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Tipaskan Medical Clinic image
Tipaskan Medical Clinic
Pain control clinic
😠 Don’t really put up your hopes to getting a good doctor here. My mother used to go here until last week. She kept coming back to her Dr. In Tipaskan because she wasn’t feeling well for days. Her doctor did not give her any diagnosis even though the doctor has all her health information. My mother wa...
2.10 (56 reviews)
Vithas Centro Médico Granada image
Vithas Centro Médico Granada
Medical Center
2.20 (81 reviews)
Mount Sinai Hospital Sherman Health and Wellness Centre Family Medicine image
Mount Sinai Hospital Sherman Health and Wellness Centre Family Medicine
Medical Center
😠 The doctors are great, but unfortunately the front desk needs a complete makeover. In the last 2 months I have never been able to get someone on the phone. The secretaries never answer the phones it always goes straight to voice mail. When you leave a message they do not return the calls. I hav...
2.20 (62 reviews)
Royal Care Medical Clinic Yishun image
Royal Care Medical Clinic Yishun
Medical Center
😠 Doctors are great but the clinic assistants are the worse. Rude. Ill-mannered. Wish I could say more but I'll just bite my tongue. So clinic closes at 2pm but they will turn down patients way before 1pm. Just update your website, please. Think about the people who travels to your clinic just to find...
2.40 (156 reviews)
Mad River Community Hospital image
Mad River Community Hospital
Medical Center
😠 The ER was awful, whoever the male nurse was that was working on 05/20/23 was very disrespectful and not professional. My daughter was vomiting every hour on the hour so we took her in and he said " she looks fine to me " and as we left the little intake room he said " well I hope no one with a rea...
2.40 (147 reviews)
Hellmig-Krankenhaus Kamen image
Hellmig-Krankenhaus Kamen
😠 Als ich vor ca. 2 Wochen meinen Kollegen nach einem Verkehrsunfall Unfall ins Kamener Krankenhaus gefahren habe, hat die am Eingang sitzende Sekretärin ihr Telefonat, welches sich für mich SEHR unwichtig angehört hat über 5 Minuten weitergeführt und einen Schwerverletzten dafür warten lassen. Trotz...
2.50 (281 reviews)
Vithas Centro Médico Rincón de la Victoria image
Vithas Centro Médico Rincón de la Victoria
Medical Center
👍👍 Amazing service. From making the appointment to speaking with reception and then the doctor the service here is outstanding. I was made to feel very welcome by everyone even though I don't speak Spanish. Highly recommended 👌
2.60 (424 reviews)
Ellesmere Health Group image
Ellesmere Health Group
Medical clinic
😠 I’ve had the worst experience dealing with this clinic. The rudest receptionist - who blames it on patient for waiting hours or days at end to wait to get to their doctors. I’m pretty positive the doctors don’t even get the messages to reach out to the patients who can’t make it to the clinic. Clear...
2.60 (163 reviews)
Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital image
Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital
😠 You cannot call and talk to a real person without going through 2-3 different recordings first and even then you will most likely have to leave a message. You are not a priority. They charge you ridiculously. I had and ultrasound. They charge for the ultrasound, the doctor to "read" it, the you have...
2.60 (89 reviews)
Hospital Ruber Juan Bravo image
Hospital Ruber Juan Bravo
😠 Since the merge con Quiron San Camilo in Juan Bravo 39, the level of services decreased tramatically!!!!!! Expats and Foreigners, be aware!!!! If you have an international insurance, they will charge more for a consultation with any specialist than they will charge people with a local insurance!!!!!...
2.70 (1.1K reviews)
Central California Pain Management image
Central California Pain Management
Pain control clinic
2.70 (89 reviews)
Nevada Comprehensive Pain Management image
Nevada Comprehensive Pain Management
Pain control clinic
2.70 (50 reviews)
Hospital Privado Núñez image
Hospital Privado Núñez
Private hospital
😠 La recepción es un desastre. La persona que atiende tiene muy mal carácter, no procura dar los turnos según el orden de llegada y prioridad, mientras come y charla sobre su escritorio con otro personal de seguridad o limpieza sin prestar atención a lo que hace. Por esta razón atienden los profesiona...
2.80 (351 reviews)
Centro Médico Los Tilos image
Centro Médico Los Tilos
Medical Center
2.80 (198 reviews)
Milenium Medical Center Las Rozas image
Milenium Medical Center Las Rozas
Medical Center
2.80 (155 reviews)
Nevada Spine Clinic image
Nevada Spine Clinic
Pain control clinic
👍 When I first starting going here I didn't have a good experience to say the least. It's now been over a year since I've been going and it has improved drastically. Wait times are down to a "normal" waiting period. I've also had a better experience with the doctors not making me feel rushed to get ou...
2.80 (108 reviews)
Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center (NVCPC) - Las Vegas, NV image
Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center (NVCPC) - Las Vegas, NV
Pain control clinic
😠 My first couple visits with Dr. Kelner were amazing. Always pay my co-pay well on my last visit when I pay my co-pay I wasn’t told at that time that I had a balance, I continued to be seen. After speaking with the doctor I went out to schedule my follow up appointment I was told at that time I cann...
2.80 (67 reviews)
Pain control clinic
2.80 (54 reviews)
Hospital HM San Francisco image
Hospital HM San Francisco
General hospital
😠 of shame I went to the emergency clinic on 05/21/2022 with my two-year-old son, I arrived at 1:25 p.m. (the hours are until 2:00 p.m.) they attend to me but the receptionists emphasize that they will attend to me miracle, I'm very tight on time. Sorry? I have arrived at 13:25 not at 13:50!!! Wantin...
2.90 (431 reviews)
MVZ Dr. Detlef Kaleth & Kollegen image
MVZ Dr. Detlef Kaleth & Kollegen
Pain control clinic
2.90 (282 reviews)
MVZ Vitalis image
MVZ Vitalis
Orthopedic surgeon
2.90 (234 reviews)
Colorado Clinic image
Colorado Clinic
Pain control clinic
2.90 (177 reviews)
Centro Médico Sanitas A Coruña image
Centro Médico Sanitas A Coruña
Medical Center
👍👍 Quiero felicitar a la chica de recepción que me atendio esta tarde (Montse). Estoy de paso en Coruña y tuve que ir por una urgencia, y desde que entre en la clínica su atención fue de 10, me atendió super bien, una atención súper amable y correcta, incluso iba sin mascarilla por despiste y nos ofrec...
2.90 (114 reviews)
Centre Mèdic Milenium Robresa image
Centre Mèdic Milenium Robresa
Medical Center
😠 It would be good if Sanitas gave customers local and 900 toll-free numbers and not 902.
2.90 (94 reviews)
Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center image
Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center
Pain control clinic
2.90 (66 reviews)
Clinical Care Medical Centers of Miami Beach image
Clinical Care Medical Centers of Miami Beach
Medical Center
😠 Worst medical service I have received in Miami so far. I had two appointments at this place before deciding to never to go back. The forst time I waited over 90 minutes after my scheduled appointment time before being seen by the doctor. I had some routine lab tests and paid a copay. The second tim...
2.90 (64 reviews)
New England Neurological Associates image
New England Neurological Associates
Medical clinic
2.90 (62 reviews)

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