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UK Car Park Management Ltd image
UK Car Park Management Ltd
Parking lot
😠 UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!. This company needs to be investigated by trading standards or the financial ombudsman services / or the police. They are simply ripping people off. Got a ticket in my own car park basement.. in my friends car. went upstairs to get the permit came down and the vultures had alread...
1.10 (853 reviews)
UK Parking Control image
UK Parking Control
Parking lot
😠 I do not know where to start writing about this company. It seems like a big scam how they go about issuing parking tickets. The parking board content is filled with fine information instead of actually communicating how to get a valid permit. Any they expect us to just understand all their rules. W...
1.10 (670 reviews)
Cityparks Latvija image
Cityparks Latvija
Parking lot
😠 I hate to give bad reviews, but this one is truly needed.
1.10 (343 reviews)
Total Parking Solutions image
Total Parking Solutions
Parking lot
😠 The fact that I have to give them evem one single star makes me angry as they do not deserve it. They fine you even though you have paid for your parking. You appeal with plenty of proof and then they send you a letter saying they have dismissed the charge AS A GESTURE OF GOODWILL! How incredibly id...
1.10 (103 reviews)
Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd image
Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd
Parking lot
😠 UPDATE: A few weeks ago I had to pay for parking in my own bay in my own residency. Now I'm being forced to fit through gaps with two cars parking anywhere they like. Pathetic service. See picture attached. How on earth is a big car/van meant to got through that gap. Same as everyone else, got a ti...
1.20 (622 reviews)
Park Happy image
Park Happy
Parking lot
😠 This is the only Park Happy lot listen on Google maps. I know there is at least one more because, apparently, I parked there (when I drove to an SP+ lot) and payed to park. Had lunch. Came out to my vehicle to find a parking ticket for "Park Happy" on my windshield when there were no signs and no li...
1.20 (354 reviews)
Wilson Parking - 189 Queen Street, Melbourne CBD, VIC Car Park image
Wilson Parking - 189 Queen Street, Melbourne CBD, VIC Car Park
Parking lot
😠 The worst carpark I have seen so far in Australia. The entrance to the carpark itself is a one-way pigeonhole and the carpark simply doesn't have 2 lanes. If 2 cars come head on then one has to reverse to allow the other to pass. On top of that, hotel Adina doesn't allow car park customers to use li...
1.20 (80 reviews)
Parking lot
😠 This is some mockery. Situation from today. We parked under the lidl as always and collected the ticket as always. I stayed in the car while my husband went to get the ticket. This time to another parking meter because the gentlemen from Apcoa occupied one parking meter, having a great time. My hus...
1.30 (220 reviews)
Wilson Parking - 80 George Street, Paramatta CBD, NSW Car Park image
Wilson Parking - 80 George Street, Paramatta CBD, NSW Car Park
Parking lot
😠 I think I am going to need counselling after parking in this parking station. I have a large SUV and this was hands down one of the most traumatic experiences in my driving life. DO NOT PARK HERE unless you are driving a a very small car. Once you have gone through the boom gates there is no goin...
1.30 (63 reviews)
Q-Park Operations Danmark A/S image
Q-Park Operations Danmark A/S
Parking garage
😠 Their main business is tricking people into thinking they've done everything right, so they can later charge inflated fines. Avoid Qpark under all circumstances. They don't want to do business, they're just out there to scam people!
1.40 (61 reviews)
Wilson Parking - 425 Collins Street, Melbourne CBD, VIC Car Park image
Wilson Parking - 425 Collins Street, Melbourne CBD, VIC Car Park
Parking garage
😠 Death by parking DO NOT park here. Your car will be stuck Your car may be scratched You may need to reverse all the way out to the entrance. The only way out is to drive out of the entrance. Enter at your own risk. I already gave up but must persevere for my family. If you think life is tough, park...
1.40 (53 reviews)
UK Parking Patrol Office image
UK Parking Patrol Office
Parking lot
😠 its a joke, i just bought the car and after 1 month i have to pay a parking charge, and i am 100% sure wasn't me, because on the picture what they provide the car has different wheels, front bumper, i think they put the wrong date on the parking charge, and send it to me, scammers, scammers.
1.40 (51 reviews)
SIP Car Parks image
SIP Car Parks
Parking lot
😠 Do NOT use these absolute scammers!!! We paid 10 pounds to park our car and i received a parking fine!!!! I wasn't the only one there who had paid and also had a ticket too. I appealed and it was they took my money and now I have a nice parking fine to pay too.. STAY AWAY!!
1.50 (68 reviews)
ParkRite Sdn. Bhd. image
ParkRite Sdn. Bhd.
Parking lot
😠 As the name of the company suggest, these people are incapable of handling a "professional" parking company as they cant even spell things right. I am an unfortunate user at one of its site at MHS2 KL, our management decided for whatever reasons to switch to these clowns to manage the car parks over...
1.50 (57 reviews)
Parking Indigo Marseille Sainte-Barbe image
Parking Indigo Marseille Sainte-Barbe
Parking garage
😠 If I could have put 0 I would have done so without hesitation. this car park is shameful/dangerous!!!! my vehicle was vandalized: broken window and car looted this month of June 2021. The same night, 6 other vehicles also suffered this fate. The parking lot is supposedly secure but it is not. the s...
1.60 (151 reviews)
Parking lot
😠 To przestępczość zorganizowana. Opłaciłem parking na 1h za 8pln (krócej nie można). Po powrocie (30minut) za wycieraczką miałem mandat za 99pln. UWAGA !!! Jako dowód zrobili zdjęcia przedniej szyby ale w taki sposób, żeby nie było widać biletu parkingowego :) Zgłosiłem nadużycie na policji. Okazuje...
1.60 (150 reviews)
Parking Indigo Marseille Bourse - Musée D'Histoire image
Parking Indigo Marseille Bourse - Musée D'Histoire
Parking garage
😠 Parking à fuir. La société INDIGO ne gère pas ses parkings de manière sécurisée. Ma voiture a fait l'objet le 27 avril 2023 d'un acte de vandalisme : destruction de la vitre arrière, et vol du contenu du coffre. La société INDIGO prétend se dégager de toute responsabilité en arguant qu'il est stipul...
1.60 (128 reviews)
Good Parking image
Good Parking
Parking lot
😠 Horrible service. I was staying close at the Rixwell Old Palace Hotel. Parking attendant asked me 30 euros for 24/hrs. Paid the money and parked the car. Went to check in at the hotel where I was told it should be 15 euros for the hotel quests. Was told to show my room card at the parking lot. They...
1.60 (67 reviews)
Park-A-Lot image
Parking lot
😠 TL,DR Even if you simply need a quick place to park, the employees enjoy harassing you either to spend money or to shake you up. They're not affiliated with the hotel, only way to get this place to improve is to not support their business until a new business can take over. 📒 Parking can be access...
1.60 (58 reviews)
Q-Park La Vache Noire image
Q-Park La Vache Noire
Parking garage
😠 2,2€ les premiers 15mn = une arnaque. Quand aux 1h30 gratuits, il faut débourser 5€ dans le centre et utiliser leur site sur votre téléphone pour photographier le ticket et ainsi obtenir un QRCode à flasher à la borne (borne escalator ou borne de sortie voiture). C’est plutôt galère et avant c’était...
1.70 (123 reviews)
Parking Take & Go - Valet image
Parking Take & Go - Valet
Parking lot
😠 Not recommended! The guy who picked up the car came alone and had to take 3 cars to the car park, so 2 of them (including mine) stayed parked in the loading and unloading exit area. I had to talk to the police to avoid being fined. Otherwise, my car would join, waiting for the boy to return and wit...
1.70 (63 reviews)
Ecopark 33 image
Ecopark 33
Parking lot
1.80 (103 reviews)
Secure Parking - 167 Eagle Street Car Park image
Secure Parking - 167 Eagle Street Car Park
Parking lot
😠 ALERT ⚠️ 📢 🚨 ⚠️ 📢 🚨 ⚠️ 📢 🚨 Never use this car park. They will charge declined transactions as well. You don't get it, but it happens to me. 2 month ago on mid of Jan, my friend and I used this car park and was going to pay the fee. But the transactions were unsuccessful due to machine failure....
1.80 (84 reviews)
Secure Parking - 168 Clarence Street Car Park image
Secure Parking - 168 Clarence Street Car Park
Parking lot
😠 AVOID AVOID AVOID! Worst carpark in the Country. I would give 0 Stars if I could. -My Car got burgled whilst parked here. I called "secure" Parking to try and get this looked into and got completely ignored. -The carpark is tight, hope you like scraping the side of your car to get into the spots. -...
1.80 (70 reviews)
The Berkeley Centre image
The Berkeley Centre
Parking lot
😠 Been given a parking charge for not immediately paying as I entered the car park (only 12 minutes late due to a queue) still left the car park within 2 hours of me entering. Although I paid and left within 2 hours of entering I have still been fined. Scare mongering is used to prevent you appealing....
1.80 (57 reviews)
Q-Park Puget Estrangin image
Q-Park Puget Estrangin
Parking garage
😠 If you're willing to pay an extra € 5 a day for parking that should be reserved for smart people, you can go! We entered the parking lot with an SUV, we had to maneuver at each turn taking the risk of damaging our vehicle. This parking lot is far too narrow for any vehicle larger than a smart, fiat...
1.80 (56 reviews)
Tiefgarage Heiligengeist - Klagenfurt | APCOA image
Tiefgarage Heiligengeist - Klagenfurt | APCOA
Parking lot
😠 Der Hammer! 3,70 € pro 45 Minuten. Dafür aber fast leer! Kein Wunder. Am schlimmsten ist jedoch: - der Eingang lässt sich nicht öffnen. Man muss den Notruf betätigen um zu seinem Auto zu kommen. - vor der Ausfahrt ist ein Radweg. Dieser ist durch ein unsinniges Schild nicht einsehbar. M. E. lebensge...
1.80 (51 reviews)
CONTIPARK Parkhaus Am Martinstor image
CONTIPARK Parkhaus Am Martinstor
Parking garage
🫤 Old parking house with extremely narrow "roads" and many scratched walls as a proof... I never appreciated my car's parking (beeping) system as much as in here. The only good thing is the position very close to the centre. But on the other hand one spends way more time trying to find a spot. Avoid t...
1.90 (335 reviews)
Flypark image
Parking lot
😠 Affordable price (45€ per week) but catastrophic service. For an arrival 15 min earlier, I had to pay 10€ in cash, of course... The shuttles are in very poor condition, dirty and several belts did not work. Rude drivers and dangerous driving. The transfer time to the driveway about 15 min. For the...
1.90 (102 reviews)
Interparking Choupana image
Interparking Choupana
Public parking space
😠 Private parking next to the Santiago de Compostela clinical hospital. It has two floors, the parking spaces are quite large. It has services on the first floor. To pay, it has 3 machines, and 2 of them are only for paying with a credit card and only one for cash. The price is really abusive, for 3 h...
1.90 (57 reviews)

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