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Aquazoo Modlińska image
Aquazoo Modlińska
Pet supply store
1.90 (73 reviews)
Pet World Ottawa image
Pet World Ottawa
Pet store
In-store shopping · Kerbside pickup
2.50 (295 reviews)
Puppis Veterinaria, Peluquería y Pet Shop image
Puppis Veterinaria, Peluquería y Pet Shop
Pet supply store
😠 De cuando el cliente es el enemigo. La experiencia: nos habían hecho un regalo para nuestra cachorra, lo malo es que ya lo teníamos y fuimos a cambiarlo. Por suerte tuvimos la precaución de llevar una foto del ticket, que nos pasó la persona que nos había hecho el regalo, y de casualidad había conse...
2.50 (115 reviews)
Pets @ NE 29 image
Pets @ NE 29
Pet supply store
In-store shopping
2.50 (58 reviews)
Shiny Pet Shop & Clinic image
Shiny Pet Shop & Clinic
Pet supply store
😠 Certainly the worst. Zero star. He misdiagnosed my Labrador with ascites and gave diuretics.. we had to lose our beloved pet. Nothing can compensate his loss for us. He charged a huge amount as consultation fee. Never take ur pet here.
2.50 (56 reviews)
ZooArt image
Pet supply store
2.70 (791 reviews)
Puppygram Kentucky image
Puppygram Kentucky
Pet store
In-store shopping · Delivery
2.70 (517 reviews) image
Pet supply store
😠 Zacznę od tego że zamówienie z dnia 05.09 dotarło do nas dopiero 10.09. Produkty z paczki o wartości 500 zł nie były w ogóle zabezpieczone. Puszki są wgniecione.Karma w nich może nie być już szczelnie zamknięta.Sa też puszki które mają otwarte wieczka. Kontakt z firmą jest znikomy !!! Na odpowiedź t...
2.80 (953 reviews)
PetsGifts image
Pet store
In-store shopping
2.80 (122 reviews)
Kakadu image
Pet store
2.80 (80 reviews)
Neozoo Sarandí image
Neozoo Sarandí
Pet supply store
😠 No pensaron en estudiar algo para ganar plata? O trabajar de algo que no implique cargarle la vida así a un animal?. Porque no exhiben a sus hijos, quizá en una de esas tienen suerte y se hacen unos pesos. Que HORROR! saquen de ahí a esos animales CARAS DURAS!
2.80 (63 reviews)
CrazyPet Mascotas image
CrazyPet Mascotas
Pet store
2.80 (53 reviews)
VCA Canada Willowdale Animal Hospital image
VCA Canada Willowdale Animal Hospital
😠 Had an appointment today at 3:40. Due to Covid protocols, needed to phone upon arrival. The receptionist picks up and asks "is this an emergency, or can I put you on hold?" I reply that it is okay to put me on hold. Over 6 minutes later no one has come back, so I hang up and call back. The rece...
2.90 (328 reviews)
O!ZOO image
Pet supply store
2.90 (126 reviews)
HousePet Meridian Ecommerce S.L. image
HousePet Meridian Ecommerce S.L.
Pet supply store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
2.90 (120 reviews)
Puppis image
Pet supply store
😠 Unfortunately the attention at the Almagro branch today Sunday 06/27 in the afternoon. They don't say hello when you arrive, you ask them a question and they respond reluctantly. Apparently the customer who was leaving was also treated the same because there was a horrible tension in the environmen...
2.90 (105 reviews)
World of Animals image
World of Animals
Pet supply store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
2.90 (75 reviews)
Sklep zoologiczny Jelenia Góra Aquael ZOO image
Sklep zoologiczny Jelenia Góra Aquael ZOO
Pet supply store
In-store shopping
2.90 (69 reviews)

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