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Corten Medic Medical Center image
Corten Medic Medical Center
Medical Center
😠 Unfortunately, I am very dissatisfied with the operation of the clinic. Two years ago, I received a prosthesis that, to put it mildly, was not fit for use. The pandemic extended the complaint from March to August 2020. About once a month I went "to fix", the prosthesis hurt my gums and lips, and it...
2.80 (121 reviews)
Mazowieckie Dental Center Sp. o.o. image
Mazowieckie Dental Center Sp. o.o.
Dental clinic
2.90 (349 reviews)
9th dental clinic image
9th dental clinic
Dental clinic
😐 Double impression. And this is due to the staff, that is, depending on which doctor you get. He put 3 crowns at Kletsov. Carefully, attentively, politely. I was satisfied. At the same time I decided to treat caries on one of the teeth. Sent to the first therapist that came across. While she was put...
2.90 (93 reviews)

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