Panie tam pracujące aby sobie przerwy z rana nie psuć odkładają sluchawke albo rzucają nia jak już z wielkim oburzeniem ciągły sygnał zmusi je żeby odebrać. Ta przy...
2.10 (76 reviews)

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