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Dra Mabel Vielma y Compañía image
Dra Mabel Vielma y Compañía
Public medical center
😠 Llegamos a la hora agendada con mi papá que es quien tenía la hora con la doctora, y nos aburrimos de esperar, más de una hora esperando la atención, encima somos de otra comuna, nos pegamos un viaje de una hora para recurrir a ella para que haga esperar tanto a sus usuarios. Si agenda una hora espe...
1.20 (59 reviews)
Isabelle Brut image
Isabelle Brut
😠 A fuir! Je n'avais pas consulter les avis avant et bien je regrette ça m'aurais permis de ne pas jeter 50 € comme ça dans le vent. Elle s'en fout totalement mange devant vous, fait des bulles avec sa paille. Je trouve ça un manque de respect. De plus séance expéditive. Et j'en passe des choses nég...
1.20 (51 reviews)
Madre Clinic image
Madre Clinic
Mental health clinic
😠 Conclusion: Please don't go. [Good points] Location, things to do on Saturdays and Sundays [Bad points] Cost and waiting time were too long. Others First, I signed a consent form that I didn't understand. I first signed the following. 1. I will undergo all the tests that the doctor deems necessar...
1.30 (175 reviews)
Specialized clinic
😠 The probability of being answered on the phone is the same as winning the mega sena. I don't know why the number remains on the page...
1.30 (52 reviews)
Durande Maryse image
Durande Maryse
😠 Vraiment scandaleux de ne pas honorer les rdv pris, c’était le seul créneau disponible en visio pour ma fille de 2 ans donc c’était assez « urgent » au bout d’une heure toujours pas de nouvelles. Cela m’a extrêmement retardé dans ma journée c’est inadmissible. Nous aussi on a une vie et un travail !...
1.40 (125 reviews)
Seniorenzentrum "Ederbergland" image
Seniorenzentrum "Ederbergland"
Nursing home
1.40 (78 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Medical clinic
👍👍 Seems like most people with bad experiences are quick to write reviews here about Compass Health, but what about those of us who have actually had a great experience with this practice? I am one of those people. I can't stress enough how helpful my doc has been. The appointment process was easy, co...
1.50 (72 reviews)
Specialist Clinic SZPZOZ image
Specialist Clinic SZPZOZ
😠 Jedna gwiazdka to za dużo, ta przychodnia zasługuje na minus. Lekarz powinien być od 9 nie przychodzi. Spóźnienie 1.5h i jeszcze zdziwiony że wszyscy oburzeni. Czekanie na przyjęcie ze zdjęciem szwów 4h. 4dni wcześniej czekanie 2h i odesłanie z kwitkiem bo lekarz miał kaprys nie zdjęcia szwów. Przez...
1.50 (53 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health service
😠 Unfortunately it won't let me rate it a 0, otherwise I would. I booked 4 appointments, for which I took off from work. Each one of them didn't happen: doctor never called. Each time I called in to tell them the doctor never called, and apart from being rude and unapologetic, they assured me manageme...
1.60 (211 reviews)
Mind Springs Health - Grand Junction image
Mind Springs Health - Grand Junction
Mental health service
😠 This facility is honestly one of the worst mental facilities I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been through a lot being in the industry. The mental health workers are treated like less than human, because they don’t have degrees. They are put in unsafe working conditions, where they are constantly in harms w...
1.60 (134 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health clinic
😠 The Drs. are absolutely awful. I find the staff extremely rude and disrespectful which is unprofessional. I called 50 other Dr's for a new patient appt but ultimately this was the only place that had an opening. I had a DNA test done through them and no one went over financial obligation with me. Th...
1.60 (105 reviews)
Riverside Medical Group Hoboken Hudson Tea image
Riverside Medical Group Hoboken Hudson Tea
😠 Dr is AMAZING however the fact that she can morally allow her patients to not be able to get in touch with her. I haven’t heard from them in 10 months. They keep refilling my prescriptions but will not answer my calls for an appointment. They have essentially ghosted me. The physical location I used...
1.70 (108 reviews)
Mid America Mental Health, LLC image
Mid America Mental Health, LLC
Mental health clinic
1.70 (64 reviews)
Spectrum Behavioral Health image
Spectrum Behavioral Health
Mental health service
😠 I was told I would be talking to a therapist then a psychiatrist. I show up to the virtual appointment and right away the woman tells me she’s there to take give to a therapist. Why would the person who created my appointment not tell me it wasn’t an actual therapy appointment? As she st...
1.70 (59 reviews)
Valley Behavioral Health System image
Valley Behavioral Health System
Psychiatric hospital
🫤 So, my person experience with valley wasn’t the best. I’ll start off with the decent things. Some of the staff there were so kind. Like Mrs. Christian who had been working in Magnolia which was the unit I was staying in. She was just so nice and patient with me. Now, the bad things. They had told me...
1.80 (119 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health service
😠 I made an appointment for my child last week Thurs with a doctor Michelle Desouza via telemedicine. It was 30 minutes past the appointment time and I called to inquire if the appointment was still going to happen. I was told by the answering service that the doctor was running a couple of hours behi...
1.80 (101 reviews)
Meditsinskiy Tsentr Ekspert image
Meditsinskiy Tsentr Ekspert
Medical Center
1.80 (69 reviews)
Oxance - Médical et Dentaire image
Oxance - Médical et Dentaire
Dental clinic
😠 Mrs....., 80 years old, presented alone on Friday September 10, 2021 around 3:15 p.m. at the medical center to see an emergency dentist because she had 5 teeth from her bridge at the top which were falling out.... They were held by a only vice... she had to hold her teeth with her fingers to speak a...
1.80 (63 reviews)
Psykiatrimottagning Väster image
Psykiatrimottagning Väster
😠 I have been waiting in line for talk therapy for over four years and it could take another year. This is partly because the first doctor (out of five) never brought it up with the team and I was then forgotten. My current doctor says the meds don't seem to be helping much and that it's my circumstan...
1.80 (60 reviews)
Dr. med. Joachim Kamprad image
Dr. med. Joachim Kamprad
1.80 (55 reviews)
Bentley House image
Bentley House
Medical Center
😠 Very bad service so far. Only thing I've got from here lies, and lost of trust in the mental health services. I've been promised to get a letter about my condition to prove it to others. Never received. I was told around 2 weeks ago I'll be contacted about family therapy. Nothing has happened. I was...
1.90 (71 reviews)
Psych Associates of Maryland - Towson image
Psych Associates of Maryland - Towson
1.90 (61 reviews)
Sapporo Ekimae Clinic image
Sapporo Ekimae Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 ここを選んでは駄目です。 他の口コミ通り、とにかく金目的です。 発達障害の医療機関であるにも関わらず、患者自身に問題があると言い切り高額のデイワークへ誘導するクリニックです。 「君のこれこれこういうとこが全ての原因」 ↓ 「でも大丈夫!この(高額かつ毎日通う)デイワークをやれば君は生まれ変われるよー...
1.90 (58 reviews)
Edificio Médico Beauchef image
Edificio Médico Beauchef
Cancer treatment center
😠 si pudiera poner menos de una estrella, lo haría. Pésima atención, especialmente de su secretaria e hija, quien aprovecha el parentesco para maltratar a los pacientes sin consecuencias. Fui humillada, maltratada, ridiculizada y denigrada por Sonia Herrera Riffo, la hija del doctor.
1.90 (57 reviews)
Frau Dr. med. Monika Grummt image
Frau Dr. med. Monika Grummt
😠 Ich war als Jugendliche leider selber Patientin. Bitte geben Sie ihre Kinder dort nicht in Behandlung! Sie war oft sehr unfreundlich und hat falsche Behauptungen unterstellt. Mein Selbstwertgefühl hat nachhaltig unter der Art und Weise, wie sie mit mir umgegangen ist, gelitten. Die "Assistentinnen"...
1.90 (55 reviews)
Rfsm Marsens | Centre De Soins Hospitaliers image
Rfsm Marsens | Centre De Soins Hospitaliers
Psychiatric hospital
😠 In 2019 I was kicked out after 1 day, it was claimed that I was a malingerer that I had no diagnosis and that I would never have an AI pension. Today I am a 100% AI pensioner, I have been diagnosed with Asperger's autism and I have dissociative identity disorder. Honestly a lousy team!!!
1.90 (55 reviews)
Sapporo Kohsetsu Hospital image
Sapporo Kohsetsu Hospital
👍👍 ネット上、特にグーグルなどの口コミは 、参考程度に留めておいた方が良いと思われます。現実、リアルな世界が大事です。私は病気が発症して20年ですが、私にとって1番良い病院に巡り会えて、感謝しております。何より、先生方のみならず、スタッフの方々も優しく 、手厚い看護をして頂けます。ラパンという訪問看護の方が...
1.90 (54 reviews)
OM Medical Services image
OM Medical Services
Specialized clinic
1.90 (54 reviews)
Roseland Community Hospital image
Roseland Community Hospital
Community health centre
😠 BEWARE. This facility needs to be investigated and shut down. My love one was misdiagnosed, mistreated and humiliated. Once I was able to get my loved one transferred, I seen the neglect firsthand from the sores on her body, around her mouth, and bottom. Intubation? No real reason but to keep her in...
2.00 (247 reviews)
Ohio Hospital For Psychiatry image
Ohio Hospital For Psychiatry
Psychiatric hospital
😠 I’ve been to OSU Harding and Riverside so I can compare. There is something really bizarre, wouldn’t be surprised if an investigation went on and there was money laundering or something else, going on there. This is not a normal hospital. There is something seriously off about this place. I’m actual...
2.00 (232 reviews)

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