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WYLD Bar image
Piano bar
2.60 (62 reviews)
Banana image
Disco club
😠 I was this past Saturday with a friend and after waiting in line, they tell us if we have bracelets, we say no and they tell us that we can't enter, that those who enter are their regular customers, in bad manners. My friend asks where she gets the bracelets and they tell us the name of another pla...
2.70 (519 reviews)
Tequila Blue Nightclub image
Tequila Blue Nightclub
Night club
DJ music & neon lighting sets an upbeat scene at this roomy nightclub with cocktails & beer on tap.
2.70 (124 reviews)
Il Sigillo image
Il Sigillo
😠 This place is an absolute SCAM! They exploit and take advantage of tourists. The menu doesn’t have any prices, and the waiter and the owner make up high prices as they please. This place does not deserve to be in business and I hope they go to jail for the crimes they commit against tourists. The ow...
2.70 (104 reviews)
Lolatino image
Cocktail bar
😠 Only 1 staff for indoor, outdoor taking orders, serving orders, taking money. Got wrong drink, lots of waiting ariund
2.90 (1.2K reviews)
Envelat Bar Musical image
Envelat Bar Musical
Night club
Dine-in Β· Takeaway Β· Delivery
$$ $$
2.90 (114 reviews)

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