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Basic Fit Netherlands B.V. image
Basic Fit Netherlands B.V.
1.60 (177 reviews)
ICOT Santa Cruz image
ICOT Santa Cruz
Physical therapy clinic
😠 They don't answer phones or emails. The reception staff is adorning. You get an answering machine that has you waiting for 5 minutes and then hangs up. They treat the patient like cattle. Very rude reception staff. The gym staff is overwhelmed and they don't have time to serve each person as they w...
1.70 (96 reviews)
Medical and Dental Clinic "AMODENT" image
Medical and Dental Clinic "AMODENT"
Medical Center
😠 The front desk service was extremely impudent and arrogant. Someone is right that he is a native of the Polish People's Republic. When I asked for a different date, I heard and quotes: "You have to choose either work or health". Young Lady, apparently they have not taught you to respect work - and...
1.80 (98 reviews)
Ried Clinic image
Ried Clinic
Medical clinic
1.80 (65 reviews)
Life Saúde Manaus - Clínica Médica image
Life Saúde Manaus - Clínica Médica
Specialized clinic
1.90 (120 reviews)
Edificio Médico Beauchef image
Edificio Médico Beauchef
Cancer treatment center
1.90 (57 reviews)
Polyclinics Ibericas XXI Century image
Polyclinics Ibericas XXI Century
2.00 (197 reviews)
Island Musculoskeletal Care image
Island Musculoskeletal Care
Orthopedic clinic
😠 For any organization or facility, personnel in the front are the real faces in whole. By that logic this doctor’s office is the worst of all. Anyone and everyone behind those counters are the worst in their behavior and attitude. They think, they are smarter than anyone and everyone, even than the d...
2.00 (137 reviews)
Przychodnia Amodent image
Przychodnia Amodent
Medical Center
😠 Massacre. Nobody has been answering phone calls for several days. Theoretically, you can make an appointment via the website, but all reservations from defaulta are rejected and you kiss me in d .. They do not respond to e-mails, so I will probably go to them because he is the only children's ortho...
2.00 (83 reviews)
Royal Springs Healthcare and Rehab image
Royal Springs Healthcare and Rehab
Rehabilitation center
😠 If I could give them ZERO stars I would. What a joke of a facility to care for ANYONE. My first visit to this place was a disaster. My grandmother who stayed here for only a few days while pending a transfer to a group home had a broken wrist. While visiting her, a nurse came in and grabbed her brok...
2.00 (61 reviews)
Centro Medico Virgen De La Caridad image
Centro Medico Virgen De La Caridad
Medical Center
😠 Centro Médico Virgen de la Caridad de Cartagena es el lugar donde mi hermana Sara Gómez fue llena de ilusiones, pero en ese quirófano de los horrores fue todo de mal en peor. Un cirujano cardiovascular contratado para labores de cirugía plástica sin la especialidad, sin ninguna experiencia previa y...
2.00 (50 reviews)
Gezondheidscentrum Diemen-Zuid image
Gezondheidscentrum Diemen-Zuid
Family practice physician
2.10 (63 reviews)
Clinic of the Union - General Ramsay Health image
Clinic of the Union - General Ramsay Health
Medical clinic
😠 "Secretary" of endocrinology of this day, I specify of this day is really DESPICABLE very mean not at all welcoming. I am pregnant and being the first time I went to this clinic for consultation, I did not know where the toilets were. I just wanted some information because for me patients have prio...
2.20 (1.1K reviews)
Super-Clinique médicale et centre de physiothérapie Forcemedic image
Super-Clinique médicale et centre de physiothérapie Forcemedic
Medical Center
😠 This is the worst place I've ever been. Staff is extremely rude, slow and lazy. The overall service is quite poor. They make you feel like they are doing you a favor. I had an appointment at 9:00 am but waited for 1.5 hours for a blood test. Did I mentioned that over that period of time they were on...
2.20 (188 reviews)
Centro de Rehabilitación Cedrón image
Centro de Rehabilitación Cedrón
Physical therapy clinic
😠 The telephone service is a real shame since they never pick up the phone, in addition to the 10 days that I have been waiting for them to call me to start the rehabilitation. Come on, without a doubt the worst center in Albacete. And if someone wants to verify what I say, try to call to speak with...
2.20 (103 reviews)
EVMS Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation image
EVMS Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Physical therapy clinic
2.20 (97 reviews)
NCH Urgent Care Center - Marco Island image
NCH Urgent Care Center - Marco Island
Urgent care center
😠 We came in at 10 am and my mom needed stitches on her hand for a fall. She was left to sit for 2 hours. No one cleaned her wound at all. The blood coagulated and became hard. After 2 and half hours I Insisted on care for the wound. My mom was fed up too and was leaving. Only then did the doctor ta...
2.20 (92 reviews)
Inter M image
Inter M
Medical clinic
2.20 (78 reviews)
Nitmed Centro Médico e Medicina Do Trabalho image
Nitmed Centro Médico e Medicina Do Trabalho
Medical Center
😠 The clinic follows the current bad pattern of private health: earning in quantity. The professional I was looking for works with 30 people per shift, maybe 60 per day and that's why the wait is 4 hours. It's wrong. You have to make some sort of appointment. Dividing each turn into 2, anything, but...
2.30 (172 reviews)
Clinic Le Meridien image
Clinic Le Meridien
Medical clinic
😠 Absolutely appalling costumer service. I have called SEVEN times in a row only to be disconnected each time! I got to talk to one person who took the call but she could not be bothered to transfer my call and disconnected on my face. The rest of the times I was transfered to different services autom...
2.30 (107 reviews)
Institute Médicalisé De Mar Vivo Smr À La Seyne-Sur-Mer | Lna Santé image
Institute Médicalisé De Mar Vivo Smr À La Seyne-Sur-Mer | Lna Santé
Physical therapy clinic
😐 Ma mère est hospitalisée depuis bientôt depuis bientôt deux mois. Elle a eu une fracture du bassin qui visiblement s'est bien remis suite à un contrôle par radiographie. Depuis le 17 juin 2022 suite à la radio, elle ne marche que dans le couloir pour sa rééducation. Depuis lundi 27 juin 2022 j'ai de...
2.30 (93 reviews)
Policlinica Sanlucar image
Policlinica Sanlucar
Medical clinic
😐 Doctors care is good. But the telephone service leaves much to be desired... You can call 10 times in a row and they don't pick up the phone.
2.30 (93 reviews)
Health Beverwaard image
Health Beverwaard
Family practice physician
2.30 (85 reviews)
Clinical Sainte Thérèse image
Clinical Sainte Thérèse
General hospital
2.30 (66 reviews)
Soledad Medical Clinic image
Soledad Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
2.30 (55 reviews)
Hospital Neurocenter image
Hospital Neurocenter
General hospital
😠 I'm disgusted, I've never made any kind of complaint anywhere because I work with the public and I know exactly what it's like to deal with a stressful environment. But today I was impressed by how the other side works because I don't wish any of the staff in this hospital the humiliation that it i...
2.40 (536 reviews)
Inspira Health Center Woodbury image
Inspira Health Center Woodbury
General hospital
😠 Waited in ER waiting room for a couple hours. When we walked in, there were only 2 people in front of us. Not busy at all. While waiting, I noticed the faculty had no purpose. It was as if they were just hanging out, with no motivation or purpose what-so-ever. No work ethic. I recommend going s...
2.40 (208 reviews)
Solari 6 Medical and Dental Center image
Solari 6 Medical and Dental Center
Medical Center
🫤 Da anni eseguo visita di normale controllo con una ginecologa in questo centro, con la quale mi trovo benissimo. Non posso dire lo stesso per il centro medico in generale, fanno di tutto per disincentivare gli appuntamenti con il sistema sanitario nazionale. La scorsa settimana mi dicono che non han...
2.40 (173 reviews)

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