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Baptist Health Hardin image
Baptist Health Hardin
General hospital
😠 This place hasn’t changed one bit! Spent five hours here just to get up and walk out because the nurse that came in (after we finally get in a room) had such a bad attitude and was super unprofessional. My daughter is severely sick and this lady comes in like she’s hating every inch of her job and j...
2.20 (579 reviews)
Oroville Hospital image
Oroville Hospital
General hospital
2.30 (171 reviews)
CarolinaEast Medical Center image
CarolinaEast Medical Center
General hospital
2.40 (507 reviews)
Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital image
Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital
😠 I am very hurt, angry, and disappointed at how my son was taken care of. He asked for a new doctor as the one he had wouldn't tell him nothing and would not talk to me. It's not bad enough that he ended up in ICU, but he also did not make it. He passed away. I realize the doctors and nurses are bus...
2.40 (434 reviews)
UP Health System - Marquette image
UP Health System - Marquette
2.50 (237 reviews)
Fidelity Health Care image
Fidelity Health Care
Home health care service
2.50 (87 reviews)
M Health Fairview Clinic - Maplewood image
M Health Fairview Clinic - Maplewood
Medical clinic
2.70 (88 reviews)
UNM Hospital image
UNM Hospital
University hospital
🫤 We brought my 80yr old grandma in due to pain in her hip and her not being able to walk. She ended up being admitted to a room in the E.R. and stayed over night. The morning/afternoon E.R. nurses are rude. Some treat you like an inconvenience.They mainly stand around talking loudly or walk by cussin...
2.80 (656 reviews)
Trinity Health Livonia Hospital image
Trinity Health Livonia Hospital
🫤 Received service via the emergency room today. What started off as a really good experience ended horribly. The lobby receptionist was quick to check me in and and was seen very quickly and pleasant. I received medication and X-rays and was told to wait for my results. Two hours went by and I had he...
2.80 (584 reviews)
Binson's Medical Equipment and Supplies image
Binson's Medical Equipment and Supplies
Medical supply store
In-store shopping · Delivery
2.80 (155 reviews)
Ortopedia Juan Bravo S.L. image
Ortopedia Juan Bravo S.L.
Orthopedic shoe store
😠 I just went to the orthopedics to buy a product for a family member who is going to have an operation. I saw on their website that they had the product at a price of €6 and I went to the store. What has been my surprise, when the clerk tells me that it is €9. He told her that on the web it says tha...
2.80 (107 reviews)
Clínica de Especialidades Médica Arias S.C. image
Clínica de Especialidades Médica Arias S.C.
Medical clinic
😠 Pésimo lugar. Dan diagnósticos falsos con tal de sacar dinero. Mi mamá llegó por una gastroenteritis y una crisis hipertensiva, la doctora que la atendió en urgencias fue la única que supo lo que tenía, posteriormente le hicieron otros estudios a mi mamá y consultaron con "la doctora de medicina int...
2.80 (59 reviews)
German Orthopedic Group | Medical supplies image
German Orthopedic Group | Medical supplies
Orthopedic clinic
2.90 (254 reviews)
CareSTL Health image
CareSTL Health
Medical Center
😠 I went to this clinic with my sister. All that I have to say is they need to shut it down and start all over. I know that it is government funded for low income families with or without insurance. But it’s a way that you are suppose to treat people with dignity and respect. From the doctors to the c...
2.90 (96 reviews)

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