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Pizza's Pub image
Pizza's Pub
Pizza restaurant
😠 total lack of respect Delivery forecast for 23:45, it's 00:30 and so far nothing. No warning and no one answers the phone. Worst experience I've had at ifood. I don't know why accept a request if you're not going to fulfill it. This pizzeria is to be congratulated on being terrible.
1.30 (108 reviews)
Jerry's Subs and Pizza image
Jerry's Subs and Pizza
Cheesesteak restaurant
Contemporary chain specializing in pizza, hot & cold subs & a variety of cheesesteaks.
$$ $$
1.30 (80 reviews)
Sbarro image
Pizza restaurant
Italian fast-food chain offering thin-crust pizza by the slice, plus pastas & salads.
$$ $$
1.30 (57 reviews)
Pizzeria Mamma Mia image
Pizzeria Mamma Mia
Pizza restaurant
😠 Tourist trap. They consistently charge higher then what is on the menu/pricelist. And on top add 3 euro per person service cost. Also bad quality aperol spritz and coca cola from machine instead of bottle
1.40 (315 reviews)
Pizza Factory image
Pizza Factory
Pizza restaurant
😠 Terrible service!! They do not send you the pizzas you request and apart from that they send them burnt and 2 hours after you place the order. Uber Eats should remove this type of business.
1.40 (56 reviews)
Flash Fire Pizza image
Flash Fire Pizza
Pizza restaurant
😠 I rarely write negative reviews, unless some bad experience propels me to. I don't mean to be rude, but the pizza I purchased from this business was the worst pizza I've ever had. Cold crust/dough was cold. The cheese and the chicken on the pizza were barely cooked. The sauce was splashed on one sid...
1.50 (54 reviews)
Ammaji & Tiamo image
Ammaji & Tiamo
Pizza restaurant
😠 An impudence! The food tastes like garbage, the food arrived terribly. The pizza was raw inside and not cut. If I get food poisoning you will hear from the lawyer! Make the shop to her nothing expert!
1.60 (290 reviews)
Pizza King Újpest; restaurant, étterem, pizza, fastfood, gyorsétterem, image
Pizza King Újpest; restaurant, étterem, pizza, fastfood, gyorsétterem,
Pizza restaurant
🫤 Az előre fizetett rendelés egy részét nem kaptam meg, és ígéretek ellenére sem hozták ki utólag. Viszont a telefont sem veszik fel. Szóval ha innen rendelsz, ne fizess előre, és azért készülj B verzióval is, ha rendesen enni akarsz. Az ügyfelszolgálat utolérhetetlen - és ezt nem a minőségükre értem,...
$ $$$
1.60 (276 reviews)
Pizzeria Christin image
Pizzeria Christin
Pizza restaurant
😠 Eigentlich 5 ⭐️ für die wohl schlechteste und darin einmaligste Pizzeria der Welt. Neben der Aral Tankstelle in Willigen. Die Pizzen hier sind so schlecht das es es schon Lustig ist und das glaubt einem keiner. Wer hier mehr als 2 Sterne vergibt hat noch nie eine richtige Pizza gegessen oder war be...
1.60 (226 reviews)
Pizza Hut Head Office image
Pizza Hut Head Office
Pizza restaurant
😠 ordered on the pizzahut site was called by the local hut to sat they had no drivers to deliver order and hung up. 21 days, 6 calls and 3 emails to customer services and i still have not got a refund. they are thieves do not trust them. no direct number for complaints and local managers just lie that...
$$ $$
1.60 (162 reviews)
Franco's Pizza & Wings image
Franco's Pizza & Wings
Pizza restaurant
😠 DO NOT ORDER HERE! Order ended up being 10 dollars more than we were told on the phone. The garlic knots were just fried dough with nothing on it. Delivery came 1 hr late. Pizza tastes frozen and reheated. The only fresh thing was the Coca-Cola.
$$ $$
1.60 (116 reviews)
Sbarro image
Pizza restaurant
Italian fast-food chain offering thin-crust pizza by the slice, plus pastas & salads.
$ $$$
1.60 (112 reviews)
Sbarro image
Pizza restaurant
Italian fast-food chain offering thin-crust pizza by the slice, plus pastas & salads.
$ $$$
1.60 (95 reviews)
Pizzeria Pelle image
Pizzeria Pelle
Pizza restaurant
1.60 (92 reviews)
Pizza King - Brighton image
Pizza King - Brighton
Pizza takeaway
Relaxed, family-friendly chain serving up pizza & sandwiches, plus salads & desserts.
$ $$$
1.60 (92 reviews)
Pizza Hut Restaurant Farlim 2 image
Pizza Hut Restaurant Farlim 2
Pizza restaurant
Popular delivery, carry-out & dine-in chain known for pizza, wings & pasta, plus sides & desserts.
$$ $$
1.60 (69 reviews)
Debonairs Pizza image
Debonairs Pizza
Pizza restaurant
Modern fast-food chain serving classic & speciality pizzas, plus hot subs & soft drinks.
$$ $$
1.60 (59 reviews)
Famous Famiglia Pizza image
Famous Famiglia Pizza
Pizza restaurant
Pizza chain offering NYC-style pies & other familiar Italian fare in a counter-serve setting.
$ $$$
1.60 (55 reviews)
Dolcica image
Pizza restaurant
😠 I had a terrible experience at Dolcica Shop on March 5th, around midnight. I politely asked the guy if we were allowed to eat inside, and he aggressively replied that there is no inside sitting for Indians. I was shocked by his rude and discriminatory behavior. I left without any argument, feeling h...
1.60 (53 reviews)
GORMs Pizza - terminal 3 image
GORMs Pizza - terminal 3
Pizza restaurant
😠 Couldn’t eat it. I like thin crust but this was just not tasty with pools of oil all over the pizza. So expensive for terrible quality. Wish I had read the reviews before wasting my money
1.60 (51 reviews)
Bar Gelateria pizzeria image
Bar Gelateria pizzeria
😠 Its simple, I’ve never had a worst pizza in my life. I asked for a Funghi (mushroom) pizza and I got a margherita instead. When I told the old waiter that it was not what I ordered he went back to the kitchen, put some raw mushrooms on it and put it on the table without a word. I cut a small slice a...
1.70 (188 reviews)
Pizza on Time (Battersea) image
Pizza on Time (Battersea)
Pizza takeaway
😠 I ordered through UberEats to the total of £40 which never arrived. I called the restaurant and the man kept saying they are 10 minutes away. I wait for 1hour and 30 minutes at 01:00am. Don’t order from here as they are scammers and I will never see my money again.
1.70 (132 reviews)
La Boutique Italian Food branch Olé Food Market image
La Boutique Italian Food branch Olé Food Market
😠 Stone cold pizza. Incredibly high prices. It’s supposed to be a duty free and they’re charging €7.40 for this. Complete extortion; avoid at all costs. Please avoid. Very gross and very expensive.
1.70 (81 reviews)
Le Cesaro image
Le Cesaro
😠 Si vous souhaitez manger une crêpe ou prendre une glace, je vous conseille de passer votre tour. Aucune règle d’hygiène n’est respectée , comme ici sur la photo , vous pouvez retrouver les crêpes préparées sous un chiffon humide et tâché . Les bacs de glaces ne sont pas entretenus . Évitez-vous l’in...
1.70 (78 reviews)
Coco Pizzeria image
Coco Pizzeria
Pizza restaurant
😠 They are so bad, they dont even deserve a bad review, but still. We noticed that the place looked kind of a tourist trap, but as we were starving ant the other places around looked alike, we decided to give it a chance. Right after seating, mantelpieces are dirty and not changed between customer....
1.70 (77 reviews)
Pizza Zone image
Pizza Zone
Pizza restaurant
🫤 Am asteptat o ora si 15 minute pentru o promotie 1+1, asta nu e o problema. Nu am mancat niciodata o pizza care sa aiba blat necopt pana la marginea crustei. Sosul de rosii cu cascavalul si blatul necopt au facut intradevar ceva comestibil care la dimineata mi va da dureri de stomac. Foarte putine m...
1.70 (66 reviews)
Sbarro image
Pizza restaurant
Italian fast-food chain offering thin-crust pizza by the slice, plus pastas & salads.
$$ $$
1.70 (65 reviews)
Sbarro image
Pizza restaurant
Italian fast-food chain offering thin-crust pizza by the slice, plus pastas & salads.
$ $$$
1.70 (62 reviews)
Gorm's image
Pizza restaurant
😠 Ordered a Pizza Margherita here for DKK 145. It simply didn't have cheese. We were just eating ultra thin crust flour. The staff weren't bothered and just told that we prepare it this way. Pathetic.
$$ $$
1.80 (602 reviews)
La Rade image
La Rade
😠 Rude and low quality. No credit card below 15€ (for no good reason as they can't have a fixed cost per transaction, it's illegal).
1.80 (594 reviews)

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