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Lloyds Pharmacy image
Lloyds Pharmacy
😠 You will have a long wait for your prescription but that’s not why I am giving 1 star. The staff are rude and patronising. I wish the hospital would allow a different pharmacy to fill prescriptions on their behalf because the experience here is appalling. Another reviewer says they have to mentally...
1.40 (122 reviews)
Swanpool Medical Centre image
Swanpool Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 Waste of time even bothering to try to speak to a Dr here. The receptionists are all vile people with no empathy. Absolutely stuffed if you need help with anything remotely serious. Over 50 minutes wait on hold, to be chuckled at when you tell the receptionist in detail the reason you want to speak...
1.40 (102 reviews)
Rowlands Pharmacy Tingley image
Rowlands Pharmacy Tingley
😠 Worst pharmacy I’ve ever come across, the staff are completely incompetent and lazy. They show no effort to efficiently help out people needing your medication, and you’re extremely lucky if they even have the medication in. They never answer the phone and when they do sound fed up and like it’s a b...
1.40 (82 reviews)
Rowlands Pharmacy Bradford Royal Infirmary image
Rowlands Pharmacy Bradford Royal Infirmary
😠 No stars at all for this terrible pharmacy. Obviously when you get a hospital prescription you have no choice but to get the prescription from there and unfortunately I've had to use them nearly every week for about 8 weeks. Each time the wait in the queue is atrocious, usually around 40 minutes. Ea...
1.40 (52 reviews)
The Laurie Pike Health Centre image
The Laurie Pike Health Centre
Medical clinic
😠 I would happily give 0 stars! Called at 8am promt, 30 people in front of me. Get through at 8.45am then surprise, surprise I am informed NO appointments! I was told to call back again the next day when it’s less busy. Joke of a health centre, I have never known anything quite like it. Happy to discu...
1.50 (309 reviews)
Cosham Park House image
Cosham Park House
Public medical center
😠 Cannot get in to see a Dr at all despite doing everything advised. I have various different problems at the moment. And it seems the receptionists have gone through some magic training that now qualify them to decide if i get to speak to a Dr or not. I'm a post covid post coma patient and since bei...
1.60 (79 reviews)
Baltimore Medical System image
Baltimore Medical System
😠 One of the pediatric doctors was terrible! She was over a half hour late, was completely unprepared for my daughter’s 2 month pediatric appt, and was not sanitary. she didn’t wash her hands when she came in and didn’t use gloves when checking her genitals. When I called her out about it, she said sh...
1.60 (55 reviews)
Balderton Primary Care Centre image
Balderton Primary Care Centre
Public medical center
😠 If I could put 0 stars I would. Firstly, whilst I understand that all doctors are busy and understaffed, it still doesn’t change the fact that when urgent care is needed, the doctors have a duty of care to provide this. I had contacted the surgery in distress and pain, advising I’m experiencing sy...
1.70 (114 reviews)
Southall Medical Centre - 223 Lady Margaret Road image
Southall Medical Centre - 223 Lady Margaret Road
😠 Don’t bother registering with this surgery. Firstly you can never get a appointment as you can never bypass the receptionists, they think they have authority to diagnose. Also clearly advertise that you can book appointments online but that’s a lie, slots are never released, the surgery want to cont...
1.70 (95 reviews)
Aylesford Medical Centre image
Aylesford Medical Centre
Medical clinic
😠 The doctors are good that I've had but who ever came up with idea you can only call up for appointments in the morning has a lot to answer for! It can literally take weeks to get an appointment and I have to keep calling up all morning to finaly get through just for the receptionist to then tell you...
1.70 (89 reviews)
Charles River Community Health image
Charles River Community Health
😠 The providers here are very nice and understanding. Unfortunately the reception staff are quite lacking. In person they have been fine but they take very long over the phone. I tried calling both offices several times with no answer and when I try to leave a voicemail it is full. The only other way...
1.80 (90 reviews)
Naval Hospital Pharmacy image
Naval Hospital Pharmacy
😠 I am so frustrated with the whole pharmacy system. My wife takes a lot of meds for her heart and other ailments which makes me a frequent customer. I cannot afford to go elsewhere and after 20 years of service this is an entitled benefit and i shouldn't have to. I have waited 4 and 5 hours to pick u...
1.80 (61 reviews)
SAG Health Osdorp image
SAG Health Osdorp
General practitioner
😠 The worst experience I ever had from all points of view. The don't care about people and are unprofessional . Couple weeks ago was no one by the front desk because all were in the room behind laughing and talking. I had to wave to catch their attention. Last week they appointed me wrong. This week I...
1.80 (55 reviews)
Casey Superclinic image
Casey Superclinic
Medical Center
😠 Dear Casey Super Clinic, Please note that you have been put on official notice. I will be doing everything within my power to have your clinic fully and thoroughly investigated by the Medical Board of Australia and I will do everything I can to have you shut down and or re opened under New Managem...
1.90 (500 reviews)
Aspire Health Partners image
Aspire Health Partners
Mental health clinic
😠 This is the WORST place you can ever go to. DO NOT go, they treat you like garbage no remorse or not even patient at all. I was talking on the phone with someone admitted there and they were calling her a "liar" that no one wanted to talk to her and that if she didn't stop crying they would call th...
1.90 (197 reviews)
Hawthorn Medical Centre image
Hawthorn Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 I gave up trying to get an appointment at this surgery, after being with them for years. Most unhelpful and sarcastic receptionist kept getting told call back at 08.30 in the morning, tried 3 times , gave up in the end. Changed practices called them at 11.00 am and got an appointment no problem.
1.90 (143 reviews)
GPHA - Woodland Avenue Health Center image
GPHA - Woodland Avenue Health Center
Local medical services
😠 Tbh I don't even know if this is a fair review because I've never actually got to see the inside of this clinic. I got a new pcp and was trying to see her, but on the phone the receptionist said they don't even have a schedule for her?? The scheduled my for a teledoc appt with another doctor and no...
1.90 (133 reviews)
Park Avenue Medical Centre image
Park Avenue Medical Centre
Medical clinic
😐 Update from my previous review. This place has improved in heaps and bounds. My last visit from a few weeks ago showed significant changes. They definitely had replaced the torn couches in the entrance foyer. The receptionist who served me was new and very helpful. Absolutely the worst medical prac...
1.90 (125 reviews)
Shoppers Drug Mart image
Shoppers Drug Mart
😠 The people working at the pharmacy of this location should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, especially the management team. The people working the pharmacy consistently make errors or do not fill scripts when they are received. I call my prescription in early to ensure I don't miss any days and...
1.90 (111 reviews)
Poliklinische Apotheek Amsterdam UMC, locatie AMC image
Poliklinische Apotheek Amsterdam UMC, locatie AMC
😠 I could probably just make my own medication faster than picking it up here. Doesn’t make sense to wait 30+ min just to pick up a little box Edit: im editing this half a year after I wrote the review, nothing has changed. What’s the point of having 16 counters if only 2 are used at a time? Genuinel...
1.90 (79 reviews)
Lloyds Outpatient Pharmacy image
Lloyds Outpatient Pharmacy
😠 Staff need better mental health training in the St Thomas’s Hospital branch. A young man who was in obvious distress while waiting to collect his medication was told by an assistant that his medication wasn’t available and would be couriered from guys hospital. He was told that it would arrive soon...
1.90 (77 reviews)
Elliott Chappell Health Centre image
Elliott Chappell Health Centre
Public medical center
😠 I have been sick with my feet for 4 months. I think muscle stretching and inflammation. It is almost impossible to get an appointment. I asked yesterday and I got it this morning at 8am. It was a work day today, but since my leg hurt a lot, I quit my job. Losing 1 day's salary. The receptionis...
1.90 (58 reviews)
Well Pharmacy image
Well Pharmacy
😠 Doesn’t even deserve one star. They had one person on the reception desk that was also checking prescriptions and stocking shelves, so as you can imagine the queue was quite large. It took forever to be seen, even though there were around 5-8 staff in the building. From being served, I was told it...
1.90 (56 reviews)
Roseland Community Hospital image
Roseland Community Hospital
Community health centre
😠 BEWARE. This facility needs to be investigated and shut down. My love one was misdiagnosed, mistreated and humiliated. Once I was able to get my loved one transferred, I seen the neglect firsthand from the sores on her body, around her mouth, and bottom. Intubation? No real reason but to keep her in...
2.00 (241 reviews)
Maylands Healthcare image
Maylands Healthcare
Medical clinic
😠 I've had a very disappointing experience with this medical center. The receptionists have been consistently rude, often hanging up the phone, and the wait times for appointments are unreasonably long, sometimes up to three weeks. The way the staff treats patients is unacceptable. They make you feel...
2.00 (179 reviews)
Community Healthcare Network – Long Island City image
Community Healthcare Network – Long Island City
Medical clinic
😠 I did my prenatal care there. I decided to go there because they had late appointment but they don’t have the right equipment to heard the baby’s heart, not good connections with hospital to do the sonogram or to give u the results. ( they do not have equipment to do sonogram) They don’t recommend t...
2.00 (93 reviews)
SZPZLO Warszawa-Targówek image
SZPZLO Warszawa-Targówek
Walk-in clinic
😠 Jest to absolutnie najgorsza przychodnia publiczna z jaką kiedykolwiek miałam do czynienia. Dodzwonienie się jest niemożliwe, nie tylko w godzinach porannych, więc po numerek czy nawet jakąkolwiek informację należy udać się bezpośrednio. Jeśli chcemy mieć jakąkolwiek szansę na otrzymanie numerka, to...
2.00 (77 reviews)
Western State Hospital image
Western State Hospital
Psychiatric hospital
😠 I can’t share all the details of my visit here, but it would have gotten a negative star rating if the system would let me. I watched overdoses inflicted by staff, over medication in general, and who wouldn’t love a little dash of misdiagnosis; or, A LOT. Your not allowed outside EVER, your constant...
2.00 (74 reviews)
South Cove Community Health image
South Cove Community Health
Medical clinic
😠 Terrible doctor, told me everything is fine even my self can tell something is wrong.
2.00 (60 reviews)
NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln image
NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln
General hospital
😠 This hospital is horrible!! They sit around looking busy but, there chilling. Nurse totally unprofessional. They let staff members who daughter was sick infront of people who been sitting for hours. PLEASE CLOSE THIS HOSPITAL DOWN!!!!
2.00 (59 reviews)

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