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Senhor Calistos Monte Casino image
Senhor Calistos Monte Casino
Portuguese restaurant
馃槧 I ordered A full chicken with rice and prawns. I had my worst restaurant experience. They can't make prawns. Their sauce which I believe was supposed to be lemon butter sauce made lose my appetite. I will never order food from there and will definitely not recommend anyone to go there.
$$ $$
2.10 (82 reviews)
Restaurant Mary Sol image
Restaurant Mary Sol
Dine-in 路 Takeaway 路 Delivery
2.30 (59 reviews)
Sr. Frango da Guia (GaiaShopping) image
Sr. Frango da Guia (GaiaShopping)
Dine-in 路 Delivery
2.40 (50 reviews)
Smokin Rooster image
Smokin Rooster
Portuguese restaurant
Dine-in 路 Takeaway 路 Delivery
2.50 (109 reviews)
Oporto - Top Ryde image
Oporto - Top Ryde
Fast food restaurant
Flame-grilled, Portuguese-style chicken, plus made-to-order salads & wraps, in a relaxed chain cafe.
2.50 (57 reviews)
Pizza Express & Ital'China image
Pizza Express & Ital'China
Meal delivery
Takeaway 路 Delivery
$$ $$
2.60 (206 reviews)
Sr. Frango da Guia (Armaz茅ns do Chiado) image
Sr. Frango da Guia (Armaz茅ns do Chiado)
馃槧 Ordered two burgers and after waiting for over 25 minutes, the burgers were raw / rear / uncooked. Complained to the manager and got a very rude response and a violent attitude. Do not waste your time here. Food is terrible and the employees just don鈥檛 care about the food, the customers, and the pla...
$$ $$
2.80 (245 reviews)
6 Paragrafo image
6 Paragrafo
2.80 (127 reviews)
Restaurante MIROMA 2 image
Restaurante MIROMA 2
Portuguese restaurant
2.80 (89 reviews)

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