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Island Musculoskeletal Care image
Island Musculoskeletal Care
Orthopedic clinic
😠 This place is a disgrace. Had an appointment for my 91 year old mother that I had to leave work to pick up and take to the appointment. The appointment was for 10:30am, got there are 10:20am. It is now 11:40am and they still have not called her in. They just said that she needs to get an xray do...
1.50 (75 reviews)
Summerhill Medical Centre image
Summerhill Medical Centre
Medical clinic
😠 Absolutely the worst clinic in Melbourne. Everyone in there, from the clerks to the doctors, treat patients the worst way possible, without coming out with any true value. The waiting area is not clean and does not nearly enough seats even though it's almost always busy. The whole place is just chao...
1.80 (210 reviews)
Nuffield Health Ilford Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Ilford Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 DO NOT SIGN UP! They are charging £65+ for extremely outdated AND broken equipment (surely this is a health and safety hazard?!) plus they have recently CLOSED the jacuzzi for good. The gym floor is atrocious - there is wooden flooring, the gym mats are stuck to the floor with hazard tape and the we...
1.80 (176 reviews)
Eastgardens Medical Centre image
Eastgardens Medical Centre
General practitioner
😠 This medical centre is the worst one I have ever visited. The front desk staff are often in bad mood and don't seem to have customer service training. I wish that I recorded their rudeness in an audiovisual format however, you only need to be the patient to know that. The doctors tend to rush patie...
1.80 (143 reviews)
The Meridian Clinic image
The Meridian Clinic
Medical Center
😠 0*!!! The worst practice in Ireland!! Staff are extremely rude have no compassion for their patients. Especially the blonde hair girl working there she is so ignorant and cheeky, she is no help have no idea how she still has her job, in fact I have no idea how this place is still open!!! My elderly...
1.80 (123 reviews)
Consultas Externas Hospital Quirónsalud San José image
Consultas Externas Hospital Quirónsalud San José
Medical Center
😠 Zero stars for the ophthalmology admission service. The person who answers couldn't be more unpleasant and rude, saying after having me waiting for more than a month for an appointment and not picking up the phone that they "are no longer there" with her in front of me. It must be a ghost. I quote m...
1.80 (96 reviews)
Lechebno-Vosstanovitel'nyy Tsentr image
Lechebno-Vosstanovitel'nyy Tsentr
Medical Center
😠 Money scam. They called and invited me for a free diagnosis, consultation and the first procedure free of charge. On the spot they immediately said that the call center was lying all the time, just so that the client would come. If I am not ready to immediately pay 300-400 thousand for a course of t...
1.80 (94 reviews)
Our Medical image
Our Medical
Medical Center
😠 Dumb check in system. Will not be returning. I arrived and checked in via the app, the receptionist said it would be a 2 hour wait and I will receive a text when I was next in line. I was at my car right outside the clinic, and in under the 2 hours I was told to wait, I received a text early that I...
1.90 (416 reviews)
Island Musculoskeletal Care image
Island Musculoskeletal Care
Orthopedic clinic
😠 For any organization or facility, personnel in the front are the real faces in whole. By that logic this doctor’s office is the worst of all. Anyone and everyone behind those counters are the worst in their behavior and attitude. They think, they are smarter than anyone and everyone, even than the d...
2.00 (142 reviews)
Gezondheidscentrum Arts en Zorg Noord image
Gezondheidscentrum Arts en Zorg Noord
General practitioner
😠 If you come here, I don't know what you're insured for. It takes a lot of energy and effort to be taken seriously regarding health problems (a chronic condition) for which you call and would like to make an appointment or request a prescription. You will then be "neatly" dismissed by telephone by t...
2.00 (52 reviews)
Hospital São Bernardo | Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica image
Hospital São Bernardo | Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica
😠 Every time, without exception, I go to this hospital - which unfortunately is the only one in the region that meets the insurance, the delay is surreal. Whether for non-urgent or more urgent consultations, every time there are more than 2 hours of waiting. I believe that when there is no support ne...
2.10 (731 reviews)
Our Medical Marsden Park image
Our Medical Marsden Park
Medical Center
😠 Would not even give this place 1 star. Receptionist are rude have no sense of customer service what so ever and need to be trained on how to do their jobs. The doctors are nice however have no idea what they are doing and are so quick to get you in and out, they don’t care to actually help you. Wait...
2.10 (701 reviews)
Xpress Care Urgent Care image
Xpress Care Urgent Care
Urgent care center
🫤 The doctor did properly treat me, however bed side manners could have been more inviting. They insist that you pay a “$120 deductible/deposit” upfront and the rest of your money would be “automatically” reimbursed after insurance clears it. My insurance company paid the claim within 17 days of my v...
2.10 (251 reviews)
Good Health Medical Centre Mount Gravatt image
Good Health Medical Centre Mount Gravatt
Medical Center
😠 I'm not one for reviews but feel it's my duty to warn others. Took my very sick 4 year daughter to this practice as it was only one open on Sunday and my concern for my daughter was high. Dr Muhammad Nurul Hussain has to be the rudest, most aggressive , uncaring person I have ever come across. He ta...
2.10 (149 reviews)
Medical One - Morphett Vale image
Medical One - Morphett Vale
General practitioner
😠 I saw a doctor at the beginning of the year for severe social anxiety, she prescribed Prozac and referred me to Dr Giamos. I saw Dr Giamos who informed me I was taking the wrong medication and directed me to wean off the Prozac and referred me to Dr Jeanne Ling, as I had briefly spoken to her in 201...
2.10 (119 reviews)
Niepubliczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej MEDAX Sp. z o.o. image
Niepubliczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej MEDAX Sp. z o.o.
Medical clinic
😠 Moja ocena nie dotyczy lekarzy, bo tych do których chodzę, uważam za dobrych. Chodzi mi o możliwość dodzwonienia się do przychodni. Nieraz już dzwoniłem przez dwie godziny bezskutecznie, albo mnie odrzucało albo był sygnał łączenia i nic. Raz czekałem z sygnałem łączenia 20 minut i zero rezultatu. O...
2.10 (87 reviews)
Synovation Medical Group - Pasadena image
Synovation Medical Group - Pasadena
Physical therapist
👍👍 Before you go down a rabbit hole with all the bad reviews on here, I'll save you the time. Being a former gymnast, I did quite a number to my body. I had successful back surgery 2 years ago, and am now in need of cervical help. This is where Dr. Miesner comes in. His bedside manner is exceptional. H...
2.10 (77 reviews)
Berala Medical Clinic image
Berala Medical Clinic
Medical Center
🫤 Dr uddin is very rude..He is lacking tolerance to listen his patients.. He behaved like he is trying to opress others. He shouldn't be here on this respectable seat.
2.10 (61 reviews)
Concentra Urgent Care image
Concentra Urgent Care
Occupational health service
😠 My daughter went there because she feels like she has mono, which she's had a few times before and knows the symptoms. She's concerned her spleen is about to rupture. She went to check in and was told that since she doesn't have insurance the out of pocket price was going to be expensive. She told t...
2.20 (340 reviews)
Our Medical Penrith image
Our Medical Penrith
Medical Center
😠 Poor business model… waited 2.5 hours one day then over 3.5 hours another day and told there were still 10 people in front and only one doctor working. Plenty of rooms for doctors but none on to see, plenty of other services on offer, but not enough doctors. Can they not keep their doctors on the bo...
2.20 (298 reviews)
Super-Clinique médicale et centre de physiothérapie Forcemedic image
Super-Clinique médicale et centre de physiothérapie Forcemedic
Medical Center
😠 Horrible service, nurse is very impatient and rude with customers. Try not to ask questions unless you really want to see nurses mad face looking at you like you owe her a million dollars. Horrible waiting times, with no ability to talk to anyone except for that nurse, because when you show up at o...
2.20 (188 reviews)
Doctor Service Amsterdam, Expat Medical Center image
Doctor Service Amsterdam, Expat Medical Center
😠 To all people looking for a doctor to go to, please avoid this center at all costs. I recently had a medical issue that required I go to the hospital at 2AM in the morning, following which I went to get an ultrasound to see what was going wrong. The ultrasound did not find anything so I was informed...
2.20 (174 reviews)
Oxance - Médical et Dentaire image
Oxance - Médical et Dentaire
Dental clinic
😠 Just run away! Incompetent practitioners. I had orthodontic treatment with Dr. Laura Levy. A real masquerade. After the removal of my braces, she placed a retainer on me which broke after 2 weeks. I tried to call them on the phone many times. No answer. I move to expose the problem to the secretary...
2.20 (117 reviews)
Mount Sinai Hospital Sherman Health and Wellness Centre Family Medicine image
Mount Sinai Hospital Sherman Health and Wellness Centre Family Medicine
Medical Center
😠 The doctors are great, but unfortunately the front desk needs a complete makeover. In the last 2 months I have never been able to get someone on the phone. The secretaries never answer the phones it always goes straight to voice mail. When you leave a message they do not return the calls. I hav...
2.20 (70 reviews)
C.F.T. Vignola City image
C.F.T. Vignola City
Medical clinic
😠 Pessima esperienza! Due visite fatte senza ottenere nulla,ultima visita fatta oggi in ortopedia,il medico non mi ha neanche toccata ne visitata e non ha dato molta attenzione ai precedenti referti da me portati con la conclusione di non aver ottenuto praticamente nulla oltre che una diagnosi incompl...
2.20 (65 reviews)
Guttridge Medical Centre image
Guttridge Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 Dr Ali Surgery - wish I could put minus zero. This doctor, I don't know how he dears to call himself this as he has no compassion, no listening skills. In fact he has no skills. He does not listen to you, jumps to conclusions and should be shut down. Asked for numerous calls backs only to be told he...
2.20 (61 reviews)
Meridian Health Services image
Meridian Health Services
Medical Center
😠 Won't fill prescriptions, will tell you that you need to see the doctor, then not call back to schedule.
2.20 (59 reviews)
Our Medical Cranbourne image
Our Medical Cranbourne
General practitioner
😠 Absolutely disgusting service. My family have been visiting this clinic for two years no and we have never waited less than three hours to be seen. Terrible management, they don’t seem to care about their patients in the slightest. Some doctors are really good, but because of the terrible management...
2.30 (460 reviews)
Our Medical Gold Coast image
Our Medical Gold Coast
Medical Center
😠 If I could give zero stars I would. I arrived at opening time on a Saturday morning. Waited in line to see reception for 15 minutes only to get to the front to be told to download the app to book. You’re forced to sign up to their loyalty program to see a doctor. There was one doctor working and 20...
2.30 (447 reviews)
Samaritan Hospital image
Samaritan Hospital
😠 Went to Samaritan Hospital as an absolute last resort after falling down a flight of stairs, hurting my back and backside. Pretty badly injured because I landed on the back of my body on hardwood stairs, and then hit every stair on the way down. I was unable to walk very easily, and given a wheelcha...
2.30 (394 reviews)

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